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Treys Letter To his Angels


Raven RambunctiousAngel's picture
on Oct 12, 2010 - 07:06PM


This Is Why I Love Him!!! He Does Things Like This For Us & Doesn't Have To!!

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Raven RambunctiousAngel's picture

It doesn't Get Much Better Then Trey!!!

Tyreta's picture

That was very sweet of him. That shows he love & appreciate all his fans for him to take the time out to send us letters.....

daileyl's picture

aww that is so sweet i love him even more now

ladyt1980's picture

i cant stop reading it. 4 him 2 take time out his busy schedule 2 write us. i blieve he is close 2 the perfect man any woman will b blessed 2 have. thats y he is going where he is so humble, so sweet, and such a gentleman. i luv u trey and will support u always.

LishaE's picture

I am loving Trey more and more!!! He is so sweet!!!

Meghan Nicole's picture

Its a very sweet letter i keep reading it over and over. It was so nice him to take the time out to write something so dearing to his angels. This man is amazingggggg......

Linz84's picture

It's a nice letter. I'm so touch. I like his handwriting! lol

iamNishaJhene's picture

omg when i got it i seriously almost started crying . im going to get a frame and hang it on my wall with the rest of my trey stuff !

tiara195's picture

I actually just came on here looking for somewhere to discuss that, I love that letter I printed it out it's going under my PPP poster on my door, Thank you Trey, I'll always support you!!!

Shay - Epiphany Angel's picture

I saved the letter on my phone! :-)

TreyDee's picture

omggggg I got that too.. You are so right @RavenTheAngel.. He is the sweetest man I ever known. I hope one day I met him.. Oh yeah!! I love his handwriting..

Raven RambunctiousAngel's picture

No Problem!! =) I'm Happy You Got To See It!!

Christina Faye's picture

AAWW that is so sweet. Thank you for posting because my email would not let me open up the letter's picture

Yes , this was a wonderful surprise when I opened my emails today its the only one that was not deleted.stay sweet Trey. Much love from the 804.

Raven RambunctiousAngel's picture

lOl... I Keep Reading It Over & Over again!! Its even The Wall-Paper On my Phone!! Like This Is Just One Of The Many Reasons I Love Him!! He Does Simple Things And they mean So Much To Us!!! I Wanna Thank Ms. April For Bringing this Wonderful Man Into The World!! (Tears) lOl He is Greatly Appreciated! =) OOO Thank You Troy Taylor (TTU Rocks) But Thanks For Working With Trey & Helping Him Makes His Dreams Reality!! Your Greatly Appreciated As Well!!


he has been really busy and he took the time out to let us know he really do care.. and at the end he's all like this is the beginng. which means he got more planed for us! so happy to get the letter

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I've never joined a fan club before although I had planned on it several times but never felt an actual need for it. I joined the Angel because I really wanted a head start on the OMG tix. I have to say I never thought being an Angel would make me feel this way. You ladies are really something special and so is Trey. A handwritten letter? Where they do that at? Oh yeah!...Trey's Angels!!!! Represent Angels!!!!!

Raven RambunctiousAngel's picture

Lmbo @ Introducingme_B!!! Nice!!!!

Awwwww @ ForbiddenAngel

ForbiddenAngel's picture

Thank you so much for reminding me what a true Artist is. I Appreciate all that you do for your Fans. I Love You as an artist but most of all as a Human Being!

Introducingme_B's picture

So I was at work when I got the email...opened it, read it, and smiled hella hard..... Nosy ass co-worker, "who was that from your boyfriend" me, "Yeah, he just sent me the sweetest message!"

Raven RambunctiousAngel's picture

Trey is Simply 1 of a Kind!!! Love Him So Much! Love You Angels Also!! =)

MsJJBabyee's picture

i swear my heart stopped when i was reading my mail && saw "Message from Trey Songz " I was like WHATT ??! omggg lol When i read it i was like awww ,he didnt even type it he took the time out && handwrote it now thats love !! his handwriting is sexy too && nice, especially for a guyy !

Shay - Epiphany Angel's picture

Trey has beautiful handwriting by the way! :-)

A_Perfect_Angel's picture

Trey is one of a kind... Being one of his Angels is such a blessing... I love you ladies 2 *mushy moment* =)

Courtney_14's picture

thank you trey!!! we love you!!

shaheedra's picture

that letter indeed made my day today all smiles Thanks Trey

Niecy_28's picture

I got my letter while I was at work, and it just made my day.

Thanks Trey !!!!

CutTiGurl609's picture

I got mine earlier. Love it!!! He is such a ladies man. LOL

Treysbabe1's picture

I have to say it was a very pleasant surprise to see that email. Thanks Trey! And yes, this is just the beginning. MMMUUUAAAHHH!!!

Shay - Epiphany Angel's picture

I got mine and all I gotta say is that I appreciate dat even when we all think dat he has forgotten bout his angels, he's a step ahead of us! Lol! Dis letter was too cute. Thank you Trey and we love you too! Muuuaaahhhh! :-)