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Can you handle a relationship with Tremaine?


  • Can you handle a relationship with Tremaine?
    September 22, 2010

    Alot of females say that they would want to be in a relationship with Trey Songz! But the question is can ya'll really handle it knowing that he has a very tight schedule, he has alot of FEMALE fans that would want to be with him also, and etc?! #imjustsayin and also #curious

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on Sep 22, 2010 - 03:09PM

Alot of females say that they would want to be in a relationship with Trey Songz! But the question is can ya'll really handle it knowing that he has a very tight schedule, he has alot of FEMALE fans that would want to be with him also, and etc?! #imjustsayin and also #curious

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@Mariama Neverson AMEN

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with me honestly i think i wudd be able to handle a relationship with tremaine because a relationship is built on trust honesty and patience even though he wudd be on a tight schedule i will always know that at the end of the day im the one that gets to go to bed knowing that he's there with me and about all the female friends ......its his life i cant tell him who can admire him and who cant do yes i believe i cudd be in a relationship with tremaine aldon neverson

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i think with Trey you should discuss the ground rules.... he just needs to know when to turn off TREY SONGZ and be tremaine.... plus as a "couple" you need to talk about what considered cheating.... but you have to be a very strong willed and confident person i think to be with a man like him... its worth it tho cause he is gorgeous

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@Thread starter

so basically, you're asking the same darn thing I am

"Who really knows Tremaine?" lol

there's the proof in your words...
"but do we really know the trey thats behind the cameras?"

except, I don't see no one coming in your thread calling you a "hater"
slinging insults and what not...
I guess the Fanatics must not have arrived as yet lol...OR

this thread along with mine (Who Really Knows Tremaine) is just proof of who
da REAL haters

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thats what i thawt trina n u right trinal

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Treyaint got no girl mz thick

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It Takes a lot of compromise to be in any relationship, more so if your mate travels a lot. I know I can handle being with Trey as long as he and I have mutual respect, honesty and understanding. Trey Songz is the Brand, Tremaine Neverson is the Man, so as long as he makes sure I'm with Tremaine then all is well. Trey Songz is the business, I understand that.
Trey has some very wonderful qualities and he seems to be genuine and sincere. The most important qualities is his Love and Respect for God and his mother. Those are very good qualities to have in any mate. I think he and I would challenge and teach each other many things and that's what a relationship should be. This keeps people from getting bored. It takes a strong man or woman to be in a relationship with a person in the industry, but if the foundation and friendship is solid, everything else will fall into place.

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thx trina n ms neverson i didn no trey had a grl

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mz.2thick I heard that i could have never said it better!!

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yes i think i could, i really don't care about everyone else because they not me and i am with trey so therefore i could and he comin home to me and i dont fight over men so i think it it do out of hand he can pick what he wants better me or them other people. I will respect his answer because if it was me i would want the same outta him.

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most definately agree with you trina grace. i wanna know deeper than trey songz and i dont think now tremaine has the time for us or any grl to get to know him right now. he's at the peak of his career and yea the fame and fortune are great but what a star when his most important fan is missing. yea he can pretty much pick any girl but will they be real. will they make him breakfast. will they be there when he's sick to make him chicken noodle soup. probly not. and if for some odd reason he loses everything will they still be there. and he needs somebody who will always be there no matter what. and sad to say the girl are getting worse then the guys. its a shame cuz girls wonder why they get treated wrong. but anyways im the type of girl who will always be there but at the same token i dont want trey songz. i want tremaine neverson. alot of girls see trey in videos and things but he doesnt get to be himself alot. always pleasing fans and managers. he should have a woman who wants to please him after a long day of work.............

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LOL hahahahahaa right though!! i cldnt agree with you more!! like i said before i would have to wait for that to die down...but then again ion think it will!! it is really difficult!! man it would be nice though cuz he is truly a gentlemen... man this is difficult

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I just talked about this a little in one of the other discussion groups. I would have to say NO I don't think I would be able to handle a relationship with him. With his hectic & busy schedule it would be very difficult for him to be able to give a female the time & attention she needs to keep the relationship going. In addition to that this man has soooooo many women throwing themselves @ him on a regular basis & also the media is always in your business watching your every move and stirring up mess. It would take a lot of trust & commitment to make a relationship like that work. i will settle for just having Trey in my fantasies! lol

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you are so correct!!

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Though I know you can't know a person totally especially someone in the public eye Trey seems like an open book. He comes across as being very honest about who he is as a person.

