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WTF!!!! So is Trey REALLY going with Nicki Minaj???


  • WTF!!!! So is Trey REALLY going with Nicki Minaj???
    November 22, 2010

    Hi, Angels  can you all anwser my question and tell me the truth about this.

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on Nov 22, 2010 - 08:05PM

Hi, Angels  can you all anwser my question and tell me the truth about this.

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Lets hope not!

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@ JesusIsMySavior .. True thats one reason why we love TREY!!!!

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I guess that gesture could have someone a little confused about the type of relationship they have. I just think a lot women feel safe around Trey so I think holding his hand made Nicki feel secure.

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lol!!!!!!! dnt think so

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LMAO! @ Charbaby!

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@ Introducingme_B.. you aint never lie about that
@Shay...but yup thats Trey
@ Everyone else Thank you for y'alls in put

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@JesusIsMySavior.. well my bestie said that she saw them on stage hold hands and was asking if they went each other and I thought to myself the best way to find out is to ask the Angels.. But thank u for ur help

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I don't think Trey is with anyone! But if he is it is not Nikki. He will remain single until I hear him say he is no longer single.

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They are two HUGE Flirts, no denying that, but as for dating one another LOL... I'm not convinced yet.

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@Ky, i wouldn't believe that..... although he does mention that he would have "fun" with her...
But for her to be his ARM PIECE, i doubt that...

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I saw a Ytube where Nicki likes to be approached by girls.

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Naw man! If anything Nicki is with her hype man SB! Dey known each other for years! And Trey and Nicki flirt dats it! We all know Trey is a tease! lmao!

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i just believe they like 2 flirt, plus i thought she was dating sb.

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Nawwww I don't think so. He is a gentleman and was probably helping to make sure her ass didn't fall in those heels.

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Nooo. He was holding her hand cuz she couldn't walk in them heels chile. And he's said he likes to flirt with her. LOL

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Are you go by the fact that Nicki and Trey were holding hands on the stage?

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no i thought her and drake liked each other. who told u this? and he said he was single

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Not that I know of.