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If uee were having Sex with Treyy, What song would uee havee in the background??


  • If uee were having Sex with Treyy, What song would uee havee in the background??
    October 10, 2010

    Minee would be Neighbours Knoee My namee! <3

Shamaine&#039;Songz x's picture
on Oct 10, 2010 - 03:15PM

Minee would be Neighbours Knoee My namee! <3

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Irreplacable Angel's picture

Mines would be "You Belong To Me" love that song!

vita's picture

it depend on what stage we are at

Jenn's picture

either jupitar love or neighbors know my name

Choclt D's picture

I would go straight old school with: Real Love by "SKYY", If you were hear tonight, by "Alexander O'Neal" and every slow jam by "Keith Sweat" . I would also throw in "Yo Body callin me" by RKelly, and then end it by "Scratchin him up".

Monay_CraziiKiid's picture

On Top, Upstairs, Massage, Holla If Yu Need Me, Sex For Your Stereo & Den Juss Play The Entire Ready, Passion Pain & Pleasure CD ! N Music that's Not By Trey, iWould Play Lick Lick Lick, Get You Wet, Naughty Girl, Party(Beyonce) N Manii More Cuz Its Gone Take A LONNNNNGGGG Tyme ! ;D

Kiyah Withers's picture

One Love
No Clothes On
Jupiter Love
On Top
Be Where You Are
Panty Droppa (of course)
And Yo Side Of The Bed

LatoyaPerry26's picture

I would have Makin Love Faces thats my song love it.

Layla247's picture

jupiter love

SexyScorpian86's picture

jupiter love by trey and speechless by Beyonce

Prittbrowniiz BestSellerAngel's picture

This is a good question. I would have "Would You Mind" by Janet Jackson from her "All For You" would be on repeat!

TriggaWifey64's picture

We would start off with Skin by Rihanna and end it with Neighbors Know My Name;)

CutTiGurl609's picture

First I would dance to No Clothes On or Whatever U Want, then I would have Pleasure start it off then tracks 2-10 from Anticipation, Your Behind, Role Play, Sex for You, and end it wit Ready To Make Love, Jupiter Love, One Love, and Love Faces for the love makin round and fall asleep to Addicted to Songz on repeat lmao

elizzy206's picture

I think I would have to go with Jupiter Love

SongzFanatic's picture

o we can qo for rounds... shyt play the whole ready and passion, pain, and pleasure CDs

willesha's picture

love faces....cuz he might have u make all kind of

kamilamb's picture

Bliss by Mariah Carey

kamilamb's picture

Bliss by Mariah Carey

Mrs.TremaineNeverson3's picture

neighbors know my name...invented faces.....ready to make love...the whole PPP Cd!

koldheartedkiddglam's picture

love faces....neighbors know my name....pany droppa.....really any song of trey's wudd work for me

MrsTremaineN's picture

love faces

MizZ.n3v3rs0n's picture

Mii Shonqq wuld bHe Sexx 4 Yo Stereo!

SShorty's picture


yes I watched it...and Janet can be very sexual

That dude looked like he was gonna bust right there on stage in his pants
He certainly got a show he'd never forget lol

I like the song; I think I'll download it...

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Tricia AKA @GimmeUnusual's picture

Did anybody watch the You Tube video I posted? I know it's not Trey, but use your imagination like I am. See - I am Janet & that dude is Trey strapped to the table. Oh Lawwwd!!!

hiz numba1's picture

panty droppa u already no lolz

Ibelikeyuppp's picture

On top, We should be, Bed (the version w/ him on it)

Tricia AKA @GimmeUnusual's picture

I was really looking to see if someone taped the Chicago show but I didn't see it. Dude was tryna eat her out on the stage...I need one of those chairs/beds (whatever that is).

For the Hawaii one (the link below), this is the extended version:

Tricia AKA @GimmeUnusual's picture

And BTW - I'm pretty sure he came!

Tricia AKA @GimmeUnusual's picture

Just to reiterate my song choice...please check out this video. This was my TOP freaking song ever since I attended this concert.

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mines would be nieghbors know my name as well