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Better Me , Better You


  • Better Me , Better You
    September 14, 2010

    Have ideas and suggestions for the fan club? Let us know and discuss here.

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on Sep 14, 2010 - 11:39AM

Have ideas and suggestions for the fan club? Let us know and discuss here.

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There is this thing they use in my online course called eilluminate live, when he's doing USTREAM he says he wish he could see everyone well you could check this ellimunate live, you tell us when TREY will be on, all angels log in and we will be able to see, he'll see us and everyone will get a chance to talk once he gives them the mike signal. check it out at

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I like the idea of the Trey Angels concert and the picnic

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I like the picnic idea.

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@A_Perfect_Angel thnxx and iLove tht iDeaa . tht wudd be really nicee .

heres my twitter @BoTtOmsUp_Oct26
if yuu have aa blckberry heres my pin - 32492EC2

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I think since so many stories are being written they should get there own section..

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@AuthenticAngel @JesusIsMySavior I like the thought of #7 I've actually started to put something together to present to @TreysAngels A #Treys Angels 1st Annual Picnic or something along those lines I'll let you know what i've come up with

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ok ladies i came up with this the other day when i was in my Trey moment lol...


I pledge allegiance
to the talented and gifted Trey Songz

And to Trey'sAngels
for which we stand

One nation, one movement
with love and support for Trey!

x___ SweetPeaAngel =)

let me know what yall think lol.. i wanted to use some other adjectives but there are some Angels under the age of 18 lol =)

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Number 7 would be nice.

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Right he wouldn't be able to come if it was 30 and up. LOL I like the idea.

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I know this is far and in between but I have to put it out there... I would love for Trey to do something with his 25 and up Angels. I am always between or up front with teenagers. I mean I love children and all but being able to enjoy the concerts with other mature women has not been happening. No offense to anyone. Just stating my experiences. It would be even better if it was 30 and up but hey he isn't 30 soooooo *shrugs*



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Here is my suggestions [ most are repeated from other anqels )

1) Anqels Only Concert with ViP/backstage passes to get meet and greets
2) An Trey's Angel APP where all discussions and updates are found
3) Trey's Angels Only Shop [ all things listed from other angels )
4) An actual angel badge or membership card so that we can actually be identified instead of by T-Shirts because everyone has a T-Shirt [ even non-Anqel Members )
5) Meet and greets w| lunchons in the diff. cities
6) Trey's Anqels Theme Song or something
7) On the day Trey's Angel officially began, each year or something we should have a day w| Trey and Mama April and all the Trey family members

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i think an angel only meet and greet wud b great in all cities or close cities.

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I think an Angel chat is a great idea, to whoever said it! It doesn't even have to be a video chat, but the pretty smile would definitely be a bonus ;)

KA-LEE-YA...KALEYIA's picture

i agree wit @prettyelegant a Trey's Angels only concert wuld be amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!'s picture


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I am glad to know I will be able to buy an Angel shirt since my membership did not come with one. Angel Meet N greets are a good idea also. They Angels are on point in here!! Can't wait to see what happens. The Angels featured in a video would definately be hot. Did he have any idea the fan club would take off like this. This Angel proudly sports her wings.

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I think us Angels should vote on what Trey next single should be.

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@ksolovesTreysomuch I think thats a very COOL idea

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okie its not really about the fanclub but about the site .. in the discussions/comments theres no way to know if someone replied to you without actually clicking the discussion again and reading all the comments. i think there should be a notification or an email or something once it has the @ && your name like you know on twitter , that would be much easier !

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@ksoelovesTreysomuch SOOO LOVE this IDEA!!!

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I think that because there a great number of "Trey Tales" going on this site, that all the authors should be nominated and Trey's Angels Team should decide the best story of the week/month (depending on the amount of stories written) and the winner should get acknowledged some how some way.

I also think that these short stories, are good enough to be compiled into one book called "Trey Tales by Trey's Angels" (or something).

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@TLynLo....I like your idea about community service. Maybe we will get the angels together within their metro area and christmas time volunteer at a soup kitchen or something. Of course wearing our angel shirts and representing Trey very well.

mstopnotch328 TopNotchAngel's picture

i have a jacket out if uinterested hit me up on twitter @mstopnotch328

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@ksoelovesTreysomuch..... ME!!!!! lol j/k

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I think you should have an video idea contest. Trey's Angels can write up a video concept for eitther "The Usual" or "Love Faces" video and the most creative one wins (THE VIDEO CONCEPT DOESN'T EVEN HAVE TO END UP BEING THE ACTUAL VIDEO)...the angel can be an extra in the video, be the "main girl", or just get the opportunity to be on the set of the video. That would be mad cool!

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Cant Wait For the member Only Store!!!
@ TrudyYuuup?. (I May Be Wrong) Contest Are Mainly Wherever He Is!! & Whenever He can fit Us In!!

TrudyYuuup♥.'s picture

There should be more contests for the European angels!!

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@Trey's Angels Team - Cool! My girls and I will definitely be on the look out ;)