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If Trey started dating a fellow Angel, how would you really feel?


  • If Trey started dating a fellow Angel, how would you really feel?
    October 16, 2010

    Just share your true feelings about the thought of Trey falling in love with one of his precious Angels. A girl can dream, right? :)

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on Oct 16, 2010 - 01:06PM

Just share your true feelings about the thought of Trey falling in love with one of his precious Angels. A girl can dream, right? :)

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If Trey started dating a fellow Angel, not only would she be the luckiest woman in the world, but I think that it would give women all over a boost of confidence. There's nothing wrong with not being a celebrity. We're hard working, beautiful women and we deserve to have a man with the qualities that Trey possesses. An Angel would know how to appreciate him to the fullest because she would know how hard he works in his career. He's a family man who would appreciate a good woman who who's strong enough to bust out a 9-5 and stay home and raise their kids. He wouldn't have to worry about her cheating, because he's the guy she's crazy about.
Well, he might have to worry about leaving the house though...I mean he is Trey Songz...I mean I may not want to let him out of the house, where he's gonna be onstage grinding like that, and showing everybody MY stuff when he strips half naked...
What was I talking about again? Oh yeah, I can definitely see how he could benefit from loving an Angel. She would want to know the man, not the celebrity. She'd be concerned with his health and his well being. She could keep him grounded. Yeah, it would be fun to be with a celebrity, but at the end of the day, all we want is a good man who works, who's respectful, who's attentive, who's intelligent, who won't cheat on us, beat on us and who knows how to put it down in the bedroom. His looks and status would be bonuses.
Everyday, ordinary man, or hot, sexy celebrity, Trey has what a lot of woman want in a man. An Angel would love him either way. An Angel could be everything he wants in a woman, without all of the fuss of her own high powered celebrity career to take care of. He wouldn't have to worry about a million other men lusting after her.
We can look good, we can go to the gym, we can get our hair and nails done. We know how to put on make up and buy cute clothes. And let's face it, all of that is good, but a man just wants a loyal chick who won't give it up to his best friend. LOL

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if he wasnt famous just the average guy then i mite throw sum hints 2 let him no im interested but if he didnt approach me i wudnt say a thing until then. im very patient.

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OMG...LMAO are hilarious!!! I understand though...he is FINE enough to make you lose yo' mind. I say I wouldn't approach him but only the Good Lord knows what I REALLY would do if I had to suffer in his presence everyday. "Are those Firestone tires on your truck?"...oh noooo..."Trey, did someone REALLY slash your tires? I can take you home baby, or if you want I can take you to the tire shop, I'll wait with you while you fix your tires, and since it's 8 p.m. now, I think we should grab something to eat. Would you like dessert too?" - yeah, that would be stalker ME!!!

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Note to self: DO NOT type while eating.
I made a few typos in my comment below. Usually I'm more careful at editing my work, but I was literally holding a burger in one hand and typing with two fingers on my other hand. Please forgive my errors. Thanks.

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I like your responses. A lot of Angels say that if given a chance with "Trey Songz" the STAR they'd do this and that and whatever. Most of us have confessed that we would go over the top for him - whatver that means according to your own unique personality.
I've never apprroached a guy for a date either, but then agian, no other guy has ever caught my eye like Trey does. If he wasn't famous, but he still had his same good qualities, and we worked together, then I have to admit, he might have a stalker on his hands.
If we were leaving work and he looked at me with those eyes and then hit me with that killer smile and said, "You have a good night, baby." I'd probably follow him to his car, and if he noticed me following him, I'd probaly say something stupid like, "Are those Firestone tires on your truck? I heard they give good tread in the winter."
I could see me slipping anonymous love notes on his desk, staring at him while he's not looking, then averting my eyes when he looks my way. If he asked me out, I wouldn't waste time playing hard to get either, because the chick at the next desk would be waiting for her chance to swoop in and take him.
I am dead serious about my stalker tendencies when it comes to him, and it's not so much about what I say I'd do, it's about my feelings making me think that there's nothing wrong with me doing those things. I guess I really need help, huh?

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I agree with you totally.

