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I am the only one waiting on my trey stuff


  • I am the only one waiting on my trey stuff
    September 23, 2010

    i odered my stuuf at the start of september and still don't got it and its make me mad cus i am trying to wait for it but i havn't heared nothing back

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on Sep 23, 2010 - 08:23PM

i odered my stuuf at the start of september and still don't got it and its make me mad cus i am trying to wait for it but i havn't heared nothing back

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still no shirt?

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does someone got the number we all need to call

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I only got my CD and Poster -____________________________-.

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i would like to call as well. if anyone has the number pls pass it on. thnx

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nope! my friend orderd her package on the 17th and she still hasnt gotten hers! smh

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why is every one missing there stuff .Shouldn't they have this stuff together. we are his bigest fans and we cant even get what we orded. i have been waiting for over two weeks what is the number i want to call.

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You ARE NOT the Only One, I have Been having a Conversation with someone who works with Audiolife through Email. AND SHE "Claim" She cant find my Order. She Only See's the Standard Package that my cousin ordered under my Email(2weeks ago).. But I paid basically $70 For my package almost 2months ago and Only recieved The Album and Poster!! Im Trippin On these Emails Cause I havent recieved my "PPP merchandise, and Treys Angels Merch" I told her Could I show My Credit Card Statment of when I made Purchase? Never Got a Response for week now.. IM MAD AS EVER I basically Paid $70 For just a CD and Poster(NOT AUTOGRAPHED)! UGhhh.. Ima neeed for them to get it together ASAP

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I ordered the deluxe package and just got an email today saying my package was mailed, finallly. I ordered mine on Sept. 8th. I sent an email to several times so maybe you will get some relief soon if you contact them, too. I agree with everyone, I was pretty upset but i calmed down when I got to at least download the album. They seem to be experiencing some difficulties so bare with them.

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you got the number

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i need that number to custmer service

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i ordered my stuff early as well and all i received was my cd. i got the standard package but i'm an angel. so where is my shirt and dogtag? lol

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i understand exactly wat u sayin they was so quick to take the money but sendin our stuff takin longer 2 get 2 us n then they dont reply 2 the emails n makin trey look bad n then they say its the post office thats holdin the stuff 4 a couple of wks

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No, you are not alone. I placed my order on September 3rd., and I have yet to receive my merchandise. This was suppose to be a birthday for my daughter, her birthday is 9-28. Now I will have to tell her what her present is, but unfortunately you have to wait until whomever, Topspin Media or Audiolife, decided to send it. Thank you so much for ruining my daughters birthday. That's if it is not received by Tuesday, which I doubt very seriously. It sure didn't take this long for you to charge and get my money from my credit card. I love Trey Songz and his music but this is putting a negative mark on his image by being associate with this.

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Same here, I hope they fix this situation real soon....

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That's weird because I got mine actually a few days after the release of the album! I'd contact customer service to see what's going on.

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I ordered my package on sept.8th but i talked to someone from and she was like there was a problem in the system that cause the backup with the packages being shipped out but they still dont know exactly when they will be shipped out. Im getting impatient too but Im going to try and wait a little longer before i ask for a refund.

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ur not the only one its been over 2weeks since i ordered my stuff and it still has not arrived or even been shipped.

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I just got the rest of my stuff today.