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25 and over Angels....QUESTION


  • 25 and over Angels....QUESTION
    October 12, 2010

    Is it just me or do you sometimes feel crazy for being madly in love with this man.  It's like I can see why all these fifteen year olds are on here, and they love him, because thats something you do in your teens.  Here I am a grown ass woman two kids divorced (soon to be amen) and Im like a fifteen year old in puppy love.  Is it just me out there or do you guys feel the same way?

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on Oct 12, 2010 - 11:40PM

Is it just me or do you sometimes feel crazy for being madly in love with this man.  It's like I can see why all these fifteen year olds are on here, and they love him, because thats something you do in your teens.  Here I am a grown ass woman two kids divorced (soon to be amen) and Im like a fifteen year old in puppy love.  Is it just me out there or do you guys feel the same way?

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I know im 27 and i cant help it and i dont know why

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@RaRa....I definitely want to get to know Tremaine Neverson. Maybe one day he will know we exist.

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and ladies pls follow me on twitter @rara_songz and/or facebook RaRa Nicole

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yea i think we can all relate. i have only kid and my bf gets jealous. evrybody else thinks i'm crazy, obsessive, and a stalker. but they don't understand what trey does to us. lol. but its not all about the sex appeal for me i also love trey songz for tremaine neverson. i think he is an awesome person and ppl just don't get it. i am totally in love with this man and he doesn't even know i exist (yet)!

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I sooo feel you I feel the same way and I am in the same boat a grown ass woman with 2 kids soon to be divorced and I just love Trey to death but No I dont feel crazy but everybody else thinks I am but I really dont care because I just love him I cant help it

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Haha...we are all addicts. definitely take the cake for most
But that man is something else. I never see any guys that carry themself like Trey does. I love a man who dresses nice speaks well, and looks good. Lawddd please send me one of's picture

It is not just you, I am 37 and I absolutely love Trey as well. My teenage sons can't stand it, but I secretly catch them listening to the PPP cd so it is all good.

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@Juicy_Fruit2K10...LMAO...that is funny as hell!

Yep, gotta admit I'm under his spell. We all will need a "program" soon for this addiction.

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Ha try this 27 Lesbian & i wanna have Trey's Baby or at least swallow them lol *jk but yea I Love Him That Strongly TOO pure Greatness !

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I agree with you ladies we are all under trey's spell It's all good though:) He cast that same spell on all of us LMAO.

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Lawd, I am glad I am not the only one! I tell myself , "self, you're too damn old for this!! 27, with kids and a Hubby! He always makes it known he can't like Trey cuz I'm cheatin on him with Trey, lol!!'s picture

Ok, I am 27 yrs young and I absolutely love this man.. IAMTREYALLDAY. I don't even listen to nobody else's music. I am so hooked that my family/friends has noticed some changes in me. I am now on twitter & all things TREY. Now, I have never been into an artist like this and I think Trey has cast a spell on us.... Cause I just go crazy when I see/hear him... I am officially hooked on Trey Songz...and I cant do nothing about it. SMH

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MJ was the first solo artist I really liked. At this point it's only been three.

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Your not alone! I will be 26 in November and I love me some him!!**Toni Braxton voice**

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I felt the same way you did and then i joined treys angels andsaw that there were plenty of women in this club that was 25 years old and over.I'm 27

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Okay Hey everyone...Im reading everything from NOT CRAZY. Well we will all go through this stage of life together :-).

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Yes, I feel the same way. I'm 27 with a 3yr old son. I love everything about Trey.


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@thelsteve...I know that's right. Adult Contemporary?!?!?! Are they serious? Baby bye...I'll be listening to R&B applying Bengay & Icy Hot.

Mr. Neverson will be 26 in November, so we're only 7 years apart. However, I heard him say in an interview that he likes older women. Single, maturer ladies...we got a chance!!! LOL's picture

Ok is one for you. I am 42, married and a mother of 2 (as I have stated on other posts). I am a huge, HUGE fan of Mr. Trey Songz.I have been ever since he came out on the scene in 2005 and I said to myself, there is one to watch (and look at him now). I hear all the same things, from my husband "can you at least talk to me and turn that music off for a minute"; from others-"you seem a little old for this type of music"; "Shouldn't you be listening to jazz or adult contemporary (WTH is adult cont.?) Anyways, I feel no shame in supporting this fabulous man. I enjoy his music and I agree with TashNTrey and Blue about the screaming and the way the music makes you feel. I know its an insane infatuation, but my hubby knows he is truly reaping some benefits from my obsession. I'm an Angel and I LOVE ME SOME TREY and will continue to do so until I can't no more. LMAO........

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And to be honest, my man, who is also my son's father, is 2 years younger than me. So heck no I don't feel any type of way about loving Trey, who is 1 year younger than me. I used to be CRAZY in love with my man and nobody said anything about that! SN: He is very jealous of Trey smh. I saw Trey 3 times in one month and we've had 3 arguements lmaoooo. He said I love Trey more.... whatever! He'll be alright ;) "Its Mr. Steal Yo Girl" Yuuuuuuup ;)

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im only 24 but it sort of reminds me of my teenybopper days with Nsync....thank goodness its not nearly as bad as back then tho.

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girl!!! I have accepted the 5 year difference and moved on!!!!!! Seriously tho...when he comes on TV I scream..when I see a pic of him, I scream, I've met him twice and almost fainted...This 30 year old is 16 all over again! And I have a feeling this infatuation aint goin nowhere! But he is sooo freaking gorgeous, his personality is the bomb, he pays his fans sooo much attention...I really can't help but to be sweatin him!

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I'm 27 and I loved Trey since I was 22. I wouldn't say I'm madly in love with him though lol. I love him as an artist, I love his talent, and I love his dedication to his fans and music. Besides, he's within our age demographic! :) Now a 15 year old would need to sit her butt down somewhere lmao.

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I feel ya....I'm 27 with 2 lil girls. My oldest (3yrs) is almost a bigger fan than I am lol.

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i ask myself everyday y am i sitting going crazy 4 this younger guy and then he opens his mouth or he does sumthng like 2day and then i say ok this is y. hes so humble and that voice of his is amazin. i havnt luved an artist since micheal jackson (rip) so that says alot about trey.

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OMG the last solo artist I liked was Bobby Brown. So as you can see there aren't many people that I "really" like. Trey is one of the special few. I loved Dalvin from Jodeci. LOL

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Omg I feel like I'm robbing the cradle and becoming a couger. (lol). Never have I followed anyone or wrote about any artist. I too am with not just children but my twins are 20 and I am so in love with this man. I sometimes wonder how his mother must see us. Please understand we mean no harm. His music speaks to me in so many ways. Oh yeah and my sixteen year old daughter is upset that I became a Angel before her and that the only way she was getting to the OMG concert was with me.(lmao)

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im only 23 but i feel the same way!! the last celebrity i was obsessed with was AJ from the backstreet boys lol now thats a long time. but its soo different for me now at my age i catch myself logging onto multiple times a day, always checking my email for updates, im on youtube 24/7 looking at videos of him. everytime i hear his songz on the radio it puts a smile on my face and whenever im having a bad day i just listen to PPP and everything is perfect again ughh im like just in love with this man and he has no idea who i am :( BUT im soo glad i joined u angels it really makes me feel special and i hope one day to meet trey it would seriously make my life!!

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@Tricia OMG I so can relate!!! this is my first artist that I am head over heels crazy about, I mean it feels weird to have this feeling for a artist. My hubby laughs because it does feel like puppy love I can not get enough. and I try not to be so "crazy" about it, but I can not help it. I feel like a little Teenager!!! Wow Trey songz you are the man