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I think its pretty Funny


  • I think its pretty Funny
    July 24, 2009

    Ok Really, with no offense to anyone at all, Don't you think its pretty funny when ppl have screen names like mrs.treysongz and stuff? Like do you have no identity? Is that your screenname on every website? Your twitter? I wonder if Trey see all these females and gets them all confused or gets totally freaked out. Lol. What do you guys think?

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on Jul 24, 2009 - 07:20PM

Ok Really, with no offense to anyone at all, Don't you think its pretty funny when ppl have screen names like mrs.treysongz and stuff? Like do you have no identity? Is that your screenname on every website? Your twitter? I wonder if Trey see all these females and gets them all confused or gets totally freaked out. Lol. What do you guys think?

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i think he sees it so much that he dose not notice any more! I am just saying use a name that is unique to you. trey will b more likely to remember it and u if he ever meets u.

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Oh that's cool you got to meet him. I saw him years ago at a film festival. He seemed nice I was too scared to say anything to him. Yes love me some Tremaine too.'s picture

@forevasongz - baby girl rep him how you feel hun! @JesusIsMySavior - GIRL!!!!!! Lorenz Tate! WOW takin me back. I met him a few years ago in Atlanta. I was driving and stopped at a gas station, yes a gas station and he was there. I talked to him AND took a pic with him. I wasn't on no groupie stuff but I loved him from Love Jones. He is really nice too and very down to earth! Good choice but I'll stick with Tremaine any day! :O) @KiNiTy - RIGHT! LOL because my baby got himself a harem!

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i think its funny because its 1 in a million chance youll meet him my names forevasongs because i will foreva be a trey songs friend im only 13 i couldnt marry him if i wanted to anyway.

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I love me some Larenz Tate. I've said this before I have no problem when people call themselves Mrs. Neverson, etc.

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Well my name on Twitter is J'adore_Songz & that's simply because "I adore" the hell outta that man. I made that Twitter page just to follow him & my fellow Angels & Trey Fam. My other Twitter has my real name & is for my CLOSE friends & fam, etc. I still show love for Trey on there as well though. :-) So no, I don't think one is a stalker or crazy because they want to have his last name. We all can dream can't we?? lol Besides, as silly as he seems to be, he probably laughs at it.... wondering how he's still single but has so many wives. :-)

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Trey is likely flattered by it. I don't see the big deal about it. I refer to Trey as my husband all the time...and I'm WELL aware that that will never happen. For some people on here this is just about music. For others it's music & fantasy. As a writer, I'm very creative & my creativity stems from my fantasy world. I fantasize a lot...about Trey, about Lorenz Tate, - I used to fantasize about Ginuwine, and many others that I find attractive. I fantasize about my ideal husband (who is not a celebrity) & from that I write. It's nothing crazy or "stalkish" about that. Everyone has different levels of creativity. @COOGIdown - I guess that makes me a bitch huh?

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my opinion on this is that they try to get attention of him but sometimes it just doesnt work lol!

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im am one of those female who has a name like that...@MrsSongz is my twitter name....i really love Trey and everybody in school calls me something that has to do wit him...the good thing about it im young so its a teenage crush thing...its all in fun...

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Ohh lmao...this thread is a riot

I love it! Where are these people? lol

and I co/sign with LaLalzSoRandom, that "Signs N Songz" name can be "interpreted
as more than just Trey"

but on da real, you BOTH have great user-names

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Can you say "potential stalkers"!!!???.....Obsession? You saw the "Selena" story.... :|

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well as a mrs.trigga myself i feel that its just good ole fashion FUN ya know like when u dance in front of the mirror to music u like FUN or when u eat ice cream FUN. but yea thats why we have Facebook or twitter or myspace to express our own identities and if u got the HOTs for Trey which most gals do its fun to claim the title esp if u r buying his stuff. as long as u r not on the news saying that u r his estranged girlfriend/future wife who lost her memory and is slowly getting it back...then u r fine.

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LOL, feel the same way

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i think it cute if it's just one a website or 2 but not every website it shows support and that you a fan but any mo than that and it's jus crazy

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I think it's part of being a fan, I'm not sure about using it on every social networking site, that's a little weird but on his website it seems okay to me!

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I agree. Where's the individuality. One day there will only be one Mrs. Neverson. When he does marry her she will be the only one and you still have that screen name.

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I think he should forget about them(except me I'm a huuuuge fan =]) I doubt he should get freaked out it's fame.

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i think he do get freaked out cuz i would if i were him

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it's cute

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i totally agree that shit is freaky if i was trey i would stop wid syts like that with them female phscos

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Nope my screen name works on everything I'm the only one who has it!! Well everything I'm on so far

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the only one that i know to find is Kara, from TSMB.
she qot tha tat out of Trey's sketch book that came with the pre-order of TREY DAY.
copy n paste tha links into your browser.

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WTF?? O hell naw!!! Lol, well hey @COOGIdown dats true I feel da same way, if dey wanna do dat, then dats on dem...wuteva floats ya boat. But I do wanna c em tho lol, so I can get a good laugh

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i've seen about 3 or 4 Trey-related tats that his fans have qotten.
its their choice; so if they wanna qet it; qo for it.

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NOOOOO!!! Omg who did dat!!! I need 2 c dat shit...

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I feel u @ NYHUNNY4L and alot of ya'll hit good points lol but COOGIdown lol you too crazy thatz just too much riiiite.... and did ya'll see that girl on twitter who got his autograph tatted on her? it was cute but at the same time scary...

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OMG I was thinkin that same thing. Like why would you declare someone your "husband" you dont even know this man. Im sure he finds it flattering to an extent but Im sure there's apart of him thats like damn anotha groupie. To me Trey is just another man it just so happens that his job makes him a little bit more well known. I love Treys music. I dont love Trey bc I dont know Trey. Ya feel me?

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"i kinda understand what u're sayin, but on the other side i can feel those ppl too.. who wouldnt dream of being mrs trey songz ?!!"