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    October 04, 2010

    Let just say it's progressive...

    I give it a C+ and that's being generous  

    As he gets older, he will no doubt score higher

    When he hits his peak (in his 30's), I'll give him an "A"

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on Oct 4, 2010 - 01:57PM

Let just say it's progressive...

I give it a C+ and that's being generous  

As he gets older, he will no doubt score higher

When he hits his peak (in his 30's), I'll give him an "A"

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@nalston...NICE!!! Well said!

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SO HAS SShorty sleep with trey if not how do you know how is bedroom skills are's picture

Ladies, I am done with this topic. Let's talk about something else that is POSITIVE!
@S Shorty I'm glad I make you laugh or smile or whatever it is that you do. That's a good thing, and the fact that it took you a while to respond lets me know that what i said may have stayed in your brain for a second. Maybe you will grow from it, take it and apply it. The point that we are all trying to make here is that WE want to spread love, joy, and celebration of Tremaine's success. It is not fair to us who work hard to lift him up to have to come to these pages and see this type of discussion. It is damaging to say the least (you should at least understand that). We are confused because you go back and forth. Play on 1 side of the fence, don't straddle it! Everyone is entitled to their own opinion however state facts and don't spread your business (if there is any that you have with Tremaine) out to people whom you don't even know. It does not make you look like a self respecting young girl or woman whichever bracket you fall into. By the way I am not an Angel but I disagree with some of the things you said on the other sites. Believe it or not everything is not always exclusive to the Angels and they do respond to regular fans (they responded to me). They are right when they say that they pay for the privelage. The Angels team is a BUSINESS and if you have it to pay it, it becomes an investment. They are investing in themselves, this site, and in Tremaine so why should he NOT give them the props they deserve? Also by the way, he does frequent the site and so does his team (I though I saw that you had asked that or implied that they didn't on another page) All we are asking is to stay positive if you are a TRUE Trey Songz fan then don't bring the negativity OR even the thoughts that spark the negativity.

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LOL Yes you have to see the humor in things can't let things or people get to you.

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@JesusIsMySavior - I no longer have a problem w/ @Bipolar...she is pure comedy to me. Just like she's always laughing her ass off at me...I'm always laughing my ass off at her. At this point I just find it funny!

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I agree I don't think she is a hater. If I thought she was a hater I would ignore her post. I get a feeling Sshorty just doesn't like delusional behavior.

As for you I don't think you are a hater either I just think your comment came off the wrong way with some of the ladies. I don't think you would spend hard earned money on membership to spit hateful things. As far as the homosexual rumors I don't know anything about it. It seems like everyone has them surrounding them so I put very little value to it. The day I believe Trey is a homosexual/bisexual is when he is on the red carpet kissing another man in the mouth or says that is his lifestyle.

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Who are you talking about @lisaleigh30? I don't recall ever having a conversation w/ you & I don't recall calling anyone a hater on any discussion board. I'm just saying...use names so we know who & what you talking about. And it's may want to use the built-in spell check they got on here. I would like the name @Bipolar gave me (Fanatic) to be spelled correctly if you don't mind.

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I like your discussion topics, and whether these ladies like it or not, you get a discussion started.
I wrote a comment on "Who really knows Trey" window and only Jesus my Savior got the joke and didn't label me a hater.
I don't believe you're a hater, if anything you have to be a fan.
You seem to be very knowledgeable of Trey's comings and goings.
I make one comment that some of the angels below didn't like and I'm considered a hater.
Hell, I have to be falling for either Tremaine or Trey, because I bought two fan club memberships one $75 for me and a $55 one for a friend, t- shirts, an extra cd, follow trey on twitter, join him on facebook, myspace, and his personal e-mail, but I'm a hater.
I feel ya, continue to post and keep these Fanactic Angels on those toes.
I don''t recall spending that amount of money on a man I share a child with. But I did for a man I've never even met.
But when I considered that Trey may not be what he seems to be; I'm a hater. Well, I betta start being a lova to save some money LOL!!

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@ Fans and Angels

Ladies please hold on to your class, sophistication, and maturity. And for those who have, much love to ya. This child must seriously have nothing better to do in her life than down this truely amazing man. Success truely does attract the most ignorant and foolish of people and all she is trying to do is get attention.

@ SShorty

Why does it matter what YOU would rate Trey? We don't care if you slept with him or what. Is that going to stop his TRUE fans from loving him or his music? No. So what was your purpose for this? Are you bitter that he doesn't want you (if you really did sleep with him)? Are you jealous he's successful and you not so you spend your days trashing him? Are you mad he's not following you on twitter? Or do you just want some attention? Seriously what is it?

REAL LADIES don't act trashy, telling/implying their sexual experiences nor downing the person they had it with in public. Regain some class and maturity please.

And since you have Aaliyah's picture up and say she was truely an Angel please respect her and her legacy by not spitting blasphemy. Better yet, strive to be like her. Enough with the foolishness already.

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Lol @Nalston

your speeches do make me laugh out loud...

and yes I do rep a picture of AALIYAH because she was truly an "Angel"

further, don't worry about it if I wanna talk about Trey's skillz or Helen
trust me, Trey don't mind lol

Tricia said she was "confused" by me in one of my threads now you
Lmao @ the fact that you & Tricia are "confused"

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I understand totally.

