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First meeting TREY


  • First meeting TREY
    September 26, 2010

    What would you first reaction on seeing TREY SONGZ for the first time?

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on Sep 26, 2010 - 10:14PM

What would you first reaction on seeing TREY SONGZ for the first time?

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Ariel @COOGIdown's picture

@SShorty: it was quite a while ago, but im pretty sure the first thing he said to me was "hey babygirl!" n then gave me a big ol hug n kiss on the forehead. he just instantly makes you feel comfortable... though he melts you within seconds... you still feel on top of the world!

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To the people that said they've met him

except iSparks87, who said she "couldn't talk when I saw him"

what did he say to you and you to him?

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I can't wait to meet him. Honestly guys; I wonder how it's gonna be happen,I'm living in HAITI.I fear he never comes to Haiti.

iSparks87's picture

The first time I met him was last year on September 4th (the day before my birthday). He was at the DTLR at PG Plaza. I couldn't talk when I saw him. I was so mad at myself afterwards. I was just smiling the whole time. It was a good day though. I saw him again later on that night at Ibiza. I got so twisted lol I had fun though. Good way to bring in the B-Day.

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The 1st time i met him was 9.3.10 i was so nervous. was shaking and everything. but then i walked into the room and he had a big grin on his face so all my nerves were calm. && i was still a little nervous but he talked to me like we knew each other so it was like being around someone i've known forever. it was great!

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The first time I met him was 4 years ago and I was honestly in total shock because it was a surprise cause im standing in a room with a whole bunch of people and he walks in w. Chris Brown and im like wth am i being punk'd or something lol but it was probably one of the greatest days of my life , he was really nice and humble .

Mz.2thick's picture

i cant wait until i have that chance

Ariel @COOGIdown's picture

i was SUPERRRRR cheesy. its okay cuz he just filled the silence wit a super big ol tight ass bear hug that broke the akwardness. lol

SouthrnDelicAcy's picture

I met him for the first time last month before his PPP show in Memphis. Upon meeting him I thought I was going to be nervous, star struck & speechless but when he walked in the room I wasn't nervous at all. He had a real calm and down to earth vibe to him so it made me feel really comfortable to be around him.

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i think i would cry. just being in the presence of someone who cares that much about their fans and is so successful and who's faced some of the things i have would be and honor to me. i hope one day i do get the cahnce to meet him. as trey would say "I CAN'T HELP BUT WAIT". lbs