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How would you feel if Trey Gets a Woman?


  • How would you feel if Trey Gets a Woman?
    September 22, 2010

    How would you ladies feel if Trey got Exclusive with a Woman? Be Honest Please!

MZ. Yuuup I'm Classy's picture
on Sep 22, 2010 - 02:19PM

How would you ladies feel if Trey got Exclusive with a Woman? Be Honest Please!

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Mzsongzbabby's picture

okk ima be honest really i would be happy for trey because i know its hard for him to find a girl who understands his lifestyle cuz you know how some females would just be with him too have sex get publicity or just try to get his money, aslong as she's treating him right and he's doing his part too.

tiara195's picture

I wouldn't care as long as she makes him happy and she doesn't hurt him

JesusIsMySavior's picture

Yes we have some very nice ladies here. Thank God! :)

MZ. Yuuup I'm Classy's picture

I love you ladies honesty!!!! =)

Candice_4's picture

Trey is a person, just like you and I; and a grown man at that. He has needs outside of this madness. I love his music, performances and yes....he is pleasing to my eye too, but lets not get things twisted; who doesn't want something real? I would take a deep breath and send him well wishes. I would hope that the next CD he drops is better than the previous one, and buy it. This was a great discussion topic MZ. Yuup I'm Classy.

lovesongz05's picture

Trey deserves to be happy so I wouldn't have a problem with it

MsJJBabyee's picture

id kinda be happy 4 him but at the same time desperately hoping everyday that they break up lol ...

AriellBigg's picture

i would be sad. lol but i mean. its his life. we already are a big part of him . && control an aspect of him as trey songz. but we cant control Tremaine . thats where his heart is && we cant control who he loves let alone who we love. so if he got a woman i'd be happy for him. b/c thats what he deserves . is someone who would see him for him. && treat him the way he needs to treated.

RaRa1126's picture

@Brandy631, CutTGurl609 I agree with u ladies

Brandy631's picture

I would be truly devastated too...but I kind of would be happy for him Everyone deserves to be in love. I just hope the day that it ever happens...ITS WITH ME..LOL. Nah but I hope he gets a down to earth non industry chic who doesnt want money or fame. Someone who understands that when he's on the road he's Trey Songz but when he's home he is Tremaine.

CutTiGurl609's picture

I would be DEVASTATED!!! Like, "NOOOOOO!!!!!! TREY Y MUST U DO THIS TO MY HEART?!" I would be rollin around on the floor screamin "WHY!!!" and sobbin for like a month straight. LOL

Sike nah but right now it would suck cause like the girl said it ruins the fantasy. But from a different view if thats what would make him happy, I'm happy for him.

MZ. Yuuup I'm Classy's picture

Agreed @mizzshay2010

mizzshay2010's picture

I mean I'd be a little jealous but u have to remember that he's one man and when he settles down there's only gonna be one out of the thousands of women that wish they were that one. Also its rare that people that have fame date ppl outside of the famous circle. That's not to say don't dream big lol but realistically u can't be mad when he finds somebody even if u do get a lil jealous. I'd be jealous but I love music and as long as the music is good I'm all 4 Trey.

CoNel Cyber Angel's picture

I'm with you @SouthrnDelicAcy.

JesusIsMySavior's picture

LOL You're right about that. :)

Linz84's picture

LOL @sOUTHRNDelicacy for saying Trey doesn't need to play step dad for wayne son! LMFAO!!!!!!!! CO-SIGN!

MZ. Yuuup I'm Classy's picture

@SouthrnDelicAcy i hear that Ma.... Preach lol

SouthrnDelicAcy's picture

Let me get into this discussion!!!! LOL

To be honest it would sting my heart a little bit if Trey gets exclusive with a woman! LOL It would just ruin the fantasy of imagining that he's singing to me or claiming him as my man. However I would get over it! I know where to draw the line between fantasy & reality : ). If he did get a woman it wouldn't stop me from being a fan. I watched an interview he did about a week ago and he was asked what he looks for in a woman. He said beautiful women come a dime a dozen, meaning he looks for something deeper other than beauty. He also said it's hard to distinguish who is really here for him "Tremaine" or who is here because of everything that comes along with being "Trey Songz"

If he is able to find a woman that fits into his world & who he loves & is happy with than heeey!!!.... I'm happy for him. I'm all about genuine love. But with his career I don't even see how it would be possible to even be able to maintain a consistent relationship with any female. In another interview I saw a while ago he said that was a issue in his past relationship.

I couldn't even imagine dating Trey or really any celebrity. The media is always in your business, women throwing themselves @ your man. It would take a lot of trust & commitment to make a relationship like that work. I will settle with just having him in my fantasies! LOL As far as that Lauren London rumor... I heard Kevin Liles cleared the air & said that it wasn't true. I hope that's the case....Trey doesn't need to be playing step dad to Lil Wayne's son! lol

laBELLEnicole's picture

honestly at first i would be jealous, i mean lets be real, secretly we all have dreams of it being us with Trey. but that wouldn't change my love for Trey and i would soon get over it =)

JesusIsMySavior's picture

I agree she lost me when she had the baby with Wayne.

Yeah not trying to report gossip, but for all we know it could be true.

MZ. Yuuup I'm Classy's picture

No one is reporting gossip, we are just simply having a discussion, but you on the other hand COOGIdown (dababyphatgodess) #imjustsaying

MZ. Yuuup I'm Classy's picture

Agreed! @ Introducingme_B , girl i got caught up in the moment yesterday!! idk *DM* dont mind me!! LOL Have a fun and safe weekend

Introducingme_B's picture

She bad but she lost points from me when she birthed lil wayne's baby! I'm gonna pass, he can do better!

JesusIsMySavior's picture

Lauren is a pretty lady. She seems like she doesnt' take any mess though. :) If he is dating her they make an attractive couple

Ariel @COOGIdown's picture

i've also heard he's gay... but you dont see me over here reporting gossip... lbvs!

MZ. Yuuup I'm Classy's picture

I'm sorry but if he's dating Lauren London

Linz84's picture

@CoNel I also heard the same exact thing.

JesusIsMySavior's picture

Yeah I heard about them dating too.

CoNel Cyber Angel's picture

I guess I read to much on the internet, but it's reported that he has been seeing Lauren London. They went to his manager's wedding together over the summer. She was with him on the first leg of his tour. I heard that they are happy. If he's happy, then I'm happy for him.

JesusIsMySavior's picture

@Che Che

I agree totally!!