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The Stalker Diaries Confessions of a Trey Songz fan


  • The Stalker Diaries Confessions of a Trey Songz fan
    October 28, 2010

    This is a work of fiction. I just wanted to see what you all think about my fantasies about being a Trey Songz stalker. Enjoy!

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on Oct 28, 2010 - 03:24AM

This is a work of fiction. I just wanted to see what you all think about my fantasies about being a Trey Songz stalker. Enjoy!

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@Tam all 4 u - I voted & I posted it on Twitter for my followers to vote for you as well. I'll try to remember to vote 4 U every day. I hope you win one of those 10 spots. With the Angels behind you I know you will.

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@Essence711 Please dont b mad at me but I need the help of my fellow angels and I can't get their attention like u can, so I live in Det and I have a chance to win dinner with Trey so I can have a stalker story to tell lol I'm going to post the link below if u want I'll take it down but I'm desperate at this point cuz I dont have many votes so if u and my other Angel sisters would vote it would mean soooooooo much to me and I promise to tell yall EVERYTHING!!!!! lol thanks in advance:)

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Yes - I am addicted too! Looking at the clock...twirling my hair...patting my feet...singing the Jeopardy tune...uh...yep...waiting for the next entry. Any moment now... LOL

i know right @ raven. that line was 2 funny. and word. this story had me addicted

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Lmbo @ "I Know You Like 'em Long" MORE PLEASE lol

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Entry 28 cont'd
I didn't know what to expect. I was on stage in this huge arena filled with screaming fans. The lights over the stage were dimmed and the soft glow of a spotlight came on. I saw myself on the giant screen in the background. The jewelry Trey had bought me sparkled like glitter and I could see lights from all of the cameras and phones flickering behind me.
Trey Songz walked over to me. He was shirtless, holding a long stemmed rose, like the ones he'd brought me on our first date.
"I know you like 'em long." He said seductively. He traced my body with the rose. I could barely move. Trey Songz handed me the rose, then he moved to stand behind me. He moved my hair to the side and whispered in my ear. He kissed my neck. I turned to look at him while he pulled both of my arms up above my head. He kissed me while he ran his hands down the length of my arms down to my hips. When his fingers grazed my breasts, the audience went crazy. I tingled all over.
He sang a slow sexy song about how he wanted to be inside of me. He asked me if I would let him in the middle. All I could do was nod. He smiled and told me that he wanted to have me right then and there. While the audience whooped and hollered, he explained how we were going to have to take it backstage to avoid getting arrested. He asked me if I would go backstage and wait for him. I nodded again and he kissed me and held me tightly. He whispered that he'd be with me in a minute.
Out of the shadows Skrill Dilly appeared to walk me backstage. Trey thanked the audience as Skrillz and I walked off stage.
Skrillz teased me about the way I was on stage. I told him that I had never had that kind of experience before. He told me to be prepared to have groupies trying to follow Trey backstage. I told him that I wasn't worried.
When Trey got backstage everybody congratulated him on his performance. Trey congratulated them right back for all the work they'd put in behind the scenes. I was still amazed by Trey Songz.

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Niiiiiice!!! So Ready for The Next Part!!!

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Entry 28
The show was a hit. I was sitting in the front row, next to the cashier and her best friend. When Kenny escorted them to the seats and she saw me, she squealed and hugged me as if we were long lost friends. She told me her name was Tee Tee and her friend was Lesha. I told them my name and Tee Tee told Lesha that I was Trey's girl. Lesha's mouth dropped open in disbelief. Then she asked me why wasn't I backstage and I told her that it was my first time seeing Trey in concert and I wanted to feel the full effect. Tee Tee joked that I had already felt the full effect. I agreed with her and they both squealed. Lesha apologized in advance because she said that she was going to be going crazy over my man.
I didn't care because I knew that I was going to be halfway over the moon myself. Even though I've had the pleasure of being with Trey for almost two months, and the passion we've shared is something these screaming women can only dream about, I had yet to experience Trey's alter ego first hand. Watching him yesterday gave me only a tidbit of what I was feeling at that very moment. I got all worked up with the crowd and I screamed too when his intro came on.
My heart pounded so hard when Trey came out, I thought I was going to pass out.
I enjoyed every second of his performance. I didn't even mind when he sang to the other ladies. He reached out to them, he stroked one cheek, he held one hand, he blew one kiss, he killed it out there. Just when I thought his performance was over, he had a surprise. Trey came right over to me. He told the band to keep the tempo slow and he began to talk to me. He leaned over and he began to sing to me. Tee Tee and Lesha were in awe. I heard others around me state how lucky I was. Trey's face was inches from mine and I touched his face. I closed my eyes and leaned in for a kiss, but he slowly moved back. His eyes teased me and I was so turned on.
"Bring her to me." Trey instructed to his guards. I was lifted onto the stage.

