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I think ALL angels should get an Angel's t-shirt!


  • I think ALL angels should get an Angel's t-shirt!
    September 28, 2010

    I don't think it should only come with some package deals, I think if you're part of the club, you should have this to show it off! If you're with me on this, reply please!

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on Sep 28, 2010 - 07:26PM

I don't think it should only come with some package deals, I think if you're part of the club, you should have this to show it off! If you're with me on this, reply please!

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Help me please: I ordered a Treys Angel shirt and I haven't received it yet . What do I do???

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Yes how they gon ask what size shirt you need then tell you you can't get it, but I'll get one one day I'm not too worried, but I am in love with me bracelet that's better than a t-shirt's picture

I agree we all should have one. But I also understand RaRa's point too..

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Well they can't just put the angel tees on sell becuz then u would have just anybody rockin the angel tee and they may not have actually signed up for the membership. even if they made the angel tees available for sell only to the angels, some ppl may be getting shirts for non-angel members. i'm just trying to look at it from a business perspective as well. on the other hand i do think that they should have given all angels t-shirts i think we all want to be acknowledged as an angel. we put in a lot of work for Trey just like he does for us

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Yeah that is messed up, ALL Angels should have gotten a shirt. I don't think they fully thought it through. What they should have done was sold regular FAN CLUB packages and Trey Angel's packages, I think that would have cut down on alot of confusion with what everyone was suppose to get. They could still have had premium and platinum or what ever else but just under those two options. They tell you your a Trey's Angel then don't give you a shirt?? What sense does that make?

Example of what I mean:

Trey's Angel Package
1) Angel T-Shirt
5)Pre-sale info
6)Exclusive Angel Updates
7)Exclusive Angel Contest
8)Digital Dowload of Album

Fan Club
1) PPP T-Shirt
2) Digital Download of Album
3) Fan club Dogtag
4) Fan Club Contest

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Wait!!!!! Not all angels got T-shirts?? Oh, if you only got the regular PPP pre-order pk you didn't get a shirt? But if you paid for just the membership after it went live, you do get a t-shirt and dog tag. Got it now!!!

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I agree i think that all angels should get a Trey Angels T-shirt... The package details were unclear, and being that we have to purchase another yr membership in order to get the shirt is a bit much. So hopefully something will be done....

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i am confused. when you sign up and pay $40.00 for the membership(s&h), what is included in that? how do you sign up for the fan club and is that different? what do you need to do in oder to get a trey's angels t-shirt?

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don't you get i shirt when you sign up?

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To be honest i would even mind if there was an option to buy an angel top too because i actually didn't want a dog tag ect and i was ordering international but now if i go to a concert he only gonna know i pre-order not dat i'm an angel and theres only like 50 uk angels so having the top would stand out alot
i want a angel top too

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like to be honest when we preordered they shoulda gave eveyone an angels tee shirt not that damn PPP shirt, im an angel not a PPP rep (perse')'s picture

I'm glad you all see my point! If only we could get hundreds of comments so our 'voices' can be heard and they'd actually do something about it. Even if they didn't give it to us for free, I wouldn't mind buying the shirt, like some of you mentioned. But the shirt's not even for sale. I just think that's very unfair for the rest of us because even if some of us paid more than other, we're ALL Trey's Angels at the end of the day!!

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right it would only make sense to have this kind of proof that we are Angels

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I totally agree w yall girls every angel should get a angel t shirt

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@ApplePie-Nichole Say that gurl!!! lol!!

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I think we should to but the lady said the 1 i preordered didnt cum with that i wanted 2 tell her a thing or two but ima keep mi cool n she said the shirts we b out soon so we can jst order

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i thought all angels got a tee n dogtag too...kinda not well but what can ya do



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me too

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I completely agree!!!

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i totally agree! :)

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An Angel is an Angel is Angel and we all should have shirts but I don’t think they will be sending them unless you bought the $75 package. *rolls eyes*
I do think they should consider even for a short amount of time selling Shirts to ppl who are already Angels and selling them for like a 50% discount of the membership or something ad have this limited special sale of Angel's Tee available only to current angels....ugh

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I agree..A tee and a charm bracelet

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I totally agree!!! And a charm bracelet!!

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I totally agree

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yes we all shud get a damn shirt and that charm bracelet!

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@COOGIdown I could be wrong but you're saying as if we want it for free. We ALL paid to be an Angel in one way or another. I paid $50 for a package, under the impression that I was getting a shirt, considering the package I BOUGHT included the membership. I'm in no way looking for a handout but I want my shirt. So yes, I am going to BUY the membership although I'm already a member. It's foolish that in total that comes to $90, but it is what it is :)

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i agree 100%. when purchasing package deals on the site, they should have been more specific on which one comes with a angel shirt & which one doesnt! i think it is very unfair. i didn't purchase the $75 pre-ordered package but when i signed up for my membership with the code from the pre-ordered package i ordered they asked for a t-shirt size & address , what the fckkk. like if uu wasn't going send me a shirt , whyddd u ask ? regardless of the package u ordered , EVERY ANGEL WHO HAS A MEMBERSHIP SHOULD HAVE A SHIRT!

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i mean... you need to buy one. thats why the MORE EXPENSIVE packages come with the shirt.

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Well if they send me the one I bought 2 weeks ago I would have one!