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favorite trey songz song ever


  • favorite trey songz song ever
    September 27, 2010

    tell me about yor favorite song of his eva mine is panty dropper

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on Sep 27, 2010 - 12:39PM

tell me about yor favorite song of his eva mine is panty dropper

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truthfully, THATS A HARD CHOICE.....

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From A Woman's Hand

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To the people who said

"Can't Help But Wait" and "Last Time"...I agree those are nice songs
I think the tone of those songs are great

@Thread starter

I can't tell ya of a favorite song ever because I'm still doing my research...

but my very favorite songs thus far are "Wonder Woman" and "Bottoms Up"

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Holla If You Need Me & Last Time (not the one with Fabolous)

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neighbors know my name most def. i love when he say " PUT THIS PILLOW RIGHT HERE. (GRAB THIS)". that whole part just have me like i wish i was there when he invented sex. get some jupiter love. wish dat was me in the video. but i cant help but wait 2 meet him. he can have my bottoms up. lbs. man i made a whole lil thing up with the songz in it.

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My fav would have to be.... More then that! "Imma let my lip land whereva they go"

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Mine is Last Time. Thats my favortie song ever!!!

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I would have to say, We Should Be from Trey Day. "Maybe in the car babe, or maybe we can stop some place cause I don't wanna wait....until we get all the way home oh no no.... got me hard gripping in the third lane, and girl it's only for the sake of your love and all I see is us making love till the sun comes up."

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ALLL of them but if i had to choose... neighbors know my name

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between Infidelity , All The Ifs , Upstairs & Would Be You...fck it..all of them lls.

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Neighbors know my name

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My favorite Trey's song ever is CAN"T HELP BUT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!