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Trey Songz Announced as the Muve Headliner "Artist of the Month" for December!

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on December 9, 2011 - 11:04am

Trey Songz has been announced as this month's Muve Headliner artist and has partnered with Muve Music on a special "Muve Sessions" interview/storytelling album version of his newest release, titled "Inevitable". This exclusive commentary takes Muve listeners through every song and shows why he is among the most promising R&B artists of all time! For more info on the Muve Headliner program, visit

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sharon_17's picture

congrats trey!keep it up
sharon_17's picture

congrats trey!keep it up
Rolanda4's picture

Congrats Trey!!
Emilly R. @emillyYuuuP's picture

Congrats babyyyyy's picture

Congrats Trey!!! Many blessings have come your way :)
MS_NIKKIBABY's picture

Congrats Trey!!!! Cream always will always rise to the top 4sho!!
Tacie Gordon_2's picture

congrats dear... All the best...
CELLE-CELL's picture

Congrats baby wishing you continued success!!
treyhoney_2's picture

Congrats Tremaine! Keep it going for yourself and all the people who love and support you, and let them haters talk!! We"re waiting for more "music surprise"! Love you
Butoto Linda's picture

congrats trey and keep up all the guud effort you are putting in your work
CFlame's picture

That's whas up!! Know you will, but keep up all the hard work!
Shimmer_Lis's picture

CONGRATS Boo!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
TreyDee's picture

Congrats Trey!
SexySagLuvSongz's picture

Congrats Trey!!!!
Sharan's picture

Good job friend do u..............
JesusIsMySavior's picture

Treys_Angel222's picture

Congrats Trey
mekaloves86's picture

Congrats Trey its truly well deserved :)
Trey's P.Y.T.'s picture

niiiiiice! my fave slayyyys ALWAYS!


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