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Recent radio interview


  • Recent radio interview
    September 26, 2010

    This is a recent interview. 


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Who's is Dontae?

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i heart him !
wtf ws dontae doin in the background?

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i LOVE THIS MANY ARTISTS ARENT AS REAL IS Trey is... gotta appreciate how he gives us his true self.... that is what I love the most besides his music he steps in place and finishes his task at hand even if negativity is throw his way he bounces it and keeps it moving...#loveMrRealTrey

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Gotta love Trey for his raw, straight forward, & to the point honesty...One of the reasons I love and respect him the way I do...Keep it real babe & never change who you are to please someone else...I likes that..

@ BNSEXE4U I agree with you whole heartily.... he is who he is & i wouldn't want him any other way.

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Everyone can't like Trey! Just like what he said. If u live ur life to please others you'll never get anywhere in life. So I applaud him for what he said! And I personally liked da show. I hate when ppl act phony for da cameras like ppl won't notice dey are being FAKE! I support #TeamTrey #TeamTreysAngels!

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I agree.'s picture

i was actually mad at all the blogs that kept saying negative things in regards to Trey. I don't feel he was being anything but authentic....not arrogant or nything else for that matter. He spoke his opinion, stood his ground and jus wanted an explanation as to why the guy didn't like the show. I watched the show and I did not see where he was portrayed in a bad manner. I feel like he was being himself....and it gave you look into Trey when he is working and when he has a little bit of down time. I respect a person that is completly honest whether you like it or not....Trey continue to be you and you will continue to achieve everything that you have ever wanted or dreamed about.

I love that he stays authentic and won't let the business change him :)

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Yeah I dont think the guy was being a hater. I think he likes Trey honestly.

I don't like BET either but I did watch Trey's show.

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Alot of people are wondering what was his point in commenting on the show, I believe he did it with hopes of making the interview attention worthy... He is in the business and everyone knows that in interviews people are going to throw salt, they tryin to get you to crack or slip up and say something, HELL they even gain something when you fail to say something. Im not even trippin I dont think he a hater I think he doin his job, however wack it may be.

Trey did shut him down, in what I consider to be a polite manner, and I agree with you ladies, he looked damn good doing

Furthermore everyone is entitled to their opinion and I love me some Trey, but I didnt watch the show I'm not into that especially on BET, with they loud as commercials... I just couldn't. I really dont like any celebs reality series, So I didnt want to watch Trey's and be able to say I didnt like it, I just say I didnt watch it so I dont have an opinion on it.... Works for me!

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He was being REAL! Point blank period.
I would have said da same shit. Cuz people will ALWAYS have an opinion.
But guess what? It doesn't matter at da end of da day.

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It did come across as if he did want to start something, but realized it wasn't going the way he thought.


LOL he did look sexy when his demeanor changed.

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I didn't think Trey was being rude, he just defended himself. He said thats your opinion and thats ok, but he doesn't care if EVERYONE doesn't like him! LOL! As he shouldn't. The guy came for Trey, then tried to clean it up at the end. Trey handled it well, he didn't even change his disposition through that whole conversation. LOL!

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Yeah the guy was even in shock about what Trey said. I guess we live in a society were so many people want to be loved and liked by everyone.

I agree I didn't think he was being rude. But some of the comments left on youtube. I don't get that.

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He wasn't being rude...ppl just look for negative things

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And thats why he is TREY SONGZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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That's why I love this man!! he doesn't let anyone really intimidate him.He answered boogie D accordingly! tell him baby! not everyone going to like you in life.Trey can handle his own yuuup!!

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I don't know what he was thinking when he said that. But at least he was honest.

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I mean what was his point in tellin him he didnt like the show? like what did he want Trey to say? he is entitled to his opinion...true. but i didnt see the relevance in him tellin Trey that

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Yes he did explain it well.

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I'm crazy but Trey looked sexy when his demeanor changed when the guy said he didn't like his show. LOL