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Up Close and Personal


  • Up Close and Personal
    September 14, 2010

    Ever meet Trey? Want to meet Trey? Discuss past, present and future experiences at any Trey Songz show here!

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on Sep 14, 2010 - 11:38AM

Ever meet Trey? Want to meet Trey? Discuss past, present and future experiences at any Trey Songz show here!

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@madhottmami69 lmaooo they qnna hve to wtch yuu cause yuu seem like yuu wudd qo in and rapee thaa mann lol

RITTALUV's picture

lol @authenticangel i am a mess this man has got me missing classes for his concert and ustreams lol im about to make a discussion called "Trey has made me...." and just let everyone talk bout it lol anywaysss lol i really wanna meet him and to pay $400+ for a vip ticket at the omg concert for a just a couple is not cool wit me...i need my time with his fine ass lmao!!

AuthenticAngel's picture

@madhottmami69 lmaooo yuu are aa mess buh uhmm honestly its outtah luckk . My actualy meet and qreet w| takin pics w| hym was out of luck cause iWasnt even expectinq tht to happn. He jus did it. Buh thaa one like CD siqninq wasnt it was posted on here . Keep aa look out

RITTALUV's picture

@authenticangel my point exactly i rather support him in many other ways lol whether in my imagination or in real life LMAO!! im just soo curious how to get to attend a meet n greet? like is it out of luck or do u have to pay for it everytime?

TreyDee's picture

I am JEALOUS of EVERYBODY who have met him!!!! lol

AuthenticAngel's picture

@madhottmami69 exactly there is no point in me spending 4OO$ to see Trey for 1Omins. iKno im helpinq to support hym too buh nah lol

ladyt1980's picture

have not had the chance 2 meet trey but wud really love 2.

RITTALUV's picture

ugh i am soo jealous of u angels but also happy for u!! i cant wait til the day i meet him @AuthenticAngel i have the same situation with the OMG tour too...wanted to go but its not worth it if it not up close and personal wit him lol im a usher fan but im a bigger trey songz fan MOST DEF!!!

AuthenticAngel's picture

I would like to get to meet Trey in the future where i actually get to meet him and talk to him and take my own personal picture with him. I wanted to go to the OMG Tour in NYC but there is no vip tickets or meets with him so i dont want to waste my parents money to sit at a show and see Usher for most of the night when i dont care for him. I missed the PPP Tour due to financial situations, however i would love to meet him for my birthday or just before this year ends just so i can officially stamp 2010 as the best year ever.

One more thing that made my day was him following me on twitter. I went so hard to get him to follow me where everyone and i mean everyone [ i have over 1,300 followers ) cursed me out ! but it was worth it !!!

AuthenticAngel's picture

i saw Trey three times . My first time was at 106 and park on September 15, 2010 when he had Trey Day. That was the best day of my year because not only did i finally get to meet him but i also got to take pictures with him (very upset that one picture is missing from the photo album. Really wanted that one to be up because he was standing next to me). After we took the pictures, he was about to leave but i insisted on asking him for a hug and he turned around and gave me the best hug lol. That had to be the best day ever.

My 2nd time meeting him was at his CD signing in NYC on September 21st, 2010 on 165th st. for that day, i designed my nails with a picture of him on two of my nails. When it was finally my turn to see him, he signed one of my CDs and i showed him my nails. He said he liked them and he held my hands while singing the other CD. he soon realized that I was an angel and he peeped my shirt, my dog tag and my charm bracelet. He then gave me the cutest smile and then rubbed my shoulders. and he said "i love you too" back to me so iWas veryy happy.

Those are my two up close and personal experiences but my third time seeing him was October 6th, 2010 at 106 & park 10th anniversary (:

Ronicka Easy Going Angel's picture

i saw trey once i want to meet him up close and personal

mii_sunflower's picture

i got to meet Trey 3 time this year THanks to my angels and my BF @MzAware28 (diamond). the first time was Aug. 27, 2010 at the PPP show in Baltimore, md. when i was 1 of the angels that was picked to help collect emails then i got to meet him after the show. trey is wonderful he started talking to me soon as i walked in. he signed my mothers and mine cd then i have picture with him. the 2 time was 9/15/2010 at the 106 & park show. i had so much fun being around him for like 2 hours arm lenth aways was crazy. met his mom also such a great person i got to talk to him and take pictures with his mom and him before it was over i got to huge him also. & my 3 time was the baltimore in store sign he remembered me from 106 and park (cool right) i won the skip the line contest. and on 9/21/2010 trey followed me. am telling you just wait your time will come . P.S. the funny thing is i also had 2 others times i could have met trey but i couldnt get their , & REMEMBER the OMG tour is comming just might be your lucky night

