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If you're a grown and sexy Angel and you love Trey say Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!


  • If you're a grown and sexy Angel and you love Trey say Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!
    September 15, 2010

    For the Diva Angels 25 and older....but still madly in love with this beautiful younger man!!!! We'll show him a thing or two....right ladies????

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on Sep 15, 2010 - 11:03PM

For the Diva Angels 25 and older....but still madly in love with this beautiful younger man!!!! We'll show him a thing or two....right ladies????

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@ Karen523 Yes girl everything just goes out the door with that vid!! But that brother/sister no no I have never and will NEVER see him in the light!lmao That man will make me loose self control.

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LOL :)

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@Kikamiko I feel you but I felt bad since I met & got close with a lot of his fans from different states. Then I found he had fans older than I so I stopped with the lies lol. But sometimes the brother/sister angle goes out the window. Like when I saw that video of him grinding while performing in Europe lol oh boy lmaoooo

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LMAO @ Karen523 lying about her age at first...Girl show NO SHAME when it comes to our boo Trey. Some of my friends get on me, they're like umm How old are you again (31)?? I'm like AAAAND your point is?? He is over the age of 18 and 21...I just tell them too hush all that

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I know all about those interviews lol

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I guess I have to look at him like a little brother too because I'm almost 10 years older than him too. I have read different interviews with him and the way he spoke made me think he liked older women. Sure enough I saw an interview he did on the Monique Show and he did say he liked older women. Also in an interview with Vibe he said he did have relationships with older women. One of them was 10 years older. :)

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I'm 36 and when I first became a fan of Trey and started getting online I was telling people I was 25 lol. I thought I was to old to be a fan of his but that all changed. I don't lust after him like I used to lol but I told him I had to look at him like a little brother since I was 10 years his jr.

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im 30 and have luv 4 trey. when i found out how old he was i cudnt believe that i wa going crazy 4 him but i am. i luv every moment of it. a man that fine w/ a voice like his OMG.

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yes im 26 and love trey damn he's so hot..when ever i hear his voice i have 2 stop watever i'm

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Hi, #1stClassAngel my tweeter name is @LeetheCougar43. U follow me and I'll follow u. See u on twitter.

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LOL! I love you ladies! I'm 28 and still a big fan of Mr. Neverson. Yes, sometimes I do feel like a teenager the way I swoon over him, but I can't help it. His music touches my heart, my mind and my soul. That is why I am such a big fan. He does something to me and I LIKE IT! :)

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And you know this.......

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Hey Grown and Sexy Angels...follow me on Twitter @TashNTrey

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Trey's voice is sooooo sexy!'s picture

Im not 25 yet lol but I am turly n luv with Trey owwwww yes he's so gorgeous I been with him since he had long braids

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I am all woman 25 yrs old and yes baby boy Tremaine will be 26 in November holla.....

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LOL ladies y'all crazy

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MAN! That man got me acting like a teenie bopper! WOW! I WANT ME SOME OF HIM!

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OMG, I am so happy you started this discussion too and since you have, I must admit I love me some Trey Songz. I am a 40yr old woman with 2 daugthers ages 22 and 7. My oldest daughter has a 1 yr old son and they all think I am crazy. My husband of 13 yrs just looks at me and shakes his head, they don't understand this thing I'm dealing with, it's like a needle in my vein call it Neverson Tremaine. I bought my PPP bundle, I wear all my Trey Songz tee's and sports my charm bracelet. So ain't no shame in mine, I am Trey's Angel and proud of it. I can definitely hang with the younger chicks I just have to kinda keep my on the DL. I don't want to be divorced unless Trey come holla at me, JK. Lord for give me. LOL :-)

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@ Essence 711 I love it lol and I have been called delusional to lol crazy obsessed I been called it all and dont care one bit It is what it is I love him

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I am 25 and I agree I love me some Trey so much people always telling me I'm to old to love him as much as I do like my age matters it doesn't it doesnt I will admit it I love me some Trey and yes I scream when I see him on tv or in person lol And yes I spend alot of money supporting him but thats my choice and my money I love him and age doesn't matter I'm grown and sexy and I love me some Trey damn it !!! lol

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I agree with Essence as well.....It's not a sexual thing it's a sensual thing.....Only a couple of people know my private thoughts of Trey. The more I learn about him the deeper I get....I feel this is crazy but for the last couple of months it's been the ride of my life.

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Thank you @TashNTrey for starting this discussion and bringing us all us Mature Angels together. Love all you Grown and Sexy Diva Angels. Trey is so AMAZING.

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I agree with everything @Essence711_TTU said, yes I am a older Angel and lovin it. Trey is humble, spiritual, gentle men, a lot of these men need to take note from him and also a lot of the artist. His smile just melts your heart, I am so glad to be a angel. My sons laugh at me all the time he will tell you mumma love yourself some Trey Songz., don't mess with Trey she get mad with you, but they understand. @TashNTrey he is definitely Superman!! Thank GOD he's not a minor because I will be locked up just saying LOL!

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I'm 30 years old and Trey got me like a teenager sometimes, lol, well i still don't feel my age and loving Trey like this surely keeps me young lol, but with the right mind.

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OMGGGGG! I love it! My new nickname for Trey is Clark Kent....he is definitely Superman!

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Owwwwwwwwww!!! I am a proud 36 yr old Angel and I love Trey with all my heart. I've been saying for years that Trey is my guilty pleasure. No one I know is a true Trey fan like me. All of my friends and family know about my feelings for him, but they think I'm crazy and delusional. My mother thinks he's still a minor. I told her if he was, then call me a perv because I'd touch him every chance I got. I know, I know that makes me sound a little strange, so thank GOD he's not a minor, and I don't even have to go there with those weird thoughts. I do love him though, in a mature way. If I ever got the chance, I'd show him just how much I appreciate the man he is. Real talk, he is the BEST LOOKING man I have ever seen. My Kids' father is fine as hell, don't get me wrong, but not like Trey. God was so kind to give us Trey to enjoy. Trey has everything a good man was intended to have. He's spiritual, intellectual, humble, hard working, generous, his personality is out of this world, and of course we know that he is extremely talented and good looking, and he loves his Mumma too! I know he's only human, but to me, he's like Clark Kent aka SuperMan. Trey is half man half amazing. I'll be his Angel for life. #RebelliousAngel. @Essence711_TTU.

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Yes ladies I agree with you all!!! I got him by a couple of months as I am 26 but he sure got me acting like a 16 y/o!! Glad to know I'm the only one being called a stalker LOL!! He is extremely talented, sexy, silly, and so much more!!!! Mmmm....

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@TashNTrey saw you in that so kodak video... do you girl you all over representing for trey:)

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Yaaayy, I'm not the only one in love with this sexy young man. @NeNe_28