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Look where Trey was last night....ENJOY!


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on Oct 22, 2010 - 02:27PM


He was at a preseason basketball game...Just thought yall would like to see some Trey since we haven't really had updates in forever

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Yea I peep that too..and look (this was last night too)

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@madhottmami69 i couldn't have said it better myself...

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I know! That girl must have thought they wanted a picture of her lol

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I'm glad he is enjoying himself. That girl is funny.

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awwwww this is great glad hes taking time 2 enjoy hisself in the ATL ..the pics are great

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Uhhh yeah @madhottmami69 & why she all posing for the picture? Glad to see my baby!

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lol I was definitely wondering the same exact thing

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ugh this made me feel soo much better!!! and who is that chick sitting next to him in the first pic?!?!?! lol