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If Trey started dating a fellow Angel, how would you really feel?


  • If Trey started dating a fellow Angel, how would you really feel?
    October 16, 2010

    Just share your true feelings about the thought of Trey falling in love with one of his precious Angels. A girl can dream, right? :)

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on Oct 16, 2010 - 01:06PM

Just share your true feelings about the thought of Trey falling in love with one of his precious Angels. A girl can dream, right? :)

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Tricia AKA @GimmeUnusual's picture

LMAO...proofreading does a body good...I mean "arrow" pointing at it. LOL

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i wud b very happy 4 that angel. im not the type 2 hate on any1. as long as trey is happy thats fine w me. their r sum very great ladies on hear and i think he wud b happy 2 have any 1 of us.

Tricia AKA @GimmeUnusual's picture

@Essence711 - which one are you talking about? There was one with him completely nude - that one isn't real. He said so on a radio interview he did. He said no one has any nude pics of him...such a shame! LMAO Here is the link to what the picture really looks like:

Then there was one with boxer-briefs I believe & an errow pointing at it. Yep - I saw them both! LMAO

My dream date would be to jet off somewhere like Tahiti or some other sexy island and just have lots of fun. Ride waverunners, have a picnic, zipline, and of course have each other.

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@Tricia LMAO!
DId anyone see that pic of the beast on Media Takeout? All I could say was wow and what's wow spelled backwards lol.
What kind of date would you want Trey to take you out on if YOU were the Angel who was dating him?

Tricia AKA @GimmeUnusual's picture

It would be bitter sweet. I'd be glad that it was a fellow Angel because it's some incredible Angels on here, but sad that it wasn't me. No worries though - it'll be me & I'll be more than happy to share him with you ladies (minus the beast) LMAO

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All of your comments are great. I agree with @IamNishaJhene, I'd support Trey's relationship with a fellow Angel is she conducted herself with dignity. Not that my approval would mean much, because love is love, but the woman would definitely have to prove herself worthy of the title Trey'sAngel. There's a person on here who isn't even an Angel saying that she's married to Trey. Now my imagination tends to run wild when it comes to him, too, but she's taking it a little too far by actually hating on our Angels simply because they love Trey. LOL and SMH. The girl needs help not because she SAYS that she's married to Trey, but because she really BELIEVES that she is, and she's going after his fans simply for stating their feelings about him.
Enough of that. I'm not a hater and I won't shed anymore light on those who do hate. It's ok to feel mild jealousy and then get over it, but remember, we're all in this love for Trey together.

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i'd be jealous of course cz thts only human but happy for him b/c he deserves to have someone to love no matter who it is but if they mess up all bets r off lol :D

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I wouldn't be jealous if Trey fell in love with anyone...even an Angel...If anything I would be happy that he found some1 that makes him happy...besides, Yall know he is already in love with me lol!!!

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Regardless i'm gonna support Trey and my angel sisters though! #TeamTreysAngels Lol!

Shay - Epiphany Angel's picture

I'm not gonna be fake and say I would love it, because deep down inside I would be jealous. But all in all like I continue to say its Trey's life and I can't stop him from dating who he wants to date. He's human and deserves love too. But I would prefer it be an angel more den a celebrity. Idk why though. Lmao!

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LMAO @RavenTheAngel

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Ever since I first became a member of TTU, I've been so happy to meet so many outstanding women who share the same love I have for Trey. Now being an Angel, I've met even more incredible women, from all walks of life who love him too.
I've never felt jealous or angry towards another fan/Angel. When I see the pics of you guys with Trey, and the videos of you going HAM for him I really feel happy that Trey has so much love and support.
If he were ever to fall in love with one of US, honestly, the only sadness I'd feel is knowing there'd never be chance for me, because the Angel that catches his love will be a helluva woman to contend with. :)
On the other hand... I am the #RebelliousAngel and I do have stalker tendencies when it comes to Trey, so, if he ever had a contest to see which Angel could be his, I'm going all out to win. LOL.
Have fun with this topic ladies.

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Real Talk I Would Be Upset Cause It Could've Been Me... But I'm Not A Hater So I Would GET OVER IT!!! I Just Hope She Keeps Us Posted On Things About Him!! I Would show Love Cuz I Love Him!!!
I would think About Stealing Her j/k (MAYBE NOT)