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Passion,Pain, and Pleasure Tour


  • Passion,Pain, and Pleasure Tour
    October 13, 2010

    who went to it?? I did.. I feel like posting my pictures of

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on Oct 13, 2010 - 12:44AM

who went to it?? I did.. I feel like posting my pictures of

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I went to the show in Portsmouth,VA on 8/28... I loved it!!!

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I went to the bmore show 8/27...I loved it!

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Me either.. Lol. My birthday is coming up and I brought myself tickets to the OMG concert too.. My second time seeing him in concert this year!!!!!

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I went and I loved it the 8/25 show in Philly it was my birthday gift to myself and I cant wait to see him again It will be my christmas gift to myself I can't get enough of Trey

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went 2 the atl show 08/13 got his black tshirt he was wearing. threw it rite 2 me and my neice. i also have the pics still.

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I seen him at the fox theater in St. louis it was a good show wish i had pics

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I went to the one in Savannah and me and my friends had so much fun

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I know what you mean.. Lol. Words can't explain the concert and feeling you had when you seen

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I wish he would do another one too. I missed it because I only followed him on Facebook - but I'm not on FB all the time. If he announced the tour on FB I missed it. As a result - I'm now on, Twitter, MySpace, You Tube, & UStream. I ain't missing shit else!!!

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its needs to be a passion and pleasure tour 2.It didn't come to my hometown. he should do a second tour for passion pain and pleasure because some cities it didnt come to.

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Mee too.. I love me some's picture

I went to the show in Memphis TN. I enjoyed it. I love Trey's music but I really enjoyed seeing him perform. I don't know how to put it into words. He is to amazing!

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my neice and i went and now my neice is a fan. that show was amazin. @fter that show i started going hard. my neice caught his shirt and gave it 2 me.