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Trey Featured in GQ Magazine - On Stands Now!

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  • Trey Featured in GQ Magazine - On Stands Now!

    Head over to your newsstands now to pick up the March 2012 issue of GQ Magazine - which features an 8 page - YES 8 page fashion spread featuring Trey! Get a peek at the issue below, and pick up your copy now!

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on February 16, 2012 - 6:42pm

Head over to your newsstands now to pick up the March 2012 issue of GQ Magazine - which features an 8 page - YES 8 page fashion spread featuring Trey! Get a peek at the issue below, and pick up your copy now!

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SexxyLex91's picture

i agree shay! cuz those pants are DEF not trey's style!
tesssongz18's picture

i think trey looks sexy in anything so i dont mind :)
Shay - Epiphany Angel's picture

I don't appreciate GQ suggesting these pants for Trey. If he can't rock his own sexy and show what makes him GQ what's the point? But I heard the other pictures are dope though
Tasty_Songz's picture

SMH at them pants. lol. Shoulda been another color and it would have worked. Either way I'm checking out the magazine to see what else he's sporting.
mekaloves86's picture

Oh no mam why they put my baby in them tight pink jeans the media is gonna have a field day with that one I agree with most of you that outfit is not the biz maybe for Justin Timberlake (sorry if I spelled his name wrong) but not Trey but Im still getting the magazine though and Trey still looks sexy so oh well :)
MissNeverson14's picture

them pants??? but he so sexy he rock it anyway
ladytiara19's picture

i'm getting this one and the VMAN too
Hardy's picture

this is different but very stylish... tht Milan fashion week look... the shoes are to die for, my kind of pants and the layering of the shirt, woolie and checked add-on make give it more substance... ts nt about lookn like all dem boys at the club.. ts abt presence and style... this i don't like. i love... @teamTREY
tamiamb10's picture

Yea I don't like this outfit he's wearing and I don't know how he allowed But I'm sure the other pics are great and he's still sexy either way! :-)'s picture

not here for them pants but its Trey so hey :)
TreysNyAngel's picture

Since when did Tremaine ever care about what other people think lol. Not a fan of the outfit but then I'd prefer he just didn't wear pants at all lol. Can't wait to get the mag tomorrow!'s picture

While I am not a fan of this picture right here the other ones will make you drool. So I am beyond excited!!!! I must say tho in this pic above the waist everything looks GREAT!!! Everybody has their own opinions whether we like it or not.
Shakira Lee's picture

His outfit isnt bad at all , TREY YOU LOOK GOOD IN ANYTHING , who cares about if people call him gay because of a pair of pants hes wearing ! We know what he is & is not . The people who call him gay because of a pair of jeans he is wearing , are just ignorant & not important ! I LOVE YOU TREYYYYYYY :) wether you have on lavender pants or baggy daddys lol ! Support him with what ever ! #teamsongz
SpiritualAngel's picture

MsNat05's picture

Yooo yall need to buy that magazine. The other pictures make up for that first one. That spread is freakin sexy. That man is fine
His_Angel4Life's picture

yo...yall need to understand that no one "makes" Trey do anything. And his jeans are lavender. If you hating, exit stage left please ----->'s picture

I dont like this outfit on trey at all. Why trey would you agree to wear that outfit. No trey thats just gonna make people think you really are gay baby. Seriously this is not cool. The stylist for this shoot should be fired. This will be headline on mediatakeout tomorrow. Hate this whole outfit especially those nasty pink jeans. WTF is this come on GQ SMH.
humbleheart's picture

OOOOMMMMGGGG....why did they do that to him?!?!?!?! I agree with the article, though. This way of steppin' out is definitely "new" :( Ummm... at least his face still looks cute?
JesusIsMySavior's picture

His_Angel4Life's picture

I'm getting this magazine XD
ToyaLasha's picture

Not Feeling the Outfit at all -_- trey still looks sexy in anything they have him put on but whoever dressed him for this magazine shoot needs to get a slap in the face #JustSaying
Numba1Hon's picture

I'll buy the magazine, but I ain't feeling those pink jeans. Everything else I like. I can imagine who styled this. But congrats Trey. Get that money. Let me see if this is on MediaTakeout--->
trey_kisses28's picture

Omg Trey i freakn love u this is why i STAN for u 100%+ ur an amazing person....i truely agree with the angels this is ya year boo...Yaaaaaasssss!'s picture

Not feeling the outfit but that's how GQ rolls so hey!
MsAshleyBabii's picture

I'm with Connie. I'm getting both magz too. Handsome!!!!
MIZZR3D's picture

yea...let me find this
Trey's P.Y.T.'s picture

gooood lawwwd him sexy! my FAV is EVERYTHING! do your thang Trey 2012 will be the year of SONGZ!!!
Connie_2's picture

Trey is everywhere ..... and I LOVE IT!!!! I'm getting the GQ & VMAN mag!!!!



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