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The Stalker Diaries Confessions of a Trey Songz fan


  • The Stalker Diaries Confessions of a Trey Songz fan
    October 28, 2010

    This is a work of fiction. I just wanted to see what you all think about my fantasies about being a Trey Songz stalker. Enjoy!

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on Oct 28, 2010 - 03:24AM

This is a work of fiction. I just wanted to see what you all think about my fantasies about being a Trey Songz stalker. Enjoy!

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yo this is banging... i loving it... continue

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girl this is good,i'm really enjoying it..

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This Is Dope!!! lOl

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Girl this is good!!! I'm really enjoying your confessions!

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Entry 5 cont'd
Water wasn't enough. I almost drank a gallon of iced tea just now. If he could do this to me and I'm only thinking about him, I can't wait to see how I'll be when we - let me finish writing about the date before I let my imagination run wild.
Before we left, he had to wash his face and I had to refresh my lipstick twice more. He told me that my lipstick turned him on, and that he was going to continue to kiss it off, If I continued to put it on.
I told him he could kiss it off all night, but, we had to go out first.
He said that I was a tease. I didn't mind, though. I wanted to give him something to look forward to.
Our date was really cool. First we went bowling. He was a great player, I was not so great, but I wasn't so bad either. He let me win - once! After that I was on my own. I didn't mind because I'm not a sore loser. He even made it fun by cracking jokes.
Next we got something to eat. I don't like seafood, so I ordered the barbeque ribs. He ordered the strip steak. We drank a whole bottle of Moscato while we waited for dessert. We talked, laughed and kissed. By the time our dessert came we had them wrap it to go, trust me, we needed to go home ASAP.
I have never had first date sex. Tonight would've been my first time, except when we got back home, we were greeted by the couple who lived next door to Trey. They're always fighting. He smacks her around, she apologizes, the next day, they're back together. Tonight was no exception.
As we walked by, they tried to look nomal. She smiled and nodded to us. He had a tight grip around the back of her neck, but he spoke.
"How y'all doing tonight?"
"Fine." I answered. Trey said nothing but he and the other guy glared pretty hard at each other.
As soon as we entered the lobby, we heard a loud smacking sound. The girl screamed, and Trey took off. He ran back outside and began punching the hell out of that guy. It took two guards to break them up. The girl screamed for them to leave her man alone. WTF?!!

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Entry 5
OMG OMG OMG, my date with Trey was PERFECT.
He picked me up at my door, and he had this big bouquet of roses. I was impressed by the flowers, but Trey was even more beautiful. He was dressed casually, which is how we agreed to dress.
I invited him in so that I could find a place to put the roses. As I walked to my kitchen, he told me he liked my jeans. I know I blushed the rainbow when he said that. I offered him something to drink, and he said yes, and he followed me into the kitchen. My kitchen is kind of small so when I turned around and he was right behind me, I couldn't help myself. I had to pass by him to get a glass for him, so I purposely let my hand run along his waist. He caught my hand and pulled me close to him.
"Let's just get this out of the way." He said and he kissed me. His lips were so smooth.
At first, I thought he just wanted a peck kiss, but when I tried to pull away, he put his hands on my hips and held me there. No more resistance on my part! I put my arms around his neck and kissed the heck out of him. When we finally came up for air, I noticed my red lipstick on his lips.
"I don't like you in drag." I said as I wiped his mouth with a paper towel.
"What?" He said with a little chuckle. I repeated what I said and he assured me that I would never catch him in drag. Then he told me he wanted to see me in semi-drag.
"What's semi-drag?" I asked as I refreshed my lipstick.
He told me that semi-drag would be me, in his wifebeater tee, heels and my red lipstick.
I said, "Give me your teeshirt!"
He laughed and told me we had to go out first. He kissed my neck and sent shivers all through me. Little did he know, that it was at that very moment, that he officially became my man.
"You better stop before I rip your shirt off." I told him as I kissed his chin, his neck and his lips.
"If you rip mine off, I'ma rip yours off." He whispered then he gave me that stare again.
Whew! I'm getting hot just writing about it. I need some water pronto!

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@Essence711 - OMG...I'm writing something similar to this right now. It's called "Diary of How I Met My Husband." I stole the 1st person idea from @Mrs.Neverson2011. I won't post anymore stories because I'm trying to save them for either the forum that @LadyAJ03 & I are working on or the book we're working on. I don't know how I'm managing to do this, but I am actually working on three stories all at once. I'm like on page 10 w/ one, 7 w/ another one & 6 w/ another one. CRAZY of me...but when I get ideas I have to jot them down. I absolutely love this though - great job & it had me cracking up! Can't wait to read the rest of it!

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I like it I can imagine every scene in my head

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Thank you for your comments. I wrote this story in this format because it's easier for me to go back and read what I wrote previously so that I can tell the story more fluidly.
@Shannon, thanks for the offer, but I already have it written in my head.
I hope you all like it.