TreyDee's picture

I would love to meet Trey.. I never met him a day of my life :( but I always go to concerts that he has been it and been in front seats.. How can I meet him??

daileyl's picture

well i went to a trey concert in san bernardino but i did not get to meet him i wish i would have and im going to the trey songz concert in Los Angeles on the 18th at the staple center and i would love to meet him.That would be one of my biggest goals

Ms_ChinaDollLes's picture

I have been a fan of Trey since about 2004-2005 but I have never met Trey before I have come close to him though. I won tickets from my local radio station WPGC to skip the line to get my CD signed by Trey and was told that we were going to be able to take a picture with him....I was so excited 1st because it was my first time winning something off of the radio and 2nd because I was going to meet and get a chance take a picture with him. Unfortunately the day of the event non of the winners who won skip the line tickets were able to take a picture with Trey because we were told it was entirely to many people. Our hopes were broken, especially mines. Since then I have seen Trey twice in concert once at the So Kodak Launch Party in NYC and in the Nightclub Love and although I have not actually met him I have not let my hopes down yet. I am very patient and can't wait till that day arrives, hopefully I can meet him face to face at the December 17, 2010 OMG tour at the Verizon Center in D.C. :-)

RITTALUV's picture

i havent got the chance to meet trey yet, it would seriously b a dream come true. i've been to 3 of his concerts in the past couple of months and i enjoyed each and every one. i hope that i get to meet him soon and that my experience will b as special as @charbaby's experience cuz grl ur story really gave me goosebumps it sounded like something i would dream about lol

CharBaby's picture

girl i still cant believe it myself!!!!

SexySagLuvSongz's picture

@ CharBaby..........your story is A-MA-ZING!! I could help but tear up as I was reading it!!! It's like a dream for real that came true. OMG!!! This only strengthens my faith that my time is coming as well and I can't wait. And they made sure you got home ok.......that is truly incredible!!! : )

Songz_Yuupp_Angel87's picture

Unfortunately, I haven't had the chance to meet Trey, but I have seen him in concert with Juelz Santana at the Palace Theater in Columbus, Oh, I swear the whole day I was preparing to get ready to see him, what I was going to wear, what I would say if I saw him. I just had a million and one things going through my mind if this happened. Mind you at the time, Trey's Angels hadn't been released, so there wasn't really meet and greet opportunities. Even though it may not be headliner news on the local radio station and it may not get publicized on the radio, everyone know that I go HARD for Trey. So much that people have unfollowed me due to the majority of my twitter and facebook announcements/post being about my beloved Trey. Anyway, I love the fact that Trey also did the Say it Now line (I think thats what it is called) where there were some sessions for us to call in and share moments of Passion, Pain, and Pleasure. I left a msg for him about the Pain in my life, but unfortunately no call back. I hope one day maybe Tomorrow 10/15 or on my birthday 10/22, I get a follow from Trey. I also hope that he comes back to Columbus so some of his Ohio Trey's Angels can meet him. Especially this Angel!!!! Love my Trey's Angels and Trey

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Niecy_28's picture

@Charbaby Congratulations!!!! I know that was a wonderful experience and God answered your prayers. Glad to hear you made it home safely. I have not met Trey yet , but I'm patiently waiting for my TreyDay!!!

JesusIsMySavior's picture

I'm glad your prayers came true. It just seems like God was working throughout the whole situation. Well if he does have a live Ustream and you get to call him and you say your name he just may remember.

CharBaby's picture

yea i prayed hard 4 that moment....My lord is truely merciful! Every1 I met MAde me feel like i was apart of The Team....And yes he does have a great memory! Lets see if I get a mention on ustream or sumthing in that nature lol

JesusIsMySavior's picture

Yes the eight hour commute was worth it. You got to meet a lot of people in his circle. You must be a good person because there were a lot of people looking out for you. :) Very blessed person.

Well look to have your cake iced because he just may call. :) He seeems to have a very good memory so you never know.

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JesusIsMySavior's picture

I'm sure it will. :)

SlimJuicy_Diva's picture

I cant wait for my Trey Day!!! best experience of my life is in store for me VERY soon :) (I hope)

JesusIsMySavior's picture

Heck all those other wonderful things happened you just may get a call from him. :)

SlimJuicy_Diva's picture

@CharBaby CONGRATES GIRL!!! if I were u, that story would be ringing in everyones ears!!! That sounds like a dream I had a while ago. but I'm glad you had your Trey Day lol...Can't wait til mine gets here. I would've took that drive back to NY too! lol An opportunity like that....u cant pass up! Congrates again and #shoutout to you for being in the DMV area lol

JesusIsMySavior's picture


That is wonderful. :)


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