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Direct your fantasy w/ Trey


  • Direct your fantasy w/ Trey
    September 26, 2010

    Choosing one of Trey's song describe a video concept or a fantasy you have about that song. Follow me @2R3AL

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on Sep 26, 2010 - 10:04PM

Choosing one of Trey's song describe a video concept or a fantasy you have about that song. Follow me @2R3AL

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Role Play > and i'm pretty sure u angels kno how that video would go lls...but something REEEAL sexy! like flashes of us in different places like dressing rooms (I can see me doin that) or between interviews and just letting our imagenation run WILD! ( like we arn't in costum but we flash back in forth like we are ) I think that would be sexy! and of course a bedroom scene lol

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For me it would be....(thinking)...."So Fly" on his Trey Day album, Me being his ride or die and we just having a ball like in miami or over seas (("We can take a crusie, sail across seas..we could never loose....")) speed boats, red carpet and I'm on his arm, flashes, something like that lol


"Role Play"

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Shay - Epiphany Angel's picture

Hahahaha! Ur a mess.
I would love to get da chance also.
How bout I be in ur video and u be in mines. Lol!

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I like can I be the leading lady lol

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I would do a video for Love Faces! It would start off with Trey thinking of being with dat special lady. You would take a trip through his mind where he's thinking about all da ways he wants to please his woman. it would go from da beach at night, to da house, da shower, daA kitchen, etc! Den after all da fantasizing he finally snaps back to reality at the end with him being on his tour bus traveling. Lol! I think dat would be a nice concept! :-)

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I would personally direct a video for "Grub On" on Trey's "Trey Day" album. I would start it off with us leaving the club. I'm in this nice sexy fitted dress and he is looking fine in some jeans and a button down shirt. We both was in a trance all through the party and now that we are exiting he has the courage to come and talk to me and says let's go grab some breakfast. Since I love to cook I say how about we go to my crib and I'll fix us some breakfast. So we get to my crib I tell him to get comfortable on the couch and I go slip into something more comfortable (lingere) and head over to the kitchen. As I'm in the kitchen preparing our food he comes up behind me and one thing leads to another.

The rest you can use your imagination and listen to the song. LOL I am crazy.

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