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    November 15, 2010

    They both rap and now they both sing albeit Kanye gets help from

    the auto tune a lil bit, but he's still singing...

    "leggooo" lol

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on Nov 15, 2010 - 05:36PM

They both rap and now they both sing albeit Kanye gets help from

the auto tune a lil bit, but he's still singing...

"leggooo" lol

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Yes I believe that is when he started having difficulty.

He needs words of encouragement.

Jesus Walks is one of my favorites. I like his first cd.

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WAKE UP people Kanye is a musical

Yes he does and say things that sometimes make you want to cringe
but for the most part, it's entertaining lol, so for me he gets a pass

and JIMS

I agree that he is going through "inner turmoil" and I think it started when his mother
died so he gets a pass from me in that respect too...

Poor 'Ye if only I could sit down and have a conversation with him...maybe I should
send him something to help him...yeah that's an idea

But that's a talented brother right first when I heard "Love Lockdown" I was
almost put off by the singing because it took me by surprise, but once I got over the
initial shock, the music and the lyrics of the song drew me in and now I can say like
"Jesus Walks" that's one of my most favorite songs by Kanye...

plus, the video for "Power" is mind-boggling, creative, and awesome

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I like Kanye but I don’t think he and Trey are on the same level. I tell you every time my mother hears him rap she says she doesn’t think he is a good rapper. LOL

He’s runway song is okay, but I like Trey’s version better.

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I’m going to give Kanye a pass because I really think that brother is going through some inner turmoil.

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Kanye Who? oh, that guy... The Crybaby, mic Stealing, egotistical, arrogant, cocky for nothing, "Now i can sing", annoying jackass of a man,,, Ummmm

#TeamTrey on this

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@Tricia - LMAO CTFU RMAOTF!!!!!!!! Well said well said! I wish I could cut it out and mail it to Kanye! Yeaaaaaah (in my Trey voice) there IS NO competition................'s picture

To all the fans. I left you something from Trey in my post (Trey Songz - The Stupid Things - responding to Does Trey Songz REALLY appreciate ALL of his fans)

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@nalston - I think that is one of my biggest problems with Kanye - he is an attention whore, he's rude, and his ego is the size of the solar system. Trey has an ego too, but his is tamed and respectful. You don't see him running up on stage saying, "I shoulda got this award" or interrupting somebody else's speech to say someone else shoulda got an award (his ego is big when it comes to women). That's just rude, classless, and childish. For me that blocks a lot of the shit he does b/c he's too immature. Besides - one quality an artist needs for me to love them is humility. Realize you're only in this place b/c someone gave you a chance. Just like you got it - it could be taken away. I strongly believe in that saying, "Be careful of the heads you step on going up, because it'll be the same ones you have to face coming back down." He gone be Taylor Swift's butler one day.

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Kanye is a genius but Trey is holla talented. He has the flow, lyrics, and creativity. Ye has the mouthpiece. So Trey hands down, is that a trick question. And may I add no auto tune.'s picture

@ S Shorty - Hands down Trey (if you could compare them) Honestly though I see them as un-comparable because they have 2 totally different styles of music (to me). Trey is sensual even when he is doing crossover. It's more grown and sexy. Trey's music makes me want to lovingly pounce on him and whisper answer back lyrics in his ear, or hold him and softly sing him to sleep! Kanye makes me want to walk up to him and shake my damn head LOL! Kanye I will agree is a one of the greats but for the music he makes, not for his lyrics or performance. Kanye is like an adult that has this inner child bursting out from time to time and he is a attention whore most often and it is not attractive. He is a musical genious as far as making music but I never felt his lyrics were strong and his flow is all over the place. Have you seen Runaway? It is an absolute atrocity, and very very sacreligous to say the least. I was truly apalled and I found myself wondering what happened to the old Kanye? Yuuuuuuuuuuuup for me it's Trey all day hands (and anything else) down LOL!

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nonetheless Kanye is a great artist

He is one of the rare ones who
manages to be "100% crossover and still keep it 100% hip-hop"

now who brought this to my attention?...ahh yes it was Ray J

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@SShorty - I must be the only person on the planet that is not a Kanye West fan (oh my bad - Taylor Swift ain't either). I can't STAND him. Every time "Runaway" comes on I want to SCRREEAAAAAAAAMMMM! Some of his stuff has been nice, but overall I'm just not a fan. So hands down Trey for me simply b/c I have never, EVER been a Kanye fan.