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Trey and Drake's struggling years...


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Yeah he did have a cute look in that video.

You aren't the only one that heard it 3 years later. It's not my favorite song off Trey Day but it's not bad and it should have gotten more play.

He calls your name. LOL

Yes I'm sure he is glad he made the song so you can be a fan of his music. LOL

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"That same year, Drizzy made a brief cameo in Trey's "Wonder Woman" video. Blink and you may have missed him. The clip debuted with a strong buzz, but quickly fizzled out." -Musicnews

That's true I didn't even notice Drake in that video until somebody on youtube pointed
it out...and now I see it clearly, he was standing by Trey in the department store

but I don't know why the song "Wonder Woman" "fizzled" out. Trey's rap is hot, he looks
good in the video, the beat is hot, the girl in it is hot lol...

ya'know I only heard that song 3 years after Trey did it...I was shocked that the mass
slept on's a great song
that was the song that put me on and how about that?...he calls my name in it lol

so if Trey didn't make that song there would
be no SShorty on his website lol I bet he's glad he made it now