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Trey Talks 'Anticipation 2our' and Love of Music in The Mo'Kelly Report [Audio]

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on January 27, 2012 - 2:04pm

Trey Songz Talks Anticipation 2our and Love of Music in The Mo'Kelly Report by MrMo'Kelly

Trey spoke at length about his musical motivations, his charitable work with his Angels with Heart Foundation and more in a new interview with the Mo'Kelly Report. Check out the audio above, and click HERE for the full post.

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hottlatina890's picture

I'm Goin To Dis Concert !!(:
Da Shy Scorpio's picture

this was a good interview. u go trey!!!'s picture

i love this interview!! March 2nd cant come any faster
SexySagLuvSongz's picture

^_^ *sighs* I just love this young man!!!!!!! This intreview got me so hype for the Vegas concert right now!!!!!
MissRettaBaby's picture

i love the way he answers interviewsssss so smooth with it :-)
CELLE-CELL's picture

Very nice interview!! that's why I support you! such a positive man :)'s picture

this is one of the best radio interviews i've ever heard!! mo kelly did his thing... he asked the perfect questions. and trey so genuine as usual!!
ladytiara19's picture

this was a great interview.....this man is by far the greatest beyond words itself and i love him more so than i did before:)
Bobbi_'s picture

So true. I was just having a bad day and now I'm just smiling.
Vonniii's picture

i dunno how he does it chelle but every interview makes me love him more
Trey's P.Y.T.'s picture

he always makes me feel better...agreed Vonz love him even more :)
Vonniii's picture

this just made me love him even more that i do now


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