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What if Trey had a Reality show lookin for LOVE


  • What if Trey had a Reality show lookin for LOVE
    October 09, 2010

    Why if Mr. Neverson had a reality show lookin for love? How would you act? How would you feel? Would you audition? Would you be in it? Ho would you feel?! 

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on Oct 9, 2010 - 09:49AM

Why if Mr. Neverson had a reality show lookin for love? How would you act? How would you feel? Would you audition? Would you be in it? Ho would you feel?! 

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Of course I would audition. That would b so great. However, from wat i have seen regarding reality dating shows my concern would be how cut throat it is btw the women. I dont want to act like a hoe/slut to get trey to like or notice me. That not my style....but i would def try to b myself but not to shy..... the shy girls tends to get sent home early.

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I dont know you guys #imnotevengonlie I would be in that hoe! Lol not in like a trying to fall in love kind of way but unlike many of you Ive never seen him off stage and I would love to just spend that time with him. Thats opportunity to be close to him we aint got to fall in love, plus those shows look like fun, minus the drama. Im wild I would probably have a good time. I dont like competitions though that part is pretty lame. I probably would barely speak to anyone in that house, Id get kicked off for sneaking in my laptop, flat screen and cell phone lmao. I could be like the ANGEL INSIDER I would do a live ustream everynight from the house just for

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Southern I kno what u saying i agree but it was just a thought that came across my mind lol

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Yea I couldnt be in that show neither! I would also watch it it.. like how many girls you see on all those reality shows just to be known and just to be seen on national tv? Like seriously! smdh!! I would always be a fan for Trey and always love and support him but it wld kinda kill me if he would do a reality show lookin for love ...

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@TrinaGrace yeah i liked jaguar & it pissed me off that he dismissed her because she wanted to be treated like a lady. It's like isn't that the kinda girl you want in yo life.. I don't think Trey would do this kinda show anyway because he wants a woman with class

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COOGIdown (dababyphatgodess)

I'm with you I would watch but I would be a little disgusted too.

I honestly don't like those dating shows.

It takes a lot for me to not be a fan of a person.

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wow, so you'd go to the extreme of not liking Trey no more... how solid of a fan are you in the first place?

Ariel @COOGIdown's picture

i wouldnt audition. i'd watch it, mos def cuz i love that kind of show. but i would be a little disgusted with Trey. like, i thought he's better than that....

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i wud watch just 2 c the gold didders cum out cus any1 who really cares 4 trey and have respect 4 themsalves is not going on it. those shows r 4 ratings not real love. #myopinion
i want tremaine not trey.

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perfecr angel yea jaguar i liked her too!!! She had so much respect for herself and i think if Trey had a reality shjow I think all the girls will sleep with him on the first night #imjustsayin

RARA yes I think a Trey's Angel show would be fun but what kinda things would we do lol

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yea i would't audition either those kinds of shows are a mess. but what about our own show just the angels

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I'd probably watch, but i have to agree finding love like that just isn't real. Besides that Tey said he'd never go loooking for love he'd rather it just happen. Because when you look for love yourself you always find some other mess. And with the Ray J show i had much love for the chick who wouldn't kiss him or compromise herself for the sake of t.v. JMO

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I know that's right ya'll that just came across my thought last night lol ... I would wanna know Tremaine where noone has to follow us with no cameras

Shay - Epiphany Angel's picture

Trey said it himself dat he would never do a "reality" show much less a dating show! Lol! But if he did I would probably watch it but not be on it. Dats not my style either cuz the producers always want u to be extra for da cameras! *smh* I rather know the REAL Tremaine in person, not for tv.

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Those shows are kind of fake...I don't think Trey is the type to really fall in love on TV but I guess it is possible...I would just rather meet him by chance...guess I'm a hopeless romantic but I refuse to live in a house full of chicks competing in challenges...just not me :)

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Lol ha yea it would! But why wouldn't you be in it and why wouldnt it be real to you??? I would wanna know Tremaine. I wanna know who he is behind cameras

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I would watch every episode...but I wouldn't audition or be interested in hookin' up with Trey that way...just wouldn't be real...but I would love to make a guest appearance to help him pick the final girl...that would be cool!! :)