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Man I love that fact that I can always come back and see new entry's. I'm so addicted to this story.

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awww i love it they're so in love cant wait for wat happens next

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When is the next post coming???...Im hooked like a fiend!!!! Good job mama!!!

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Im loving this, every entry keeps me thirsty for more....cant wait to see what happens next

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I'M loving this,every entry u got me wanting more... can't wait 2 c wats nxt..

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Entry 27 cont'd
I told Trey that I thought I'd dropped something on my way back to the register and could he please see what it was. As soon as he was out of earshot, I practically threw my card at the cashier and told her to ring up all of the men's items separately. I looked up at Kenny who was shaking his head, "Y'all women are deceitful as hell." He said.
"Well at least it's for a good cause." I replied. I said I'd Trey what I did when I gave him his stuff later. Kenny wanted to know why I had gotten winter items and I told him that it was cold in New York. He told me he didn't know how we did it. Trey came back with a cashmere glove and scarf set.
"Is this what you dropped?" he asked. I told him no, but thanks for looking. The cashier offered to put the set behind the counter, but Trey told her to ring it up. He was being so generous.
Before we left the register, the cashier told Trey that she was going to tonight's show. She pulled out her tickets and asked him if he would sign the stubs. He did, and when he noticed her seats, he told her that if she got there a little early, he'd see what he could do about moving her closer. She almost cried as she said thank you.
I didn't get jealous because he was being nice to a fan, and at least she wasn't falling all over herself for him. I gave him a big hug and kiss and told him that he was my angel. He asked me where I wanted to go next and when I said shoes, he got a little glint in his eyes. At that, I told him I wanted him to pick out the shoes he wanted to see me in. Trey picked out four pairs of shoes, and I must admit, he has good taste. One pair of shoes he especially liked and he told me to be wearing them the night he got back home.
"Those shoes and a smile." I replied.
I wore one of the dresses and a pair of the shoes to the show, along with my new earrings and necklace. Trey got dressed at the venue. I slipped the chain around his neck while he was tying his sneakers. He loved it.
"God bless you, baby."

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Entry 27 cont'd
I considered playing his game, then I thought to myself, I like to shop at my own pace, that's why I always use my own money. Nobody else controls what I spend, nor how I spend it. I explained this to Trey, and he told me it wasn't about him having control over me at all. He told me that he'd spend what ever, where ever on me, that was no problem. He reminded me that he still had a show to do tonight, and he didn't want to be drained from me dragging him from store to store. He kind of had a point, so I agreed to play the game, but I told him I didn't want him giving me any hints about the time limits. He knocked on Kenny's room door as we were leaving. We all rode down together, me thinking of what stores we were going to hit, them speaking that country grammar I didn't understand.
By the time we got to the shopping center, I knew where I wanted to go and in what order. Jewelry first because that's something I would never rush through. Clothes next since I already know my size, I'll just pick what looks cute. Shoes last because all I had to do was point and ask for my size. I didn't say a word as I headed straight for the jewelry store.
"And she's off!" Trey said playfully. He walked behind me and made comments like a race horse announcer. I picked out the cutest earrings and Trey saw the necklace that matched and he put it around my neck. I saw a cross pendant that I just had to get for Trey. I slipped the lady my card to pay for it when he wasn't looking.
In the next store I got two dresses, two cardigans, four pairs of jeans, a leather jacket, two hand bags, and a strapless bra. I laughed as I ran around the store, grabbing things from here and there. At the register Trey told me that I might as well pick out my accessories too. He gave me ten bonus minutes for sticking to the rules without complaining. I got both of us a pair of leather gloves, two scarves for me, two silk woven ties for him, and a scarf for him.

