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on Oct 20, 2010 - 06:00PM

Am it the only guy Trey Angel on here lol ? Yes... no ... maybe ?

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lolz no... im on here also.. dont even worry about it :-P.. #follow me @MrStealYoGirl__

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follow me @stunninangel's picture

I got to give you props for being a guy Treys angels.I feel that so many men hate on Trey.Some men feel that its corny to be into r&b music.You are about the second guy that i've seen on here. If you want you can follow me on

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Probably so...that's great though :)

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HI, Archangel follow me @RammeBaby

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thxx @celle-cell ! :)

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@mii_sunflower i was followin u but u unfollowed =/

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k im still followin yall bacc but i dont be seein sometimes unless u @ me on twitter ... @Jonotorious

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CTFU.. sorry to say but I believe you are but I can always be wrong but you can follow me also @ KylovesU

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Welcome @ArchAngel yeah!! so far I think your our only male angel we are family:)

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follow me @ratedgorgeous

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follow me bck

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Imma follow you =)

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follow me back :)

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I think

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I think you just might be but I think its real cool that your a Angel welcome to the family

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I'm about to follow you! Follow me @MissKehinde

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Ok Ok Ok ... we all can support Trey,,,@Fine_ModelChick is the name
and welcome aboard! I love ur persistance @ArchAngel

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hey love yes we have a guy angel follow me on twitter love mii_sunflower

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thanks 4 the love angels :) im still following

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Yay! We have a male Angel!


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@DSweetest_Taboo... follow me and welcome to the family

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Possibly but welcome to the family :)

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Maybe u are but that`s cool my twitter is @sexy_shani I will follow u.

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thanks 4 the love angels! make sure yall @ me on twitter, dont be a stranger

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You're the only one I've seen but WELCOME

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You may just be the only guy! It's ok...we got your back homie! @TashNTrey

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Hey Welcome...Its only you...but damn...NOW YOU GONNA GET MORE ATTENTION TO THE REST OF US. :-D.