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Should There Be An Age Limit For Trey's Concerts?


  • Should There Be An Age Limit For Trey's Concerts?
    July 23, 2010

    I Ask This Because Im 14 And Im Goin To His Concert With My Mom And I Dont Want Him To Do Anything That Would Make My Mom Dislike Me Liking Him

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on Jul 23, 2010 - 08:40PM

I Ask This Because Im 14 And Im Goin To His Concert With My Mom And I Dont Want Him To Do Anything That Would Make My Mom Dislike Me Liking Him

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yes love i wld have to say ur mom shld really look into waht trey does at these concerts. 14 is VERY young to attend, but unles ur mother doesnt mind watching a grown man grind the air and massage a woman's inne thighs while he sings n her ear, then she shld let u go with an older cousin. sorry honey but u are a bit young! dnt feel bad i was there not too long ago, but my mom didnt let me go newhere and she aint take me either! lol but even at age 20 today she still doesnt liek when i attend certain things.......

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yes love

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YES! Yes, and again I say yes!.. Are you kidding me? What kind of discussion question is this.. This isn't "bubble gum pop" he is singing... He is 25' not 15!!!... It's crazy that in these days and times children are allowed to attend such concerts.. One PPP concert kids were with parents and everything. That's insane!!...

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YEAH Cha'Naiya is right...,i dont think so either!And besides if you already bought a ticket to go to his concrt,then when you get there they say you gottta be a certain age limit to get in!!!!That's a waste of moneyyy and very disappointing to his fans!:(It would hurt many people,Trey is very sexy ...but thats his job to put on a goood show and give the ladies a performance to remember!;))

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no i dont think so and im about that age to..... hes a singer and singers do what they have to to make there fans love him more and more!!! i juss think hes to awsome for us not to go to his concert

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Yes there should be an age limit for Trey Songz's concerts. Trey is not a little boy anymore. I can remember when he did the 106 & Park tour in New Orleans LA...Everyone said that there were so many people that there had to be 2 shows...NOT...He saved the late show for the grown & sexy! Take into consideration that TREY IS A BIG BOY NOW!

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I have been to his concert and if I had a under 18 year old daughter she would NOT be there! H*ll to the Naw! He is stimulating all kinds of sexual activities on stage. Any female would get excited if they saw that. That's nasty to think of a child getting sexually aroused by a grown man doing grown things. It's like a child going to a male revue, it's not right.

I don't think it is Trey's responsibility to prohibit minors though. I think that parents should know who their children listen to and admire. I would smack the teeth out of my child for singing Neighbors know my name or Invented Sex. She would get the serious side eye if she wanted to go to his concert. But that's just me.

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Upon seeing your question my first answer would have been "no of course not"

however, upon watching that video posted by Ms. Katrina where Trey Songz
gives a fan a massage, my answer is...


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I love Trey Songz to death but yes i definitely think there should be an age limit to his shows. When I went to his PPP show in Memphis a lady had her daughter there & that child couldn't have been over 6 years old!! I couldn't believe it! that child should have been in the bed! LOL Trey was doing some things that were a bit "risqué" for her little eyes to see. I'm grown and I wouldn't feel comfortable going to a Trey Songz show with my mom because of how she might react! lol

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@savannie.... an 11 year old NEEDS to know how to drop them panties?! #fuckouttahere!!!

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im only 14 and my mom lets me lisen to him no pro but i think 11 and older r fin cuz u know at that age ur gonna need to know how to drop thoughs pantys

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@COOGIdown (dababyphatgodess) i wouldnt say they cant listen to him because it's all on the radio and on tv , as for concerts it's different . he's on his grown and sexy and gets into his songs so they could listen to him but a concert is a little much and you cant say parents now days because a parent can't control what their child listens too

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im sorry, but i def wouldnt let any child or neice or nephew or cousin of mine under the age of 10 listen to Trey Songz. i love the man & his music to death... but thats not cute for a 5 year old to be singing about droppin panties and inventing sex and all that whoop. parents now days.....

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im say yes also, im only 17 but i seen a video from when he performed in CT and it wasnt appropriate for a 14 year old . but i mean , it also depends how your mom is about stuff cause my mom is the type to be like go ahead sexy lol but not all parents are the same

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no young kidz love him 2 .my niece knowns ever lyrics trey has made and shes only 5 yrs.old .its just the love we have 4 him

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@BlackBarbie92 lol yea i that case a ten year old should not be seeing all that but lets face it its not lyk the teenagers hasn't already seen some of that on tv at the the least. if you in the upper teens i think your mature enough i don't see it as a big problem for that age range.

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lol @ tiffy45... wel said!

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yes, i do blieve that u shud b @ least 18

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he's a 25 year old grown axx man.. wth are you doing liking him and listening to his music anyway? lmao jk.. but his people REALLY need to stress an 18 and up policy on his concerts.. i mean if they know that his music contains explicit content and they stress that on the cd they might as well take that a step further and let parents of minors know that some explicit ish WILL be going down at his shows! lol.. we don't want him in that akon situation, now do we? lol

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I mean i know alot of yung ones that love trey but
he be doing some grown stuff ish at the concerts &
lil kids should not be seeing that lol

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I'll start by sayin I'm new here so "Hello" 2 everyone.

Fans come in all ages but YES there should
be an age limit on Celebrity's concerts.
Trey's a GROWN MAN so I'm sure he likes
GROWN WOMEN. Fans are Fans no matter what age but concerts should be limited 2 adults except if they're
a Younger or Teen Celebrity.

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Hell yes i seen a 7 or 10 year old little qirl at the Concert in Memphis! i wanted to say aint it passed your damn bedtime

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I say YES! There should be a age limit.Trey gets really grown and sexy with it! And all I have to say is adults only. His show in Connecticut this past weekend was WONDERFUL! But at 14 I wouldn't want to be sitting with my mother at a Trey concert! That's just my opinion.

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there should be but i'm quite sure you're mature so you'll be able to handle it

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Age limit should be 15, hehe =}

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@JoyDaBest... uhmm... i've been able to piece together that info you just relayed my way for years now. but thanks for the reminder on opinions.'s picture

on my page have a look at my interview trey songz in london!

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` No Not All . Bhutr Den Again Yea It Should .

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i think it should