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How would you feel if Trey Gets a Woman?


  • How would you feel if Trey Gets a Woman?
    September 22, 2010

    How would you ladies feel if Trey got Exclusive with a Woman? Be Honest Please!

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on Sep 22, 2010 - 02:19PM

How would you ladies feel if Trey got Exclusive with a Woman? Be Honest Please!

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@Cursha...I would be mad upset at first like sum mentioned because we all have that glimpse of hope that wen we meet him he will somehow fall inlove with us. But after time I would accept if (time heals all). But I would still support his music I just think a big part of his sex symbol is him not being committed to anyone.

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but its true my friend FORCED (if she sees this i wanted to watch it) the diary of justin bieber and they basically broke that bois arms
like trey never done a meet and greet ect in london but i'm sure no where in the world any angel would hurt him like dat lol

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honestly i agree w/ all my fellow angels. i wud b a lil sad but as long as hes happy and still makin music that i like im cool. i just hope and pray who eva she is; she realizes wat a very special guy she is getting. just not a gold-digger or video vixen. but ill b happy 4 him.

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LOL @ Anne B #wearetruetreyfans LOL YuuuP

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these are really good comments
man trey has some wicked fans u know lol

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@ Neecybaby i totally agree with every word you said, and I see you met him already, so you got some excitement ;-)... Ladies i just wanted to say this is my first time ever joining a Fan Club, and MAY I ADD -EVERY PENNY WAS WORTH IT-, I will remain a fan forever, But I have never seen so many women very humble and getting along, I Love It... Keep it up, You Ladies of TREY SONGZ DOT COM ARE CLASSY!!! And you Can't BUY That!!!!
Many Blessings and Keep the Comments coming

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I would be happy for him. Real Talk.

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Great comments ladies, keeping it real as well i'd be like damn myself.. But yes he is truly deserving of love..Someone who is going to be in his corner & stand by his side no matter what. I love Tremaine a-k-a Trey Songz and the only thing that matters to me is his happiness & as long as he's happy i'm all good..

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im not gonna lie i think i would b a lil upset at first. i think all of us hold out that small flicker of hope that one day he may by chance pick us. lol!! but if he's happy i'm happy. but this chick better be bad! lol

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I mean I don't think i would feel any different cause i dont think of him like oh trey's my baby or my husband so i couldn't be upset . it wouldnt change his music and that's all that matters . the only way i would be made if he got a gold - digging , industry whore other than that the way i feel about him wouldnt change .

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Very thoughtful comments. As Ajalltheway put it my first response would be dang than I would be like I'm glad he found god willingly a nice and classy woman. But honestly for all we know he may already have a special lady in his life.

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I would be disappointed! But still like everyone said he is human and deserves to be happy! So good for him. Even though it would kid of ruin da fantasy! Lmao!

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I would be happy for him. I mean he his human and he has a life besides Trey Songz. You have to remember there is a Tremaine before there was a Trey Songz.

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1. She'd have to be the SHIT lol like Bad! 2. Not a video vixen 3. Someone that really loves him, and is a fan of Tremaine, Trey Songz, and Trigga! I think he is amazing and deserves some one that has the biggest heart, the best smile, and everything he is and more. I would be so happy for him if all of that is achieved, and not the least bit jealous or hurt. Everyone deserves happiness. If my job required that I stay single, I'd be a broke bitch because I've already fallin in love with the idea of being in love lol. By the way I love the comments from both TreysDiva and Ajalltheway!

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I would be happy for him. All men want is the love and affection of one woman for the rest of their life. They want to feel needed and appreciated and although his fans give him that its not the same when you can call someone yours. Besides you can see, feel and hear the hurt when he discusses or sings about the pain in the new comes with the territory but I'd be happy nonetheless. :)

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I love Ajalltheway comment

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lol i gotta keep it real if Trey got a exclusive woman i would b like dang but i would b happy 4 him but long as she is with him 4 the right reason n she is not a woman that is nasty n dont have no class bout herself she gotta go but if he got wit 1 of the angel that would b a lil bit understandin cause all us angels r classy mature woman