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@JesusIsMySavior - yeah, many times she'll say something that will convince me of that. Like I believe she voted him for the AMA's & she says she votes on other things. I'm baffled, because at other times she tears him down. All I ask is for consistency. Love him or hate him (pick just one) so I can decide on how to truly feel about you.
@nalston - I LOVED THIS PRAYER! I claim it all in Jesus Name. Yes, I love Trey too...not as a "fanatic" as she puts it, but as a fan. I appreciate his music & looking at him makes the music just that much more enjoyable. LOL

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LOL I actually do believe SShorty does like Trey.'s picture

@Ros and @Tricia Just got in from class and I saw this. You two are hilarious! I don't know what the deal is with her either. I personally saw some nice things that she said about Tremaine but mostly bad things. I am confused too but I REALLY think she is confused as to how she feels about Tremaine. All I know is I love Tremaine (Trey Songz) whatever name she wants to refer to him as, and as lady like and professional as I am trying to keep it, I am seriously bothered by her threads. There is absolutely no positivity in them at all. Tremaine works too hard for people to continuously slander him. I am praying for her though that GOD softens her heart a little. I am praying for Tremaine as well through all of this. That GOD continues to bless him, his family, friends, Angels, fans, and everyone connected to him. I pray for his continuous growth and success and that GOD gives him the wisdom to make sound decisions and good choices in his life and his career. I am praying that GOD keeps him the humble man that we already know him to be and that no weapon formed against him (S Shorty) shall prosper. I am praying that our love, Tremaine finds rest in his mind, body, and soul and peace that surpasses all understanding. I pray that Tremaine's fellowship with us and the world does not become his biggest burden. I am praying for the Angels, the fans, his fam, and the label, that we find the strength to continue to lift him up as those trying times begin to flood in as he continues to grow in his success. He will get through it, he has us, and we will get through it because we have him and each other! That is HIS promise. No matter how hard they try NO ONE can stop what GOD has in store for Tremaine. No one. I am not an Angel YET but my love for Tremaine extends past my heart and beyond my soul, and I love u all because of your love and dedication to Tremaine. (even you S Shorty because you MUST love him cuz his name and doings can't seem to stay off your lips)

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@TRICIA......LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IKR

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@Nalston & @Ros - I am personally so confused by @SShorty. On most threads she's dissing Trey, but then every now & then she'll compliment him on one of his songs. I think she may be bipolar so I would just ignore her. Well said though & I agree 100%. I will refrain from allowing my claws to come out & removing my halo...not to mention acting immature...NO MATTER HOW BADLY I WANT TO...DAMMMNNNN being mature is hard sometimes. I will just keep my mouth shut, but I feel both of yall.

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Ugh this is Tragic and disgusting. Bringing Helen into it was trifling. How do you bring the breakup of Helen and Tremaine into this? That man LOVED that woman and vice versa. The loss of real love is a painful thing not something to joke about. It's no wonder why he hasn't been on twitter or this page lately. I wouldn't either if it meant that I had to read the garbage people were saying about me.'s picture

(S Shorty) You are a disappointment to how a real woman should act privately and publicly. Keep it classy at all times, well that is if you can. It's obvious that IF Tremaine ever had a thing with you, that it was exactly that a thing, and apparently he did HIS job well! You sound like you got sprung and he left you, and now you are bitter! On every discussion board that is not exclusive to the Angels you are slandering him! What is it? Did you try to holler and he didn't acknowledge you? I wouldn't either! Let me tell you something about Tremaine that if you don't know you can be schooled on how this game you're runnin works. DIRT CAN'T GET MAD AT DIRT! Tremaine is a business man and you are not hurting him honey. What you need to do is go on over to the Justin Beiber page with the rest of the little girls because this page is for grown and mature ladies and people who want to help build Tremaine up not tear him down. Do you like yourself when you look in the mirror because I thought insecure, miserable people did this kind of stuff. You rep a pic of Alliyah, you must like her but you dishonor her memory in your actions because she was a beautiful person who was there for allot of people and believed in the betterment of people. You do not reflect that at all. Like the person below said S Shorty your services have been cancelled, please EXIT STAGE LEFT!

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I agree with Mz.Songz2010

Im gonna give you an F because you straight up FOUL! :/

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how in tha hell u kno wat his bedroom skillz like u aint neva slept wit my hubby

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i give u a c on trying to bringing trey down matter fact a B for all the comments you got

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you obviously dont like trey so if thats the case why be on his web page and your opinion doesnt really even matter i mean hes still making money and getting girls soooooooo...

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I think you've got me confused with the Trey's

But I'll play along...

for the same reason why Trey Songz always singing about it

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@ s shorty why u alway talkin about sex and what not

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What was he lacking??

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That's da beauty of don't have to understand lol

And I wouldn't be on another website because a C+ isn't a bad grade
It's shows you can make more improvements and get better

perhaps I'm deflating your perception of Trey Songz...ahh
You don't like the "C+" you want me to give him an "A", don't cha? lol

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@Sshorty....are you a fan or you just want to spit facts? I mean I just dont understand.