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Is There Anyone That........????


  • Is There Anyone That........????
    September 23, 2010

    Hey ladies!! Any of you on twitter and haven't received angel names?? If not, why?? What are your thoughts on the whole "Angel Names" epidemic??

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on Sep 23, 2010 - 05:38PM

Hey ladies!! Any of you on twitter and haven't received angel names?? If not, why?? What are your thoughts on the whole "Angel Names" epidemic??

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@oneshadowlove......i have a twitter account and i would love an angel nickname....follow me @MISSBARBIEBABY

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@oneshadowlove i told on Twitter so I hope you got it

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Hey Oneshadowlove I have been trying to hit you up on twitter so that I can get my Angel nickname, but it keeps responding that there is a problem. Can you send one to me @LeetheCougar43? Thanks.

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okay my twitter name is manyblessings4u. i'm going to tweet you right now.

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Ladies....if you are looking for an Angel nickname you need to hit me up on twitter @oneshadowlove before Thursday. Otherwise we won't be nicknaming again until After The OMG Tour.... Thanks and love all the Angels participation!!'s picture

I like the idea. I don't have one yet; guess I will have to put some thought into it!

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Another good name. I didn't get mines yet.

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Can someone please tell me how to get my angel nickname.....@brittbee886

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I love my nickname (SecureAngel) I think it describes me perfectly..I am not sure how they came up with it but it works and I hope all angels end up with a nickname!!!

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Good name.

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alright... so @Oneshadowlove has assigned mine... #SignificantAngel cuz i been down with SONGZ since the beginning. (& im not goin nowhere!)

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So I have been M.I.A. for the past few days because my internet been down. I have dont know anything bout these nick names. but i want one so how do i get one? also anyone not already following me the twitter is @brittbee886

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S/O to @Oneshadowlove & her angel workers for coming up with such a great idea. Trey would be pleased. My nickname is IllustriousAngel. I love it. I am of high quality. Once again thanks a million & GOD bless. Keep those halos polished.'s picture

I think its a good idea haven't got one yet.. i guess they are workin on it... @MsPrettyElegant

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Oh by the way I am #FantasyAngel

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Wat's up my fellow Angels, well i would like to add to the comments being placed on here. One behalf of Oneshadowlove and I we would just like to say thank you to all the angels for allowing us to give them angel nick names. Ever since we 1st started assigning the NN i felt very honored that my fellow angels trusted us enough to do so for them and I still feel very honored that you allow us to give you such wonder positive and angelic like names. Although we cannot give out the secret as to how we go about assigning names know that we do it with deep thought and we take a lot of things into consideration wen naming you guys, Also know that if for some reason any reason at all you are not pleased with your NN you can always hit Oneshadowlove or me Chrissy_On_Ice up and we will gladly come up with another name that you think best suits you. This was an idea created by Oneshadowlove among her and her twitter buddies me being one of them and it just grew into something wonderful and special for all of us Angels to enjoy so you guys should give her a S/o she is an example of what a true angel should represent and I think Trey would be proud of her and to have his angels be NN'd dont you.

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I like the nicknames.. mines is Dependable Angel...

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Good afternoon angels! I hope that you all are having a fabulous Friday. Firstly, I want to thank all of you for responding. It's appreciated! I'm pleased that you all expressed your thoughts and concerns. Secondly, I'm glad that this blog was able to inform angels of the nickname project. I noticed that some of them weren't aware of it. Lastly, I want to thank @Oneshadowlove and @Chrissy_on_ice for making a mere idea become reality. My skepticism remains. I think it will until I see what name these ladies devise for me:) You all have a wonderful weekend!

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i love the whole idea!
mine is #SophisticatedAngel

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So how do u go by getting an "Angel Name"?

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I sent you a tweet a little while ago.

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Thank u for the cougar comment @A_Perfect_Angel I appreciate that!

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I was kind of iffy also myself but said it can't hurt, I'm glad I did. I think it is so sweet that these ladies are taking their time to do this for Treys Angels. They gave me mines and I like it. Mines #SpiritualAngel and it fits me. I don't see harm in them doing it, I would like to say thank you to @oneshadowlove and @Chrissy_On_Ice much love to you ladies.

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I like the idea of the angel names.....I'm waiting on my name can't wait :-)

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JesusIsMySavior tweet me on twitter and I got you.... if you don't like it then so be it.

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@oneshadowlove gotta love our cougars.... never judge a book by it's cover>>>>take a look inside is what i always say...

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Okay just for the fun of it what name would you give me?

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Hello ladies... Just wanted to let you all know that I appreciate your views on this. I actually did this as a fun thing only!!! But a lot of Trey's Angels liked the idea. So I ran with it. Trey knows all about this and hopefully many of the Angels will like it. I don't expect everyone to participate. I am open to other Angels naming themselves if it fits! The reason Chrissy_On_Ice and I are doing it is so that no one duplicates a name. We are tracking names and asking everyone to include it in their BIO. This will be official once @TreysAngels approves it. And it will be added to the website *fingers crossed* :) So KeebadassSONGZ you can definitely make your own but it will not be official if I am not aware of it. And you risk the chance of having the same EXACT name as someone else. So I hope I have enlightened you! NOTE: SOMETHING SPECIAL WILL HAPPEN WITH THE NAMES SOON SO THE MORE ANGELS THE BETTER AND ITS ALL FOR THE LOVE OF TREY!!!!

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ahhh i didnt know oneshadowlove was doin it... shes from my area. she seems real nice. :)