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Who Got an Angel Name?


  • Who Got an Angel Name?
    October 19, 2010

    Who has a Anqel identity? whats your angel name?

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on Oct 19, 2010 - 10:44PM

Who has a Anqel identity? whats your angel name?

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@treydee i have been askin for one too and know one ever said anything back to me!!!!

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#InvincibleAngel @beaubie06 ; Tremaine has me feeling Invincible!

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Hello TreyDee what's your twitter hun???

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I don't have one.. I been trying to tweet those girls but they not even follow me back.. But im not going to fien for one either.. I'm good without one.'s picture


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I got one. My nick name is Sincere Angel!

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I got a NN. Thanks @oneshadowlove and @Chrissy_On_Ice!!
~HarmoniousAngel~ @MZSHYTOWNDVA

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I just hit up @oneshadowlove on Twitter...

But in the meantime... #BrokenHaloAngel


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S/O to all the new Angels... if you don't have a Nickname plz make sure to hit me up @oneshadowlove and my PIC @Chrissy_On_Ice so you can be added to our list. We will be resuming nicknaming really soon :)

Thanks for joining the TreysAngels movement *muahhhh*


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Hey my Angel nn is #1stClassAngel and my twitter name is@LeetheCougar43.

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#MindfulAngel :)


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#Heart2Heart Angel
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Hi. I am a fairly new angel. I became an Angel on Nov 19th so I haven't recieved my package yet. I am in need of an Angel name too...

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I dont have an angel name. I havent received my package yet. Twitter name is @ninagallow...helppppppp



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@Deidra you can change your twitter name at anytime and you will not loose followers and to get a angel nickname hit up @oneshadowlove on twitter she's the one giving them out.

#OneinAMillionAngel -@Msbreeziibaby

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I don't have an angel name. How can I change my twitter name without losing my followers???

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#TreysRib Angel

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#Irreplaceable Angel

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i do #TopNotchAngel my @mstopnotch328 hit me up's picture

I don't have one and I won't one and I asked and still haven't got

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my official #Angel NN is #SmileyAngel =) which I think fits me perfectly...@IAmTreysAngel is the twitter name also