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"Step Up 3D" Soundtrack

  • "Step Up 3D" Soundtrack
    Released 2012

    New Music from Highly Anticipated "Step Up 3D" Soundtrack and Movie Soundtrack in Stores July 20th Movie in theaters August 6th

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August 1, 2012
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TR3YLOV3R's picture

i love thisz song.!!......well i love all your songs tremaine.!! love you...biggest fann right here...i love your songs and i love you....yur funny cute adorable sexy smart kind and etc....just hope one day i could actually meet yuh in person.!!.............................yurs truley liliana aka lily aka TR3YLOV3R.!!

Mrs.Right_2's picture

I love this song.I think u already taken it forreal xxxx

mizbos513's picture

i wouldnt care if you was already taken

Queen Mika's picture

Hey Trey Songz Fans I hope you've heard his song from the Step Up 3D soundtrack ''Already Taken'', yo that joint is off the chain real talk. And for tha ladies out there who has a man who thinks he's a player make sure you let him listen to this one right here, you feel me knocking?

TreyMadeMeYUUUP_2's picture


SEXY_POOHBEAR13's picture

already taken b trey

Beauty with the booty's picture

Loving this song Trey......Can't wait to get this album......Keep it up Trey

L'Jheeeez..Trey is da Wun's picture

Jheeeeeez,Dammmmmnnn,Raaaaaaaah this song is beauitful i wish that it was about me but oh well one day...hopefully LOL Treeeey u r doinn it nolie darlinn anyhuu
loads of love frm da UK xxx

Mrs._Trey-Songz_'s picture

When he sings, I get lost in his voice. Everytime I hear a conversation about him, I blush. My cheeks get really hard and it stays that way for about 30 minutes. NO LIE!!! He is like no other guy I have dated or talked to. He is so much more. This song is part of the reason I love him so much.
If only most songs could be this way, even though I like them dirty songs Trey sings. But hey, I'm a girl and all girls should like hearing things like that every now and then,

J-yupp's picture

I love this song!! You always come hard.



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