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Angela Yee Interview


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on Sep 27, 2010 - 02:02AM

Here is the link for the recent interview with Trey and Angela...Enjoy =)

What did you guys think about it?

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Overall it was a nice interview, he is always entertaining to watch. The last part of the interview when he talked about taking Lauren London to meet his mom made me raise an eyebrow! hmmmmm LOL He claims that they're just friends but then he also said he's only taken one other woman besides her to meet his mom. Sooooooo it just makes you wonder. He also said that he's more marketable being single so i think if he was actually in a exclusive relationship with someone he wouldn't publicize it because of how it might tarnish his "lady's man" image. Lauren's a pretty girl but like I said in another discussion Trey doesn't need to be playing step dad to Lil Wayne's son! lol But to each his own, if he likes it than I love it......................... I highly doubt he's exclusive with anyone @ this point in his career though.

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Thank's for the post I love to watch his interviews..... I am not ok with him and Lauren London though she's bad but she had a baby by lil wayne.....#epicfail

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Trey is da bestest! =)

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