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@Essence711 - I believe in allowing a man to come to me. The Bible says that a man that finds his wife finds a good thing. It's not the other way around, so I wouldn't approach Trey if he was my co-worker, but I would be hoping that he would approach me. Even now, I wouldn't approach Trey (not on some dating/sexing type stuff) - only as a fan of his music. To get further, he would have to make the first move. So basically I would date him rather he was famous or not...he's attractive and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE his personality. I've dated ugly men that had a great personality, so I would date him even if he wasn't attractive. I do want someone attractive (or average looking), but it takes a back seat for me to personality & intelligence.

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I AGREE , DREAM ON ANGEL.................

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awww i would be so happy for her but wishing it was me:)

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I Agree With @JesusIsMySavior!

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Well I don’t force myself on no man so I wouldn’t be trying to date him. Now if he was interested in me and was trying pursue me than perhaps yes:)

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Ok, now, I'm going to switch up the question a little bit...If Trey wasn't famous, and he was just that "fine ass co-worker" or "sexy guy next door" would you try to date him? Do you think you could make him yours?

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trey will always have my support no matter who he talk to or fall in love with i would be truly happy for them and i would still support trey

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Its just life, we dont expect him to stay single forever and even if he falls in love with anybody at all, we still are his fans and we just have to respect him....and u know no one reps for him like us....angels!!

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Honestly I think Trey is way too professional for that. I don't even think he would ever consider sleeping with one, but he also said he wouldn't go after industry chics. But he later wanted Ciara and now wants Laura London so shit happens.

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@JesusIsMySavior - YESSSS!!!! Speak that into existence! LOL

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lmao @ the pics being posted... but that just means Trey is paying attention to us. :)

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I would be very happy for that angel(me). LOL. I'm not the type to hate on anyone but of course I will be kind of jealous. As long as Trey is happy that's fine with me because he needs love too. Their are some very great ladies on here and I think he would be happy to have anyone of us.

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It just maybe you. :)

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Lmao! DEAD at these comments! The man is surely blessed! If he really reads all our stories and da things we talk about I bet he thinks "Damn my angels are some freaks" Lol!

Thanks for posting da pics girls! When I saw da beast I kept goin back to look... Lol!

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@Essence711 - yes I agree with you. I think it's a lot of wonderful ladies that are Trey's Angels - the kind that has his back no matter what & would be that balance he so desperately needs. I would be very supportive of that relationship. I've never met a group of women that genuinely loved an artist for who he is - we take the good and the bad of him. Love you Angels!!! XOXO

"God - let it be me!" LOL

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I'm happy to see that a lot of us feel the same way - if Trey began dating one of US we wouldn't let our jealousy get in the way of our love and support for Trey. I'm in good company being one of Trey'sAngels.

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Ima 4show keep it real if he dated 1 of the angel i wouldnt b mad or nuthin i'd b secure w/ that cause i no he wit a classy woman that wont bring him down n will keep him goin

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HOLY SHIT!! i cant stop looking at that pic u posted @COOGidown thats a really good picture!!

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heres another dick pic.....

there are also a couple videos i've seen on youtube of chicks pullin his draws down at concerts.... :D

SN: aww, when i went to my photobucket to get a link to the picture... one of Trey's So Kodak ads popped up. :)

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@TashNTrey You know what? When I first saw the topic about Trey and Lauren, I have to admit that I really got depressed. I feel the same way you do. I still shudder when I think about the Already Taken video, so I don't even watch it anymore. I swear, I've never felt anything towards the women in his other videos, but that one? I actually cried. Oh and I don't like the chick in his can't be friends video. Something about her doesn't sit right with me. I don't think she captured the true essence of the song.
If Trey announced that he had a girlfriend, I'd be really upset and hurt. I don't know how I'd get over it.

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Yep @TashNTrey & @madhottmami69 - I don't know what Trey is going to do with our psycho, stalking, obsessive behinds. I got a plan though - I'll take him on Friday, Saturday & Sunday and yall can share him the rest of the week. LMAO...I know...I'm so selfish, but I figured since I claimed him 1st that I'll get the extra day! We are really cutting up!

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I swear when I first saw that pic of the beast my heart started palpitating!

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Well, being that I can't even watch the Already Taken video since I found out Helen was in it, and learning from my reaction to this Lauren London rumor, it's apparent that I don't want Trey with NOBODY! As long as I don't see or hear about it...I'm good! Y'all betta be freakin on the low low cause if it get out...I'ma be mad as hell!!! LMAO! #imjustsayin!!!