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Who Got an Angel Name?


  • Who Got an Angel Name?
    October 19, 2010

    Who has a Anqel identity? whats your angel name?

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on Oct 19, 2010 - 10:44PM

Who has a Anqel identity? whats your angel name?

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Just put in my request for an Angel nickname....can't wait to see what it is! :)

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@Oneshadowlove and @Chrissy_On_Ice, could you please follow me @thelsteve, so I can request an official Angel name. I'm following both of you. Thanks!

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Dependable Angel

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Hello I just sent a request for a nickname. It will come from manyblessings4u,

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@oneshadowlove - Hey #1stLadyAngel, I commented on your profile :)

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add me on twitter yall .


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Lmaoo ; yall are toooo muchh . @SlimJuicy_Diva yur name is too cleverr . its poppin

iLovee all yall Names its real unique, cute and poppinn lol

Minee is #AuthenticAngel - because iAm aa faithful fan. Been w| hym since thaa braids and ima alwys be w| hym. Faithful to both hym and his music. Wuddnt switch on him for thaa world !'s picture


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#SecureAngel!!! Love it!!

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@Essence711 lmaoooo ; iFeel yu qurl . buh yur name is cool . iLike it

@COOGIdown samee heree . #TeamTrey from day1 baybeee

@TLynLo nicee ! NYCCC in thaa houseee !! Lol

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Twitter: @Ms_ChinaDollLes

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#SaucyAngel ;)

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#MirageAngel :)

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@Oneshadowlove and @Chrissy_On_Ice - I sent you a request on Twitter for an Angel name. My Twitter handle is @GimmeUnusual. Thanks!

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#AlluringAngel :)

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mine is #SocialAngel

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Hahahahaaa You guys are hilarious.... This is #1stLadyAngel and Im the one along with #FantasyAngel who are nicknaming the Angels... In order for it to be official it has to come thru US our twitter handles are @Oneshadowlove and @Chrissy_On_Ice so hit us UP for a nickname if you don't have one!!!!! Love yall

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mines is #XtremeAngel. I love it!

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I see you @TreyDee and @JesusIsMySavior! THE ROC IS IN DA BUILDING SON! LOL

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Hell yeah BKKKKK lol @JesusIsMySavior and @TLynLo

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I don't have one :(.

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BONG! Mine is #AngelDarkPassion > because I am very passionate about trey, I mos def go HAM for him
And lls #AngelDarkPain > Because at the end of the day I wont have him...and it hurts for me to say that ;-(
Or #AngelDarkPleasure > Because he can Holla if he needs me (in my BEST trey voice) lol
sorry it depends on how I'm feeling lol

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BK all day everyday. LOL

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Mines Is #idonthaveanameyetangel

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My Angel name is #TenaciousAngel because I'm steadfast and NEVER give up!
Brooklyn NYC stand up!

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mine is #SignificantAngel cuz i've been down with Trey since the get go. :)

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ME!! Mine is #RebelliousAngel because I have serious stalker issues when it comes to Trey and I know that if I ever got to see him in person, I'd go home sore that night, cuz his bodyguard would definitely have to grab my ass up. I'd do something crazy like try and hide in his truck, or I'd try to steal something out of his pocket. He'd have to ban me from future meet and greets, but I'd go anyway, in a different disguise everytime. LOL.