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My apologies Angels for posting the entry twice. I had to make a correction and I thought that I had deleted the first one. I'm glad you all still like the story. I'll follow everybody back on Twitter

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Entry 27
Today was even better than yesterday. Since tonight's show wouldn't be starting until seven, Trey had sort of a free day. After meeting with his team and being assured that everything was going to go well that evening, he sent them off to handle their business. Someone on his team had given him a bottle of the stuff we'd drank on the night of our second date.
"Remember Say Ahh?" I asked him as I held up the bottle. Trey smiled and told me that I couldn't have any because I didn't know how to act. He said that if I did have some, I'd get kicked out of the hotel for indecent exposure on the balcony. I laughed as he disguised his voice and said,
"Babe, babe, what are ya doin? No, no don't throw your top over the balcony - wait - aw, babe ya gonna get us kicked out. No, babe, I'm sure the other guests don't wanna see you shake ya tah-tahs. Dammit, babe they're gonna send security up here!"
I told him that I'd be good all day, but I wanted to get out of the hotel and do something fun.
"You just wanna go shopping." He said. I tried to protest, but he just gave me this knowing look. I sighed and said that we could get some stuff for him too. I nuzzled his chin with my nose and rubbed the back of his neck with my fingertips. He said it was time for us to go.
He told me that he had another game we could play. He called it 'Kid In A Candy Store.' He told me that I had to pick three stores. Once we got to the stores, I'd get to shop like a kid in a candy store, but to keep the game interesting, I had a time limit in each store. I'd get thirty minutes in the first store, twenty minutes in the second store, and fifteen minutes in the third store. When I told him that I wouldn't have enough time in the last store, he told me that the fun was that I'd get do a mad dash and just pick up whatever I liked. Don't look at the price tags, and we could correct the sizes at the register. I asked him how he came up with that game, he said he didn't want to be shopping all day.

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damn i thought it was a new entry sigh lol

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lOl... SMH I thought You Posted Another Entry Also Like CharBaby Said!!!

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aww man! i thought it was anew entry....u posted the same thing over again! lol

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Entry 26 cont'd
Trey noticed what I was doing and he laughed. I told him why I was doing it and he said that it was time to go. I told him to stay and be with his friends and fans, but he told me that the promo show was over and he'd had enough of the champagne. He wanted to get out of the club, because he wanted to get me alone. I liked the thought of that, so I grabbed my purse. We said our goodbyes to everybody, and Trey put his arm around me and we walked out of the club through a side exit. Kenny wasn't too far behind us. Out on the side walk, three women surrounded us. They all wanted Trey's autograph. Instantly, Kenny was there. He stood in front of Trey and told the women to step back. Trey said he'd sign what they wanted him to, but they had to make it quick. The women scrambled inside of their purses looking for things for him to sign. One woman told him to just sign her arm. Trey did just that and then he signed the pieces of paper the other women gave him. He took a picture with them, then Kenny told them we had to go. Trey hugged them, then we all got into the truck. They all yelled their thank yous and we drove off just in time. About twenty screaming women had come running out of the club.
"They really love you, baby." I said as I snuggled up against him.
We got back to the hotel in no time. Kenny walked us up to our room, he and Trey chatted for a few minutes and I went to the bathroom. When I came out, Kenny was gone, and Trey was undressing. His phone rang. He looked at it, then turned it off. I kicked off my shoes, unzipped my dress and pulled off my earrings. Trey went to the phone and ordered room service since he knows that I like to snack late night. I wanted to take a quick shower before room service came. The shower took a little longer than expected, because Trey decided to join me. We made it to the bed just as we heard the knock on the door.
It felt so good to be back with him. I fell asleep listening to his heartbeat.

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Entry 26 cont'd
Trey and I had about a half hour to our selves in the room. We made out like two high school kids. I really wanted to go all the way, but we didn't have time to do all the things I wanted to do to him. We kissed and groped each other while we whispered the naughty things we'd do later on tonight. We really had to get it under control when everybody came back from the break. He did two magazine interviews and he had to take pictures. His stylist was really good with the different looks she chose for him. One layout he looked dapper and smooth, in the other he looked streetwise and sexy. He was a natural at posing and giving just the right facial expression in each shot. After he took the professional pictures, he and I played around and took a few pictures of our own. Then we both changed clothes and headed out to the club, where he, Drake, and Lloyd, who was also on tour with them, would be doing a guest promo spot for the local radio station.
I've been in the VIP section at a club before, but the VIP section in that club was crazy. Along with the non stop flow of alcohol, there were models, rappers and groupies every way you turned. One girl passed out on Lloyd's lap. His body guard had to carry her out, with her drunk friends in tow.
Everybody was taking pictures and the DJ was taking requests. I was so proud when the crowd requested most of the songs off of Trey's album. I was having fun until I noticed two women giving me these funny looks. I gave them one of my own, and one got mad. She called me a bitch and I called her a thirsty groupie. The funny thing about it was that they weren't even in the VIP section, they were standing on the outside looking in. They kept calling me names, and I began to cover my mouth and I stuck my finger out as if I were pointing and laughing at them. I picked up a bottle of champagne and offered it to them. I pulled the bottle back and put it down, then I made choking sounds.
"I'm so thirsty!" I screeched.

