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what do you think cutting his braids did for him?


  • what do you think cutting his braids did for him?
    October 15, 2010

    i think he looks better and he grew maturity wise.

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on Oct 15, 2010 - 01:51PM
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i believe him cutting his braids let every1 no that he was not a boy anymore but a man. that it was time for the world 2 take him serious. that he was 'READY' 4 his recognition tha he so much desreved.

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I miss the braids but the cut did give him a more mature look which expanded his fanbase.

Shay - Epiphany Angel's picture

I hear you @ Tricia! I'm not tryin to call anyone out. I'm talkin about some people who genuinely didnt listen to his music and hopped on just because of Ready. I've heard some people say oh I just started listening to Trey, cuz dat man turned fine! *smh*

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i think him cuttin off his braids let everyone know that he was serious. && growing up. so it deff. was a positive for him! plus he look better with out the braids . :)

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Yeah him cutting his braids made him look more mature....He was always sexy but the hair cut brought out the man!

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I think Trey cutting his braids represent his evolution into a man..

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@ Tricia...I just read with u said about llyod...i agree. When I saw that video I was like he's trying to do a Trey...but its not working..something is wrong with the shape of his head or something.

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When Trey had the braids...I was always like...he's cute..I loved his music..but he reminded me of one of the guys I went to hs with. was just like...he's a cute boy...and you know back then I was a young girl...but when he cut of them braids and transition into this man. oh heart just dropped. @ said it he grew maturity wise...and i think that is the SEXIEST THING ABOUT HIM. We do not have many brothers trying to grow up now a days...and he did.

Tricia AKA @GimmeUnusual's picture

@Shay_yuuup - I heard songs from Trey's 1st & 2nd album and I loved them, but I didn't go out & buy the CD immediately. It takes me time to warm up to new artists. There's no one that I jumped immediately on the bandwagon with. I heard stuff off the 3rd album and realized..."Okay, this guy has talent." Still wasn't sweating him yet though - even after I saw the appearance change. I downloaded LOL :-), but when "Neighbors Know My Name" hit the airway, I went & bought the CD. I still didn't become an Angel, still didn't watch "My Moment". It took for me to see a couple interviews and to see how HONEST he was & how much he loved his family...that was all she wrote. That is what got my attention...definitely not his look. How fine he was came later on, because honestly I didn't think anybody would ever be finer than Lorenz Tate in my eyes! Now, I've gone out & bought all 4 CD's. I Gotta Make It is in my CD player in the car right now & I listen to all 4 at work all day long. I actually like I Gotta Make It more than Trey Day even though that one had more releases. I may not have been a fan from day one, but he captured my heart & I'm here to stay. I've Googled the hell outta him & I probably know more about him than ppl that have been with him since day one. The love is still true & it all stemmed from his inner man.

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Yea he looks more mature. But its sad dat him changing his appearance and image had to catch people's attention! *smh* I've been listening to his music since day one. Da rest I feel are just bandwagon "fans".

Tricia AKA @GimmeUnusual's picture

Definitely looks better without the braids. Most of the artists that have cut their braids look better to me, other than Lloyd...I liked him better with his braids. Trey looks more sophisticated, polished, and old enough for me to moleste now. Now if he'll just pull up his pants I'd be all up on that...who am I kidding...I'd be all up on that even still.

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i liked him better WITH the braids.