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Mzsongzbaybeh & Miss.AntiQue.China_DoLL
Yall both gotta good point! Me personally I would rather get to know him as songzbaybeh said! I would like to get to know him as Tremaine! I would like to learn his dis likes and likes his pet peeves and etc! I would like to learn the Trey Songz behind scenes like i said in my last comment! its not gonna be easy with his schedule!! Yes relationships in general are ver difficult but its gon be even more difficult because of the type of Business that he is in! he's goin to be here and their!! It should be alot of amount of trust in the relationship or its not going to work!! And Both of you have to want the relationship to work and be so dedicated in it for it to work!! Honestly Trey is just now starting his career!! Yes he's been out since 05 but He's just now gettin real big!! "Ready" & "Passion Pain Pleasure" is really big out right now! His career and his family is first to him!! I would want him to handle his business first!! fame and money dont mean nothing to me! but the most i care about is that the sweet loving caring genuine adorable amazing Trey portraits to be on tv. But do we really know Tremaine behind scenes?! No offense trey you know i love you! just a thought though!! I kow that he got his show on BET "My Moment" But think about that ladies ....

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Wow good question i would say absoloutely not!! im not gona lie to my self on that one!! i defitnatly couldnt handle it i cant even handle my relationship im in with my bf our busy schedules so i could only imagin it being with an rnb singer like trey.!! Which is totally unfair to trey because i know alot of relationships he may have had suffered from this same exact question because women are very demanding but then again if you love each other you will make it work but then again were all human and we need to be around the object of our affection constantly so its very difficult and trey choose this career so im pretty sure he knew he would have been putting a back seat to his personal love life when he choose the life of fame and became an rnb singer. yea its not fair but its very hard to succeed in any two things with his hieght of fame its either one or the other love or money simple.... which i dont blame him i say build ur career first to the point where your finances are stable and you could live to your level of comfort and then seek love when ur done because technnically we all know love is no easy ride in the park and if ur gona face it atleast be money wise safe so u can focus on love by itself and not having to deal with being broke and having love problems lol. good old life !! well im outties like always much love2tremaine jus giving my own honest opinion.

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i wouldnt say i can and i wouldnt say i can't i would rather meet trey first and start a friendship with him first you know get to know him as just tremaine then understand his ways of being trey at work...soo i knt say i would handle him in a relationship it just depends how you know him as just tremaine or even be the type of person you would want in a relationship because we all know him as just trey the seex symbol you know more too him then you can say youcan handle him in a realtionship...but all i gotta say is if you know that if you were in a relationship with tremaine you aint gotta worried about them otha femles cuz you the one who got tremaine not them...and if you understand how his schedule is then your relationship with trey would be even better.

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lol girl u crazy!! but yea that is tru i cldnt do it neither! well not right now!! i wanna know him as Tremaine behind the scenes!! behind all the cameras!! cuz i like what i see. yes he's handsome and all of thee above but do we really know the trey thats behind the cameras? i wld wanna know him for him you know! and yea he is real genuine and sweet and caring and loving and smart! he was raised by woman!! i love the fact that his mom and everyone else raised him well!!

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plus he has to be cute or decent i cnt walk around wit flavor flav lbs

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i think ow probly not because we would hardly see each other. yea some people may say i can handle this and that but at the end of the day dating him would be hard. theres no cuddling every night. some times you will not be able to talk to him for days at a time. and he's going to be doing videos and etc where hes gonna be kissing girls and its not up to you if he can or not. maybe when everything dies down yea but now no. i dont care about famous or the money. trey is real, genuine, sincere and cares about womens needs and thats what i love and want in a man .

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Its not gonna be easy though?! Yes he can have all the female attention but he has to know that their are limits so all those kissing the girls on the stage gotta stop! lol cuz that is considered cheating!! I wonder how that would really be though!! HHHHMMMMMM

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Me personally I would like to think that I could handle it. As long I know that I have his heart and he knows that I'm the one that's holding him down, it's all good. He can have all the female attention that he deserves, as long as he knows too where home is. I'm not gonna say that it's going to be easy, because that would be foolish, but if he's doing his part by showing me that I'm the real angel in his life, then I can't complain. Of course all of this is speculation, but I know myself and I'm a very secure individual who knows what I have to offer to any man, so celebrity or not, I'm someone too that he will need to be able to handle a relationship with as well.

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I followed you.

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YAY! Thanks guys!! I really feel as though that I had to ask this question because people always say I wanna be with Trey and blah blah blah... But they really dont think deep into it! Can yall handle it?! But yes everyone had a valid point! love you angels = )
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Very valid points have been made.

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Clap, Clap, Clap now everybody take a bow, because those are the most on point comments through out this discussion board, I agree with everything that was said.

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@TrinaGrace..this is a good post. I was thinking about this last night. Being in a relationship is not easy regardless of who it is with. While I think I am capable of being in a relationsip with Trey, I would need to get to know Trey on a more personal, non-sexual, non-fan-based level, so that I can decide if he's someone that I am willing to go through the "crazy" stuff that will most likely happen due to him being a celebrity. While Trey has some good attributes about him, what we are allowed to know about him on (twitter, ustream, and and the news) is not enough for me to be definite about him. (I know I said a lot but I wanted to clarify..)

@TreysDiva..nice point.