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Favorite Song on the Album ? Likes & Dislikees ?


  • Favorite Song on the Album ? Likes & Dislikees ?
    September 14, 2010

    My two favoite songz off the PPP album would have to Can't be friend (&) Please return my call ! I'm addicted I listen to each at least a hour a day a peice , smhh I'm addicted. <3

SimplySinniaSongz's picture
on Sep 14, 2010 - 06:49PM

My two favoite songz off the PPP album would have to Can't be friend (&) Please return my call ! I'm addicted I listen to each at least a hour a day a peice , smhh I'm addicted. <3

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SimplySinniaSongz's picture

Be-my-Love - Yes girl ! I agree ! :) FOllow on twitter DamarshmellowS Angels lets stick together !

Treys_Luv_Angel's picture

My favs are Made to be Together and The Usual.Espeacially Made to be Together.I just loooooooove those songs.

SimplySinniaSongz's picture

My bad Angels ! I haven't checked my discussion in a while but yess very truee ! The album is EPIC ! & @Tiara195 I agree that song speaks toooooo meeeeeeeeeeee!

tiara195's picture

My fav. song is Blind, but other favs are Please Return My Call, Made To Be Together, and You Just Need Me, there are no worst songs but those are my favs.

beautifulsmith's picture

i like every single song on tht album.....i bump tht cd atleast 4 whole times a day literally

Chassidy_3's picture

Alone, Made to be together, Unusual, Doorbell!!!!

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PLEASE RETURN MY CALL, DOORBELL, PASSION(interlude), RED LIPSTICK and MASSAGE. but ultimat;y the whole album is EPIC!

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MADE TO BE TOGETHER!!! and ALONE! but like all of you said...the whole album is super HOT! but i feel like he is pleading to me on "made to be together" :) hahaha

tendai mac's picture

please return my call.......hmmmm this is hardd i luv all of them album on replyyy allday i hve to say ..made to be together

ForbiddenAngel's picture

I would have to say Doorbell. The beat alone makes me feel all erotic.

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As I take my drive to school every morning to St. Pete, Florida I am listening to the whole CD all the way thru I love the album all of the songs are very unique.

Elise Bitchie's picture

Im not huge listener of "Blind" its playable but I just cant get into it! BUT I adore the album!

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I would have to say please return my call and love faces....def tht love faces...thts my cut

n3wy0rklatina's picture

I'd have to say my favorite is Please return my call and Doorbell those are my top two =)

iLoveTremaine3's picture

the whole cd be JAMIN' haha

TreySongz_Num1's picture

Mines are unfortunate,please return my call,lovefaces,and can't b friends...the rest is the bomb too

JesusIsMySavior's picture

It goes in this order:

can't be friends
love faces
please return my call
made to be together
red lipstick
you just need me
bottoms up

I actually love the whole cd but the top songs tend to get repeated more often.

MysBlu4's picture

I can't pick between Doorbell and Unfortunate. Doorbell is one of those songs I love to sing with while I love the mood of Unfortunate. The whole album is dope though. You can't really go wrong with any of the tracks.

601chocbeauty's picture

I love ALL HIS songz on PPP! I kinda had to get use to the last two, but now I'm feeling dem too! But my faves are: Massage, Alone, Made to Be Together,Doorbell, Unusual, Love Faces! I love you Trey!!!!!

Msbabeej77's picture

Trey baby, you did you thang on this album BAE. Only true trey fans like us can appreciate this. I gotta constantly school my homegrl on this shyt. This the realest shyt, i llistened on my way to work , on my ipod at work then on you tub at home. Dont make no sense how my kids no all the words to almost the whole damn cd by the end of day 3. I aint playin. play wid yall. I love the whole album except for like the last two. I ain't feeling um yet. I wouldnt be me or real if i wasnt honest. Overall , you da shyt bae

ANGEL_KIAH84's picture

My favorite songs are Made to be Together,Love Faces, Massage, Alone and Unusual

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My favorite songs are Unfortunate, Doorbell, Can't Be Friends, Love Faces, Alone, Massage, Bottoms Up, Made To Be Together, Pleasure and Passion Interludes.. The CD is FIRE.. :)

@LeetheCougar's picture

My two favorite songs are Please return my call and Unusual Ft. Drake. When I hear either one of them it takes me to a place I wish I could remain forever!!! Right about now Trey could make a cd of nursery rhyms and I would buy it. lol

Lindsay Garrett's picture now that I have listened to the entire album on repeat every time I am in my car....I have changed my favorites! It seems that most of us LOVE the same ones and still really like the other. LOVE FACES no doubt is the best on the album. RING MY BELL comes in a very close 2nd. There are so many specific parts in each song that just get me! His voice is amazing and has definitely stepped his game up this album. You have definitely made us proud Trey! MUAH!

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I agree with Linz84, I LOVE THE WHOLE ALBUM!! I also really love the passion interlude! Maybe he will make that a whole song as well. I really love the full length version of panty droppa on the deluxe album! I am so glad he did a full length version!

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I LOVE THE WHOLE ALBUM!!! The songs that I like in particular are "Love faces, Massage, Can't be friends, Redlipstick, and Doorbell". For some reason I like passion interlude lmfao!! I think a lot of people can relate to "Unfortunate".

TiaLovesSongz's picture

The whole album is dope. But my faves are "Massage", "Made To Be Together", "Alone", "Love Faces", "Please Return My Call", "Can't Be Friends", & "Pleasure Interlude" lol. I just love Trey's music period really. I've been wearing the PPP album out since the day it came out.

TrudyYuuup♥.'s picture

Doorbell, Red lipstick, Unfortunate, Massage, Alone, Bottoms up, Made to be together..

Miss_E_2's picture

I love the whole album but my favorite song is unfortunate... I can really relate to that...

SoulfulBrax's picture

If I had to choose it would be Please Return My Call, and the Pain Interlude.. I dunno why I love that so much....