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Treys Letter To his Angels


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on Oct 12, 2010 - 07:06PM


This Is Why I Love Him!!! He Does Things Like This For Us & Doesn't Have To!!

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I am so happy this morning, I was looking in my inbox and I got my letter from Trey, I had already rcvd my PPP pkg in Sept and it was not included but that's alright, I got it via email. I'm good, I'm good (Me doing running man) Commere!!!

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lOl... YUUUP... Thats A Great Idea!!! Maybe The Rest Of the Angels Who Didn't Get The One That Is Printed out Will Do The Same!! =)

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How sweet is that, I tell you Trey is not an ordinary singer. It is so much more to him, that's why I love him so. But with that being said I didn't get that in my $65 pkg. Oh well. I'll just copy yours and act like I got it too is that ok. :-) LOL.

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Well I Got The Email & They Sent me A Print Out!! (the Print Out Came With My Package)

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Awww I love it but I didnt get it Why didnt I get one I'm soooo upset was it supose to come with the package ?????

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I got my letter too & I love it!

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This Is Why We Love Trey!! Hes The Best!!

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That was a lovely letter Trey wrote to us his Angels. I'm glad to be apart of his family. He is one of the best r&b artist out to date. Giving back to his fans that give their 1000% (including me) to him each an every time an for that I love Trey an support him now an forever. # Team Trey an # Team Angels. Bong!!! Leggo!!!!!'s picture

I got mine too! I enjoyed reading his letter! He has great handwriting! His words were too sweet! Just made your heart melt! :) he's makes being an Angel the best thing in the world! Shout outs to you Trey! Youre the best ! :) xoxoxox Hugs & Kisses!!'s picture

That letter was such a sweet gesture, it made us all feel special.. Love you Trey :)

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i read dat letter lik 80 times... dats how muc i loved it

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I luv trey he is a beautiful person inside n out n ppl respect him 4 that its all luv!!

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I noticed he had nice handwriting too. It's better than mines. :)

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@TashNTrey 4 real. I thought I was the only one trippin' off the fact that his handwritting is beautiful.


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the thing that stuck out the most was "this is only the beginnin!" :D

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it was so sweet of him thats why i love him the way i do keep up the good work trey i've been up here since 05 i

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I got it!
It was in my SPAM folder, but maybe check there?

&I'm going to print it out & show it to everyone. lmao

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Trey Is Def One Of The Greatest Doing It!! I'm Reppin Him 4eva & a Day!!! #TeamTrey #TreyAngels =) Leggo

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I thought it was really sweet. I was having a bad day yesterday and reading that letter made it much better. It just shows how much he cares about his fans.

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I wonder if Chris Brown, Tyrese, Jeremih, Ne-Yo, or anybody else rides for their fans like dis? I dont think so... Lol! Love u Trey bae! (My nickname for Trey) :-)

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And his handwriting is DOPE!!!! *faints again*

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When I read it I was #dead *faints*

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When I read the note from Trey I cried. I have never found another singer that is more dedicated to there fans than Trey. He goes up and beyond the call of duty for us. I never meet Trey but I pray for him nightly cause he makes me feel like I am important to him (not just me but people period). I am honored to be a part of Trey's Angels.

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Now Following!! =)

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@MrsSongz i follow back

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follow eachother @TreysAngel211 on twitter

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all i can say ladies is omg i love me some trey