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Who's Betta Trey vs. Drake


  • Who's Betta Trey vs. Drake
    October 25, 2010

    Don't ask me, iAm stuck......

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on Oct 25, 2010 - 10:03AM
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they both have talent so what the point

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I love rap and r&b but ii personally love trey as an r&b singer,,,
--he is my favorite r&b singer--
In rap personnally i think drake is doing good
--ii have his cd and i love it--

ii love both of them but ii think trey is better....

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I beg to

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i feel like that trey cant be compared he has his own unique style

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Trey ahll dai! even do i

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for the creepers and voyeurs lol

btw, Drake performed live at Radio City Music Hall on Wednesday Nov 24th

There will be an encore on Fuse TV today 12pm/11C and tomorrow 1am/12C

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Aah so Shamaine it seems is a "creeper"...she creeps around this website lol

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Dnt worry S Shorty I have juss havent been replying back to daa comments LOL :)

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Has Shamaine the Thread starter been back to da site since she made this thread? lol

Anywho, I'm not a Drake fan but I do like some of his works. For instance, his verse on Dirty
Money's "Loving You No More" and "Successful" but I LOVED his verse on Mary J's "The One"

I've just seen the video to "Find Your Love" and I've got to say that I'm impressed. I like the song
and video. I find the videos for "Over" and "Miss Me" quite interesting, but I like the song "Over" more - all three clips directed by Anthony Mandler...a very good music director.

Therefore, I have to agree with Christopher Weingarten from the Fuse's "Take On Me" column, that
“Over,” “Find Your Love” and “Miss Me”—"is easily the most consistent run of videos from any
artist this year, finally establishing Drake as a powerful music video artist..."

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I'm not a Drake fan so hands down Trey is better to me...but please understand I'm more of a R&B fan than I am a Hip Hop/Rap fan; therefore, R&B will always win for me. I like a few rap artists such as Ludacris and Lil' Wayne - but I own ONE rap CD out of my hundreds & hundreds of CD's & and that's of Tupac "All Eyez On Me". So as much as I like some rap songs, it's not enough to make me go buy a whole album from a rap artist.

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that's a good counter question you posed right at the end of your comment

and Coogi

you're right...these two particular artist can be compared because they both started
out in the opposite genre and both are now doing what the other is famous for...

Trey is rappin and now Drake is singing, but my advice would be for Drake
to stick solely to the rappin...

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OK ummmmmm They BOTH rap && sing like @COOGIdown (dababyphatgodess) said.
That is a good question

I cant really choose who IS BETTER, but I like TREY more.
I just think that if you have the ability to take someone's original song,
Remix it or ReMake it and its HOTTER than the original, than that is talent.

Drake is starting to get to the point that he just says ANYTHING and its ANNOYING..
A lot of rappers come out having something to talk about, when they in their HUNGRY or "I'm trying to get money" Stage, but when they have their place in the limelight, thats when they SAY WHATEVER and it fucks them up

You have to be BETTER && BETTER as Trey says. I big thing with me and what makes me like artists is : GROWTH. you cant be doing the same shit or you are going to get boring.

DRAKE is OBVIOUSLY good, to alot of PPL, but for me (not hating on him) he is only as HOT as he is because of the camp that he is in OTHERWISE, why wasnt everybody ON HIM after him and TREY's song "Replacement Girl"

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yall do know that Trey started out rapping... and has continuously dropped rap mixtapes and rap covers? he is just as much of a rapper that he is a singer; but you have heard just more of his singing. just the same... drake is as much of a singer as he is a rapper but most of you have heard his raps.

so really, they are very comparable. :)

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TREY mainly boys like drake and all the girls in the world LOVE TREY and im one of them

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they are totally different people to be compared to with trey being a rnb/soul singer + drake being a rapper, but i think i get you with who's better. they are both hot and really talented i cant choose anyways;p

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@Ms.Yuup i feel like they can be compared though. Trey has done atleast 100 Rap songs. thats pretty comparible.

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I will say this

I've been consistently listening to rap for the last few years with an RnB song
here and there by artists such as Usher, Mario, Lloyd, Bobby V, and Chris Brown

but with emerging artists like Jeremih, and Miguel Jontell and artist such as Trey

RnB seems to be back...
and Nicki Minaj and Diamond has brought it back for female rappers
we've been experiencing a drought since Lil Kim, Foxy, Missy, and Eve's last CD...'s picture

I love Trey and Drake. The fact one is RandB and the other is Rap. I don't think they should be compared. I am not really into rap but I like Drake's music. I love RandB and right now Trey is really all that I listen to.

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Trey has been consistently FIRE for the past 5 going on 6 years.
i feel like drake has already spit some of his hottest ish.... im talkin like around the time of Replacement Girl n Congratulations. he's running out of his hot bars.... n i'm starting to hear some repetitive-ness.

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I swear there was another thread floating around here asking da same

Just some advice...

Personally, I wouldn't have compared a rapper and an RnB artist

Try to find someone in Trey's same field, for example, I've made threads comparing
Trey with Pleasure P, Usher, Mario, Miguel Jontell, Omarion, Bobby V, R. Kelly,
Chris Brown (that was one of my favorites lol), and Lloyd

Although you can still do a comparison of Trey vs Drake, but you have to give specifics
But like you said you were "stuck" and probably new to this whole comparing thing lol...