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Entry 4 cont'd
He was standing right in front of me. I was startled so I kind of yelped and fell back into the freezer.
Trey laughed at me, but he was a gentleman and he helped me out of the freezer. Of course I would've died from embarrassment, but Trey was holding me in his arms and it felt so good.
"You alright, lil mumma?" He asked.
I had to think fast so I told him that I felt my blood sugar getting low and I needed some organic whole grain pasta immediately. He didn't think my explanation sounded too weird, so he just took my frozen pasta from me and added it to his cart. The next thing I knew, we were strolling throughout the store, shopping for groceries together.
Trey is really easy to talk to, so we had THE BEST conversation. At the check out counter, Trey told me that he'd pay for my groceries. I thought that it was the nicest gesture, and the cashier must have thought the same, because she was just ogling Trey like she wanted to suck his face off. I rolled my eyes at her as we left the store.
We only lived a few blocks away from the supermarket, so we walked. Trey insisted on holding the bags, and he made sure that I walked on the inside of the curb.
When we got back to our building, Trey made a joke about walking me to my door, since we'd just had our first date. I laughed, but on a more serious, note I told him he could even come in for a night cap. The look he gave me made me a little nervous because I couldn't read it. He just sort of stared at me with his dark piercing eyes. I hoped he wasn't reading my thoughts because he wasn't going to like what he saw me doing to him. Then again, he probably would.
As we rode up in the elevator he told me we should wait until Friday for that night cap. He had a surprise for me.

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LOL cuute! :)

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Entry 4
Trey asked me out today!! WTF!!! I mean I can't believe it! We were right there in the frozen food section at Whole Foods and he - wait, I have to start at the beginning.
I was on the crosstown bus coming from second avenue, I had just had a mani/pedi at my favorite nail salon, and of course I was thinking of reasons to knock on Trey's door tonight. I really want him to see my toes and the sexy color I chose with him in mind. I thought about making something for him to eat, then I'd bring it downstairs, and I'd just happen to be wearing these really cute sandals I bought a few weeks ago, and he'd notice my feet and -
It was at that moment that this really OLD woman gets on the bus and she stands right in front of me. So now what? I had to give up MY seat - I'll rant about how much I hate that later...
I was holding onto the pole and I was hella mad, when I just happened to see Trey walk right by the bus. I ran to the front of the bus just as the driver closed the door.
I told him I needed to get off right now. He gave me this look and pulled off any way. i cursed him out all the way to the next stop. I made sure to tell him that I needed to catch up to my HUSBAND and what JERK he was being. The bus stopped and I jumped over the three steps onto the side walk. Now I was a block away, and no Trey in sight. I ran all the way back in the opposite direction like a track star from Kenya. I was out of breath by the time I got back to the
spot where I saw him, but God was on my side, because up ahead, I saw him entering the Supermarket. I wasted no time going in. I was all set to walk right up to him, when it occurred to me that I didn't know what I would say to him so I just discreetly followed him around the store. After five minutes I felt stupid, and I was about to leave, when he turned around and saw me. We were in frozen foods so quickly, I pulled opened a door and ducked my head in. I came out with frozen raviolli.

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need a partner

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Lol! This is cute. Love da way u wrote it.

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Entry 3
I knew it would'nt take me long to find out what apartment he lived in. Our building is manned with twenty-four hour security, and Stacy, one of the daytime security guards is mad cool. All I had to do was mention our newest tenant to her and she let me in on all the info she had on Trey.
I know, spying on him won't be something I'll proudly admit to our grandchildren one day, but how else was I going to know that he's a single tenant occupant, which means he moved into his apartment alone. He needed to know the policy on noise control after certain hours because he was planning on throwing a party in two weeks. He wanted to know which chinese food restaurant had the best take out, and if the building had concierge sevice for things like dry cleaning, and car service. Luckily our building has that, plus a private gym, a sun terrace where we're allowed to picnic, and an indoor pool.
Stacy also told me that he asked about the closest dog park since he was planning on bringing his dog up here from Virginia.
LOL, so that's where he gets that adorable southern drawl from. I wanted to catch him in the lobby rather than knock on his door. I didn't want him to know that I had spied on him.
When he saw me sitting on one of the sofas in the waiting area of the lobby he walked right over to me. My heart thumped with every step he took. He sat down next to me and asked if I was waiting for him.
He looked a little surprised when I nodded and handed him the care package which I'd boxed and gift wrapped for him. Yeah, the wrapping paper had pictures of cakes and presents all over it, but it was all I had. It was leftover from my nephew's recent birthday.
"This for me, baby?" He said. I almost melted. I managed to tell him it was a care package.
He smiled and told me that he appreciated me spending my hard earned money on him and he even gave me a hug.
I'm never washing this blouse again, it still smells like his cologne. So now I'm about to lay down and dream about him.

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Entry 1
Damn, I just met the finest man on the planet! He's moving in on the third floor, and he said his name was Trey. I don't know what name I gave him because honestly, I was in so much awe when he came up to me, I couldn't even remember it. All I do remember is standing outside my building and being treated to the sweetest sight my eyes have ever seen. There was this guy unloading a moving truck. He put down the box he was holding and he wiped the sweat from his gorgeous face with his wifebeater tee.
He was tall, light brown, muscled to perfection and he had the most perfect smile. It was like the sun shining down specifically for me during the winter of my discontent. When he spoke, I know I heard Angels speaking.
He asked me if I had the key to the front entrance. Apparently, I had accidently closed the door behind me on the way out. I was supposed to be going to the store.
I must've mumbled something about helping him if he needed supplies from the store, but he said he just needed to get back into the building. I remember fumbling with my keys, dropping them, and finally finding the right one. That's when he smiled, and suddenly, I was back here in the apartment.
I just had to jot down my meeting with my future husband before I ran out to the store. I have to remember the exact time and date my life changed forever : 9/14/10 - 6:23 pm
Entry 2
I'm back from the store, and I was happy to see Trey again when I was leaving. He smiled at me again. I remained cool, but I'm telling you, it wasn't easy.
I went to the store, and along with the mundane things I had to get for myself, I also decided to pick up a few things for him, you know, for a care package. What kind of neighbor would I be if I didn't properly welcome him to the building? The only problem is that I don't know his apartment number yet. I'm not worried about that though. It'll take me less than a day to find out. ;)