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on Nov 23, 2010 - 09:59PM
I ran across this interview on YouTube the other day and I gotta tell you it was funny as hell to me! Check it out and let me know what you thought about it. Lol!
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LMFAOO that girl talks waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much

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Lmao! I'm gonna post another one dis week! Too funny with him and dat guy Phil who was singing "The southside of da beeeed" Lmao!

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I swear I watch these videos a few times a week just to get a laugh.

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part 2 was so funny

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my laugh for the night! hilarious's picture


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I know @SexySagLuvSongz! The man CAN sing! *smh* I don't what these haters be hearing but he has a VOICE!

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Oh and him singing at the end.......Oh my Lord!!! Even playing around he gets to me! And people have still have the nerve to say that he can't sing.....SSSSHHHHIIIIITTTTTT!!!

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Still til this day I don't know @thelsteve Lol!'s picture

This was too funny! WTH was that chick talkin about ? SMDH!!!!!!

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Lmao! Tell me about it! @Ashley

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Trey is so Dam HOT! LMAO! These videos were too funny! Oh girl was talking about a whole lot of nothing. I know Trey sound good in all but dam him singing at the end of part 2. Whoooeee!!!!

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Lmao! It was too funny!

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part two of that interview was too funny i couldnt stop laughing that girl was too much i always love that interview

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LMAO Part 2 had me rolling....Homegirl was just running her mouth saying nothing....When Trey said you sound senseless and she said thank you....HAHAHA He should have said point made.

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Lmao! I don't know girls how found this interview but was looking for random Trey Songz interviews that haven't seen before and found this one! OMG! It made my day. Hahaha! I'm glad the whole interview was random as hell so it made it interesting! Lol!

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Thank You yet another interview to show how he feels about rihanna.

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That girl was so weird sounding. I guess it was nervousness. Trey did sound nice singing.

That was funny when he said that. A year later total different story.

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Lmao The girl that called in, said a whole lot of nothing, now that was funny. He sounded good when he was singing tho lol....

Spec: "Back then you know Pretty Ricky was the only ones grindin, before yall was out and everythang"

Trey: I still aint grindin lol

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LMFAO!!!!!! "i'll spank u girl" trey is crazy as hell but tht was funny as shit i never seen this video on youtube b4 thnx 4 tht shay :)

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OMG......Shay where did you find this??? ROTFF!!! I have looked at tons of videos on youtube and have somehow missed this one. Wow....this was too funny!! You senseless....oh yeah I know thank you baby. HAHAHAHA!!! I died!!

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Haaaaaaa! And den Trey asked why Spec called him out! Lol!

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I'm telling you this dude Trey is effin hilarious! She talkin bout how she wants to be in the music business!!! FAIL BITCH! Lol! Still til dis day don't know what she was tryin to ask Trey! lol! #Senseless

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lmfao that woman is senseless like Trey said!

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