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Shay - Epiphany Angel's picture
on Oct 27, 2010 - 09:23PM
Shay - Epiphany Angel's picture

Lmao! Dead @ Tricia!

Tricia AKA @GimmeUnusual's picture

That is what I'm saying - he got too many Angels for his shit to be this low! Especially considering just this morning when I was voting it was 80+% to her less than 20%. What the hell happened? Then when I went on lunch, he was at like 54% & she at 46%. I was once again I got back to voting & had my co-workers voting too. I don't understand this! The person tallying this up is Rihanna's 1st cousin - that's all I'm gonna say.

Shay - Epiphany Angel's picture

Exactly I dont know who else got fans like Trey right about now! And Rihanna defintely aint one of em!

Raven RambunctiousAngel's picture

I Voted so many times My fingers Hurt!! But Her Ish Keeps going Up!! Something Is def Wrong

Shay - Epiphany Angel's picture

Yea I've been voting too! They better fix it!

Tricia AKA @GimmeUnusual's picture

I think it's broken. I've been voting all day too & I swear it seems like every time I vote HER percentage goes up instead of his. They fucked up somewhere - she got Trey's percentage!!!

Shay - Epiphany Angel's picture

Idk! But dat has to be bullshit! *smh*

trinaa33 WiseAngel's picture

I have been voting all day so something is wrong with that damn thing, earlier today Trey had 83% and Rihanna had 20% so whats wrong with it?

Shay - Epiphany Angel's picture

Lmao! #Dead @CutTGurl609

Shay - Epiphany Angel's picture

Yessss it is grind time! @AngelBrie
And yea the song was good but I love Trey. @JesusIsMySavior Lol!

JesusIsMySavior's picture

I do like that Rude Boy song but I love Trey so I'm voting for his song.

Shay - Epiphany Angel's picture

Lmao my thoughts exactly! *smh*

Shay - Epiphany Angel's picture

Lmao! Dis is damn right ri-damn-diculous!
Rihanna is so old news in my book right about now and she's winning?

Tricia AKA @GimmeUnusual's picture

@Shay - I see great minds think alike. I started this same thread. Of course I've been commenting on my OWN thread though! LMAO

Shay - Epiphany Angel's picture

Yes girl! *smh* I didn't even know people still liked Rihanna like dat.

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