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if you was still a virgin and trey songz asked you to loose your viginity with him would you or not?


  • if you was still a virgin and trey songz asked you to loose your viginity with him would you or not?
    June 13, 2010

    i would but only if i was in a realtionship with him let me know what you'll think????:D

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on Jun 13, 2010 - 02:07PM
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That would proly be a once in a lifetime but to be honest, I would prefer to be in a relationship with him rather than open ma legs just for me to get the chance to say "My 1st time was with Trey"...

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Trey looks good no doubt and I just love his smile but we would have to been dating at least for me to just jump on it like that. Lawd knows I want to but I just couldn't do something like that spontainsly with any guy.

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Trey is a regular guy, so whatever yooh would I guess expect of others expect of him! don't just say yes yoohll lose it to him just to say yay he took my virginity lol thts ridiculous! there has to be meaning behind it..thts a special moment..he has to earn as well as any other man!ladies cmin from experience, make it worth it when yooh do give it cuz it can't be redone! ")

also imma late angel haha so follow meeh @iluvmesmeSongz n I'll follow y'all back! it used to bother meeh (id get possesive, treys mine! lol) when people said they love Trey n didn't kno anything tht a true fan should kno! But with the angels, Its different cuz we all kno and love Trey(as much as he portrays)! I love my fellow angles! Sorry for this long ass story lol

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im 21 and im still a virgin n to b honest it feels kind of good to have it cuz alot of my friends said they regreted their first. i would have to feel that i wanted to give it to trey and that i dont wana seem easy. as tempting as it would b lookin at his cute dimples when he smiles and those gazing eyes i would have to tell him id give it to him wen i felt the time was right.

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I still am and i most definitely would give it up to him. . .

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i am still a virgin and i would have 2 knw him for him for long time thats precious u cant give it to anyone i dont care if its trey or not thats precious u cant get that back

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i still am a virgin and yes i would definitely loose it to him, one catch tho we would be in love. there is a reason i'm still a virgin it might sound old fashion but i want it to be special and even tho anything would be special with this man i would want more that a one night stand now matter how special it would be...this was a gift that god gave me to give someone special and which man wouldn't like to be a woman first. trust me angels its hard being a virgin when there is sooo much temptation but to all that is congrats:}. and to all the angels that not i hope it was special for u.

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I would definitely giive my virginity to Tremaine, he seems like he would be the type to be aware of being pleasing not be selfish and take it.

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i sholl would if we were going out but n another situ ation no

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idk I Dont Know

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WOW...yall must be teenagers.

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only if i was ready to b/c i want it to be special :-)

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Hmm..i dont know. Yes and No. I wouldnt want rumors going around and every female threating my life and stuff. If we were together ya (like that will ever have to be a celebrity) but with all these girls that probably do be throwin their selves at him Id be heart broken nd a lil jealous. But the thought of him being as good as he claims he is makes me curious = P But i wouldnt want to seem like a hoe or nothin.

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I would pass because I wouldn't want my first time to be a One Night Stand.

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only if we were for real not just for one night no i'd be depressed after he left.

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loool i hope that trey can see these comments one day cuz they are very amuzing loool's picture

i agree to what you said .I would only loose my virginity to him only if he deserved it.

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hell yes , I AINT A HOE i mean comee on its trey songz we talkin bout here LOL

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looool yall are crazy loool

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sure.. WHEN WE'RE MARRIED! haha; i would be depressed if i lost my virginity to him, he probably wouldn't even remember me, especially considering how many females he's been with.. i love this dude and have mad respect for him but i love and respect myself WAAAYYY more! lol

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i tack that bouck no bec i am stell a v and im 18 i wont give it up even if it was trey songz

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I personally would not because when girls just throw themselves i think that should be unattractive to guys, me standards and self esteem is not that low.

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Hell yeah shit i wish i wld of waited 4 him i prob wld die waitin lol

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Would I ? Hell no i am a young independent black,beautiful,funny and free spirited women.Of course i am in love with trey songz what girl isn't! I for one will not let my name go in any famous man hoe book.Because at the end of the day that's all i would be considered as and im not that kid of lady especially if i really don't know anything about the person im getting in bed with.Think about it ladies just because he is famous that doesn't mean he'll fall for you just because you gave it to him. The things we must always remember is that in order to get in bed with any man we must first love and value our selves and second have the same love and value for the man. That is my personal opinion. And n-e-ways i can't give it to him, because it was gone 10 yrs ago and i was married then. Just when you do my sure the person is worthy of it and is there for you not what he can get out of you.

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HELL NAWWW...only groupies or hoes would do that!!!

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If I was still a virgin, single, with the feelings I have now, yes he could definitely have it from me. Of course there would be grounds set, I wouldn't give it up if he was just trying to get it, but if we were really committed to each other I would w/o hesitation.

When I am at work people ask me questions and just randomly talk I tune some of the conversation out because HATAS!! LOL!! But for real, the other day my co-worker was like Tamika every time someone mention Trey Songz, you just light up and start glowing.

I am so in love and know it. That is definitely unconditional love because the only thing I know about him is what he wants me to know. OH MY! :)

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so i am a virgin not on first nite no i would like to be in relationship with him and it to be romatic or on our weddy nite

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NewOrleans05 & Crystal, i think u are being judgemental.. so wht if they want to loose their innocence to a cute, rich guy?.whtever happens to a free world?. better reserve ur comments and just let people be... and Crystal, we dnt know for sure if Trey doesnt remember 'half the people he slept with...

back to the topic,if he asks me, my answer will be, Why should I?. i would ask him tht and ask myself too...the rest depends on the answers...