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Entry 26 cont'd
Trey had told me before that he had a whole team backing him on this tour, and even after the tour, these people will be there to help him with his career. He even has his own band. Of course, I hadn't met anybody on his team and Trey took that opportunity to introduce me to them. He maneuvered me around lights, models, furniture, all the while calling out names of certain individuals. Even Skrill Dilly was there. Kenny was there, too. Trey told me that he'd hired him as head of security. The woman holding the clipboard was Trey's personal assistant. I met his road manager, his management team, his stylist, two more of his cousins who worked on his team as well. This one guy popped in, Trey excused himself for a moment while he, the man, and Trey's manager, all stepped to the side. They all quickly went over a small stack of papers, then Trey was handed a pen. I watched as he scrawled his name several times. Then he shook hands with the man. Trey walked back over to me and gave me a quick hug. He told me that he'd just signed on to do a movie in which he'd have a small, but pivotal role.
I was thoroughly amazed as I looked around. Trey Songz had become an entity and in that moment, I became a fan. I told Trey that I wouldn't get in the way if he let me stay and watch. He said he wanted me to stay and he told his assistant to set up a little space for me to sit and watch.
"If you need anything, let her know." He told me. For the next two hours I watched Trey Songz while he worked. I totally immersed myself into his character as I watched them do a run through of the video. I tried not to get upset when I saw this one model get a little too touchy feely with Trey. Trey straightened her out though. She ended up being one of the girls that didn't make the cut. All in all, I got a lot more than I'd expected on this surprise visit. When that was all over his team cleared everyone out of the room. They took a short break while Trey showered and dressed.

lol yea ok. sure it was managements idea lol. this story is real good though. i can't wait til the next post

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I'm Loving This

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Entry 26
I got to Atlanta a little after one in the afternoon. I took a cab to the hotel where Trey was staying. Since he had given me the number to his room yesterday, I went straight up on the elevator. When I got off the elevator, I noticed a man sitting in a folded chair down the corridor. As I approached Trey's room the man stood up and said,"You're one of the models, right?" Before I could answer, he'd already opened the door to the room. The room was full of people.
Mostly, women in bikinis. I walked inside and to my left I saw a man holding a camera, and a woman holding a clipboard and a folder.
"Excuse me, can I help you?" she asked me.
"I'm looking for Trey." I said. I was not happy at all.
"And may I ask who you are?" She started to walk towards me. I turned my body to face her directly.
"I should be asking you that question." I said. A door opened behind me and I spun around to see Trey walking backwards out of that room.
"Use the sink, baby." He was saying, and he chuckled. He wasn't wearing a shirt and he had a small towel flung over one shoulder. He was smiling as he turned around, and his warmth met my icy stare. At first, he looked as if he couldn't believe what he was seeing. Then he just came right over to me and began to kiss me. I was filled with mixed emotions. I wanted to pull away from him and demand to know what was going on. At the same time, I was getting what I'd been missing, and I didn't want to let him go. I enjoyed the kiss a little longer, then I had to push away. I had to know what was going on. I tried to speak, but Trey gently placed his finger on my lips. He took my hand and led me into another room. He closed the door behind us and held me tightly.
"Baby, you didn't even tell me you was coming here." Trey said. I explained to him that I had wanted to surprise him, but instead, I got the surprise. He laughed then he told me that they were holding auditions for his video shoot. He told me it was his management's idea.

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This is so addictive.... u should write some more entries tonite.... i love reading these damn things lol

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I am SOOOO enjoying this!!! I hope this will be a good surprise for Trey AND her!