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    October 04, 2010

    Let just say it's progressive...

    I give it a C+ and that's being generous  

    As he gets older, he will no doubt score higher

    When he hits his peak (in his 30's), I'll give him an "A"

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on Oct 4, 2010 - 01:57PM

Let just say it's progressive...

I give it a C+ and that's being generous  

As he gets older, he will no doubt score higher

When he hits his peak (in his 30's), I'll give him an "A"

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Lol @Numba1Hon

good fa you...

Now I have a better idea why don't you get TreyZoneLove to tell you her "good stories" that she's heard about his bedroom skills?


we're all

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SShorty Yeah everytime he is on the TV in the bedroom me and all the fanatics are in the bedroom with him all having a big ole ORGY. Now its your turn. When and where were you the bedroom with him. Give us all the good details. We want to know about the skill that you say you have. Don't back down and change the subject either.

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Your answer does the Fanatics proud...

but I find it very strange for you to have Tremaine's back in his bedroom skills
unless of course you're present in the bedroom with him lmao wanna tell us "Hon"?


lol :)

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SShorty. No I am not kidding Hon. The back, front, head to the toes. Everything.

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lol @ros

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So Sshorty you can teach Trey a thing or two. :)

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LMAO @Numba1Hon

what exactly have you got Trey's back in? his bedroom skills?

You've got to be kidding

it seems a lot of you got something to say about Trey's little bedroom games.
I guess y'all are talking from experience huh? lol rollin

ohh and ahh to answer ur question:
I've got skills that outshines I win hah!

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Thanks Ariel. I'm looking out for you Mamacitas and I got Trey's back.
TEE. Right now I am not doing too much on Twitter. That's why my twitter is not on my profile. If you want to contact me, just leave a message on my profile page. OK sweetheart.

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@Numba1Hon Girl, you are a WISE WOMAN!!!! You always just say the most perfect things.

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@Numba1Hon Took the words right out of my mouth! If he's a C+ then SHOW him how to be an
A+ :D Are u on twitter? Whats ur handle? Mine is @Mtee10

And men actually Peak in their late 20s, some into the early 30s, but not many, thats why it so easy for men his age to luv cougars bc women in the age range of 30-40ish peak somewhere in between there! And like he said "i luv older women bc they are willing to do anything" hehe, which is true, bahaha! Show what u want him to do, he'll do it, lol! I NEVA have an issue w/ that, I always get an A, the men that is, hehe! ;)

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Anybody that would give him a low rating don't know what to do with him. He got the skills, you got to tell him how you like it, where and how you want it. You have to say yes, yes Baby, Like that baby. Right there. Do it like this baby. Can I get on top sweetheart. You got to know how to work your own body to make sure you get that O. You have to do your sexercises and learn how tilt that pelvis and to grip that beast. Get him to ride the man in the boat. If you know what you are doing, he don't even have to do much. As good as he looks and as good as he knows how to tease a woman, you could pratically look at him and get off. Look at him on that stage setting women's panties on fire. The desire if half of it right there. Sex is mostly in your head and he can take you there. He got the skills Honey. A man learns from a woman. Do you have skills?

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for all who don't know...

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Well I dont know about Trey's bedroom skills personally but I do know he is a ladies man and ladies men dont get that title becuz they love ladies! Ladies men specialize in the bedroom and know exactly what to do in the bedroom sexual or not! They know exactly what to do to make a woman melt physically and mentally! So at this point I would give Tremaine maybe a B in the bedroom because I do agree with you on the part S Shorty that once he is on his 30's he will probably be BOMB! LOL

But then again he might be A+ in the bedroom because Ive heard he likes older women and youcant mess wit older women not knowin what to do! So he is probably pretty good already S Shorty! Lol I dont know! Im just sayin lol

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Are you a virgin?
Baby bedrooms matter very much so, because the heart of a man changes like a flick of a light and if you make the mistake of falling for a man with no bedrrom skills. You will end up being very disappointed on both ends you might want to reconsider that statement!

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to me it doesnt matter how he is in the bedroom its all about his heart

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just because I'm the Moderator of the Board
and this thread is a classic lol...yesssirrr

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Ya know what cracks me up the most about some of the users on here

they are kinda of hypocritical...

they wanna get offended at me and slam me because of my thread
yet'n still, they have threads up about 'giving Trey Songz their virginity' and 'how he would
make them scream & moan' lol and if he's a "freak" or not lol
and it's funny, but I don't see nobody getting offended at them...

not to mention, the ones with their fiction romance "TreyGASM" and what not lol

They are heavily talking about sexual intercourse...
I'm talking about his skills in the don't have to be sex but it's interesting
how the majority of you jumped to the assumption that I was talking about sex...
YEEEEESSSS...leggooo lol

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I just heard today that Trey said that he was pretty good at sex

um well he still gets a C+ because self-praise is no recommendation haha lol

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Lmao @ me telling KatieJ that I'm coming to bump this thread and it
was already on top...

thanx to the Hater-Chicken Samantha lol


Tell me how is Trey coming to have sex with me "a tad over the top and
bad for his reputation"? Is it because of what he said about not dating fans?

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the only trey songz d**k you'll b riding is this page. smh

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Still lmao...

some of the comments in this thread were quite entertaining

I really do hope, if what the girl "Angels Team" said is to be believed that Trey knows
about these discussions, he finds it so as well but if not, ohh well lol...

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I'll take it as you're now being serious with what you say...

and just to let you know, you're alright with me too :)

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@ SShorty

I don't see the humor in my post but okay. And just saying yes is not answering anything but go ahead and play your little games, don't really care anymore.

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@ S Shorty- LMMFAO! you are a DISGRACE! you are one sick ass female to actually get a kick out of being mischievous< how old are u again??? Cuz im starting to think ur a no all jokes aside u have to be a child tryna portray urself as an adult LOL...and if not, u are one very bored individual! do u have a job? or kids? I really hope not! smh cuz ur kids are prolly gonna end up just as screwd up as u are!! u actually take time out of ur day to come on here and talk non-scense Thats why im confused :-/ not bcuz u cant figga out if ur a true fan or not....but just bcuz u dnt kno if ur actually a mature woman or a freakin child!! lls but anywho wether its this or that you r one special character!

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Lmao @ FoxyClassy

The answer is yes...

and still lol at Nalston


I saw your reply in that thread, and I indeed saw their reactions to it lol
but then you turned right around and said that you didn't mean it,
that you were only playing around...something to that effect

now you're saying that, in your words, you've
"considered that Trey may not be what he seems to be", so am I to believe that
you're being serious now? Where exactly do you stand on the issue?

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@nalston: I guess you served her lol.I like what you said