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I was wondering..............


  • I was wondering..............
    September 23, 2010

    Will there be a meet and greet with Trey at the OMG tour?

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on Sep 23, 2010 - 12:45AM
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@Charms::Angel yea I was shock when I seen the prices on the meet and greet with Usher. This is sad! lol I want to meet Trey.

@Treyed up! I also heard about that too. Hopefully its true.
@1Mystic thats good you didn't buy the VIP ticket.

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i was about to buy the Usher VIP package too until I seen a tweet that said the Trey meet and greets will be sold seperately.

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I was wondering the same thing and I'm beginning to think that it's not going to be one. I haven't heard anything and the seats are selling fast! I was going to get the Usher VIP package until I learned that it didn't include Trey! He needs to headline his own tour again! If you ladies get anymore info, make sure to keep your fellow angels informed. I'll make sure to do the same!

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oh ok @ bottoms.up. That would be good because Usher vip package is real expensive! LOL

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I really hope there will be.