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All my ATL Angels please stand up...


  • All my ATL Angels please stand up...
    September 25, 2010

    Where all my Georgia Peach Angels at

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on Sep 25, 2010 - 09:39AM
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ATL angles are the best's picture

Here i am mama lol :)

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im a atl angel. visit the site 4 all angels

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i will be soon!! @MizCedezBaby

IAmADelicacy's picture

@Coogi I would definitely stand in line to see Trey again...I was a good thing I just so happened to be off work that day cuz I didn't know he was havin a signing until that morning. The line was hella long but it moved pretty quickly once Trey got there.

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@coogi , i stay in alpharetta / johns creek . i mean shopping is my thing so yeah , the malls are amazing down here especially lenox and you have to check out atlantic station

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I live in ATL..yall follow me @brittbee886

Ariel @COOGIdown's picture

@iamNisha... where you stay at, girl? i'm about to move to Decatur... whats your favorite thing(s) bout the A? @IAmADelicacy... i didnt go because im not in georgia YET... but best believe i'll be at every event opportunity. :) i heard it was hectick... but well worth it like you said! would you do it again?

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u got 1 rite here.

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Im here!! Only been here for a couple of months and i love it!

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@Coogi where you able to go to Trey's album signing last was crowded but well worth it

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@Coogi you're gunna love it

Ariel @COOGIdown's picture

bout to be... :) @COOGIdown

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Woot Woot right hereeeee :)