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who do you think is more sexy Trey are Usher


  • who do you think is more sexy Trey are Usher
    July 26, 2010

    I  think Trey is so sweet and sexy i would love to meet him i love his songs so much trey can you make my dream come true please i real want to meet you and is not because you are a star there lot of people like you out there but i just love you.

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on Jul 26, 2010 - 06:02PM

I  think Trey is so sweet and sexy i would love to meet him i love his songs so much trey can you make my dream come true please i real want to meet you and is not because you are a star there lot of people like you out there but i just love you.

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trey all the way its something bout da nigga

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So you wouldn’t mind being Mrs. Raymond :)

You’re right Usher does have a quiet sexiness about him. Ginuwine is kind of sexy too, his dancing is sexy. I love both of them. I have supported both of them from the beginning.

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@SShorty, not old as in age, old as in OLD NEWs. I mean he sexiness isnt something that that screams out at me like OMG!

Its like "oh, Usher... He still looks good"... Put it like this, its like how when Beyonce came out, everybody was stunned by her, but since she been out FOREVER.... its just like "oh Beyonce". Its not stunning cause she been looking good since forever. Same as usher who has been in the game for over 10 years...

Trey will get old, but he is not old now, and I dont think anyone is coming close to him (based on looks) except Lloyd

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Lmao @ JIMS

Usher is also in my age category

I would marry him, if only he knew me lol...

Usher's sexiness isn't BAM in your face (like Ginuwine's which I'd marry also), for me,
he's always been the "quiet sexy"

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LOL I must be a senior citizen. I don't think of Usher as old either. He is in my age category. If I'm old than I will gladly tell Trey i'm one of his Senior Angels. LOL

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what's with you and this age thing? lol

More than once now I've seen you mention it and which
artists are "old now"...listen, Age Ain't Nothin But a Number

but it makes me think you must be way young if you think Usher is "old"
because Usher is like 30, 31

besides, don't you think Tremaine is going to get "old" someday? lol

I like how this generation think that people in their early thirties are "old"
I've often wondered what they would call a 90 year old?

Like Jim Jones said "30 is the new 20" and I believe that to da fullest...

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i never found usher attractive to me at all. Trey Songz is the hottest thing out

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Im old so I don't mind old Usher. LOL

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Answering the question : I think Trey is NOW more sexy...
USHER is fine but Trey looks BETTER!

They BOTH have without a doubt SEXY ASS BODIES, but Usher is a
little old now!

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Yes Usher has a nice body. Yeah I don’t know about going crazy either. LOL But I appreciate a man taking care of his body. I’m glad this guys motivate you to take you to care of yourself.

My mom is too funny. Yes she does study Trey. She may study him more than I do. LOL My mom is young at heart but anyone I like she tends to take notice. She doesn’t care for his music though. LOL But she did like the Massage song. Glad you have a cool mom. :)

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Yes Usher is a cutie pie...did you notice his cuts? the V shape muscle on his body?
exactly like Trey on the cover of the Vibe mag...

Usher said on TV that ladies go crazy over that...I donno know about crazy lol but I
definitely like it because to me it shows that a man is in peak physical condition and
it makes me motivated to train...

I remembered when I saw Ginuwine. He had the defined six-pack and I said I want that
I eventually got a six-pack, of course mine wasn't as defined as G's but for a female mine
was just right...

AND you're mom be looking a little too hard at Trey lol j/k. She's obviously young enough
to care. I asked mine if she wanted to listen to some Trey Songz and she retorted
"Trey Songz is alright, I'm not!" "Trey Songz indeed" lol.
Apart from that my mom is cool though...

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I think Usher is a cutie pie, but I would have to pick Trey over him. My mother doesn’t find Usher attractive. I asked her one day to pick Usher or Trey. She said TREY. LOL My mother keeps saying Trey should be a model because he is better looking than most models she has seen. My mother thinks he has nice lips too. ?

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@Trinaa33 - I try to avoid most discussions with anyone who is ignorant. I don't understand it either.
@icanmakeya - Do you like "Famous" - "I can make you famous"? I love that song. Anywho...that was funny as hell about Usher. LOL

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Hands down trey songz is way sexier than Usher. Usher has a pointed head! if you look sexy up in dictionary you'll see trey's pic! if you look up pointed head in the dictionary you'll see usher!

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@Tricia girl you are crazy and I agree with you! LOL And why is SShorty always on here ready to kick Trey down damn!

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I'm not understanding what is up with these bloggers. Is this,, or and nobody told me. I MUST BE ON THE WRONG FUCKING SITE! I thought people here loved Trey Songz! Let me go find the right freaking site! I gotta quote Trey..."Fuck outta here!"

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I personally thought that the stuff about Usher inventing sexy and
Justin bringing "sexy back" was quite relevant

Have you heard the song? "I'm bringing sexy back (yeah)" lol

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Usher has that "umph" about him that just lets you know he's sexy. His voice alone...he could be the ugliest dude walking but that voice...amen. Thing about it is Usher is out of a lot of our ranges. He has a child, he's older than us...thats a no-no.

Then comes Trey who's closer to our age...beautiful voice, body, and face. His lyrics read that makes him sexy.

All that stuff about Usher invented being sexy and Justin bringing it back is irrelevant because there were other artists who our grandparents thought were sexy (ie. Marvin Gaye, Barry White's voice, etc.) so in the given situation, Trey hands down. Thats like people saying hip hop was dead...say WHAT? But anyway, not to get off topic any further, Usher is one you just find yourself thinking bad thoughts about...then realizing what you did after the fact lol. Trey just has it..

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The Usher website must not be doing too well because why come in here hating on Trey.

Usher isn't a verbal bragger, but he carries himself like he knows he is the ish.

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@ Yuup

Lmao at your comment

Usher ain't said nothin like that...well maybe that's because Usher
is not a bragger nor boaster...

Lol @ the comments in this thread

let me tell y'all somethin: Usher invented "sexy" way before Trey "invented sex"
so that's why Justin had to bring "sexy back"...

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Wtf Trey Win'sz Usher Is Nawt All Dat But Trey Is LoL SORRI Usher

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Trey, without a shadow of a doubt!!!!!!! Its' the smile. It's the personality. Its' that Trey has the audacity to say that he so good, you gonna think he ...... Enough said. You have to be the ultimate sex symbol to say some shit like that. Usher ain't said no shit like that. LoL. Oh, yeah. Can I say, he's the only brotha I love to see saggin? No matter how low his pants sag. Only he can get away with it in my book!

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trey so sexy

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Trey hands down.. Don't get me wrong Usher is sexy.. He has a body from heaven, but I love Trey's personality. And in my book personality wins.. :)


TREYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!OR ID BE ON USHER.COM

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i agree with XoticDesire............................ look at his baby face but i'm still not over his smile.

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i think trey and usher are both sexy in there own way but usher is more sexy 4 the older people while trey is sexy 4 the younger people....

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