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    November 27, 2010

    Hey Angels I'm Candace and I'm new to twitter and I would love to get to know my fellow angels. Follow me @_mrsbreezy I follow back :)

Candace-EfficientAngel's picture
on Nov 27, 2010 - 11:56PM

Hey Angels I'm Candace and I'm new to twitter and I would love to get to know my fellow angels. Follow me @_mrsbreezy I follow back :)

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SplendidAngel's picture

@sincerely_annie -- Right now I can't follow anyone because twitter told me I have reached my limit. But, when I get some more followers. I will definitely follow back!

iRepTreyAllDay's picture

@Red_bonez_YUUUP i"ll follow bak =)

Raven_12's picture

@Raesongz n I will follow back

kg.sunshine's picture

Same here. @eccentrixbreeze

TreyDee's picture

follow me @bklynfreakydee

V@lleyGurl's picture

@PrettieGurlRock's picture

A_SweetAngel !!!!

WhitneyDesiree''s picture


TREYZONELOVE_2's picture

@sexyangel1128 and i follow back's picture

@MsPrettyElegant...i follow back

MissKris04's picture

@MissKris04 I joined twitter just to follow Trey. Looking for Angels to follow. I'll follow back.

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Shanell28's picture

@onenonlytexasqt i follow back

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MissStephanie's picture

@MissStephanieS ill follow back

iRepTreyAllDay's picture

Reb_bonez_YUUUP ill follow bak =)'s picture

@thelsteve I follow back =)

AmyDarshae's picture

Follow me Angels @Amy_Darshae, I follow back:)

neversons_angel's picture

I follow back!

ECJ's picture

@ecj1010 I follow back.

LoveMeImLexi's picture

@lovemeimlexi I follow back :)'s picture

follow me guys @iam_bribreezy i need sum angels 2 talk 2!

JesusIsMySavior's picture


Raven RambunctiousAngel's picture

@Its_Raven_C (I Follow Angels Back)

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Candace-EfficientAngel's picture

Following everyone. Thanks ladies.

Candace-EfficientAngel's picture

I sent a request. Thanks.


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