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Who Got an Angel Name?


  • Who Got an Angel Name?
    October 19, 2010

    Who has a Anqel identity? whats your angel name?

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on Oct 19, 2010 - 10:44PM

Who has a Anqel identity? whats your angel name?

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i got one and i love it
my NN is #StunningAngel

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I received my Angel NN yesterday! :) #ImpressiveAngel Find me on twitter: @LovelyThang80

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oops sorry I am on here twice my bad I didnt know I responded already

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I created mine #HeavenSent Angel I feel I show up in peoples time of need if I know a person or not I love encouraging others so Im HeavenSent

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they named me #GlamourAngel

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#Spontaneous Angel

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#AmbitiousAngel =)

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Mines #SpiritualAngel

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i made my own #Benevolent Angel .......cuz i feel u cant tell who i am or whats in my heart by looking at my picture or reading some tweets i think i can best describe me :)

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mine is Angelic50

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My Angel Identity is #WhimsicalAngel

Angels please follow me on twitter @tiana_sade

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Fabulous Angel

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I made my own identity name its #HeavenSentAngel THAT fits me as the woman I am

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Mine is #calienteangel @tremanda3

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I'm following them.. I hope they follow back because I can't message them..

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how u get an angel name

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@Oneshadowlove and @Chrissy_On_Ice [ dnt tke nothin to it ) buh wy do we need to ask yuu quys for aa name?

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#BubblyAngel .... @KelsAngelnHeart

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@A_Perfect_Angel just posted how to get a nickname. Message the two ladies and ask for one, be sure to follow them though :)'s picture

How do you get the Angel nickname because i don't have one, who do i need to hit on twitter. My twitter is @bnsexe4u????

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#ArchAngel ... on twitter @Jonotorious

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@Treysbabe1 send your request 4 a name to @oneshadowlove or @Chrissy_On_Ice

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i have 1 twitter name @mii_sunflower
angel NN # statues que angel

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